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Igniting a Distinctive Tech & Business Podcast

The extraordinary benefit technology has brought to the world is something to write down about. Technology brought not only ease to mankind’s activities but also helped us to embrace problem-solving abilities. The world is rotating to a new phase of…

Best Video Game Soundtracks 2021 For Studying and Coding

Best Video Game Soundtracks
Do you know soundtracks from games are actually one of the factors that enhances one's concentration? These soundtracks offer calmness, peace, and bliss. They can be channeled for a different purpose entirely. Coding, Writing, Reading or Relaxing.

DevCareer: Powering the Future of Africa’s Tech Ecosystem

DevCareer- TheInfoPeak
DevCareer (Laptop for Developers as it was initially called) was founded by Akintunde Sultan, known on the Twitter streets as hacksultan. Akintunde Sultan is a developer who has maintained respectable privacy with his identity for over 5 years. It was difficult for some people to trust him and his initiative, but he proved to be of incorruptibility.

Creating a Digital Skilled Future


As a result of online activism and a crowd fund set up between Oluwanifemi Dahunsi, Ife Alaba and Adam Bradford, the “Creating a Digital Skilled Future” project has been initiated. Whilst the fund originally supported young people on the ground…

Ignite & Write: Revamping Your Writing Skills

Ignite & Write: Revamping Your Writing Skills

Join us for ‘Ignite & Write: Revamping your writing Skills‘- our First live Webinar series on our Facebook page where we learn from prolific Writers who have built a remarkable and impactful presence in the Cyber Space. They will be…

Udacity Nanodegree Free Scholarship 2021 Review

Dear Udacious Based on your interest in technology and in Udacity online learning programs, we present to you a chance to win a scholarship in the African App Launchpad Program (AAL) powered by Udacity and ITIDA (an affiliate of the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology). The scholarship program, sponsored by ITIDA, provides a path for learners to select from six different online learning tracks on Udacity’s platform, which are: