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Cryptocurrency Exchange 101

Cryptocurrency Exchange
  Cryptocurrencies have been established to be assets which that hold certain value in terms of price valuation, this valuation is as a result of what market participants think of that particular cryptocurrency. As a result of this, it is…

Creating a Digital Skilled Future

As a result of online activism and a crowd fund set up between Oluwanifemi Dahunsi, Ife Alaba and Adam Bradford, the “Creating a Digital Skilled Future” project has been initiated. Whilst the fund originally supported young people on the ground…

Ignite & Write: Revamping Your Writing Skills

Ignite & Write: Revamping Your Writing Skills
Join us for ‘Ignite & Write: Revamping your writing Skills‘- our First live Webinar series on our Facebook page where we learn from prolific Writers who have built a remarkable and impactful presence in the Cyber Space. They will be…

7 Simple SEO Mistakes To Avoid

Digital marketing - Search engine optimization
Do you know some of the simple SEO mistakes to avoid? There are some simple SEO mistakes you should avoid making. This is because they can cost you all the hard work, time, and resources you’ve put into the business.…

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