Udacity Nanodegree Free Scholarship 2023 Review

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Dear Udacious

Based on your interest in technology and in Udacity online learning programs, we present to you a chance to win a scholarship in the African App Launchpad Program (AAL) powered by Udacity and ITIDA (an affiliate of the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology).

Free Udacity Nanodegree Scholarship 2021

The scholarship program, sponsored by ITIDA, provides a path for learners to select from six different online learning tracks on Udacity’s platform, which are:

1- AI Programming with Python Nanodegree

2- Android Basics Nanodegree

3- Programming for Data Science Nanodegree

4- VR Foundations Nanodegree

5- VR High-Immersion Nanodegree

6- VR Mobile 360 Nanodegree

All the Udacity Nanodegree programs are supported by online mentors and reviewers and provide sought-for international professional certificates upon successful completion.

With more than 17 African countries participating in the program, the scholarship aims to build the IT professional capabilities of 10,000 talented youth across Africa and to foster employment and the establishment of sustainable African startups in the area of applications and game innovation.

The program runs over 2 phases; first, the Online Learning phase in one of the mentioned tracks above, and secondly is an Entrepreneurship Bootcamp & Startup Development phase.

How To Get Udacity Nanodegree Course For Free

Scholarship opportunities are limited!

So, hurry up and register through the initiative website and invite your friends to join and earn your opportunities together! (In the registration form, please select the option “Udacity Referral Program” from the options of the question “How did you hear about us” — to claim your scholarship opportunity)

Register now and claim your scholarship opportunity!

For further information: please contact AAL@tiec.gov.eg

Happy Learning

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