SurveyJunkies Review – BIG SCAM or Legit $500 – $1,000 Today?

You may or may not be familiar with SurveyJunkies. But if you have, it’s because SurveyJunkies, which is “SurveyJunkies” with an “s” on the end, is a copycat of a separate company called Survey Junkie, which is “SurveyJunkie” without an “s” on the end.

And just to be clear, Survey Junkie is the real stuff and the original, with no “s” at the end. They exist.

On the other side, SurveyJunkies is a fraud and needs to explain a lot of things. This closeness is not a coincidence, as can be seen from their websites’ layout and appearance.

Although it might be a little misleading, SurveyJunkies (the impostor) is intentionally emulating the real to benefit from their reputation for reliability.

Official Site for the SurveyJunkies Review

Sadly, when you consider the money SurveyJunkies is promising… They are advertising a get-rich-quick scheme when they offer $500 to $1000 today and every day.

However, they merit a comprehensive and frank evaluation before I declare them to be a scam.

Please continue reading if your gut feeling is similar to mine in that SurveyJunkies is a fraud. We’ll examine closely and in-depth together. We’ll research their background, activities, and potential for fraud.


Please be aware that I am not a SurveyJunkies member or affiliate. This review study was conducted using publicly accessible online data and/or customer reviews. Any judgments or recommendations are purely subjective and may not apply to or be agreed upon by all individuals or circumstances. A detailed disclaimer is available here.

SurveyJunkies Review


On the website, they are listed as the top Influencer Network. This is a claim that has no supporting data.

The evidence points in the other direction. they are a brand-new, dubious scheme that almost anyone has ever heard of.

But I’ll get to that in a minute.

Additionally, SurveyJunkies makes it look like it’s simple money. that you will receive payment from them simply for joining, for people clicking your referral links, and/or for new members joining.

I have to admit that I have seen a lot of websites similar to SurveyJunkies before, and they are all based on the premise that earning money online will be simple. They promise to pay you $50 merely for making and submitting a brief YouTube video.

Before spending even a single penny, you’ve already made $80 after adding it to the $30 sign-up incentive.

It sounds excellent, but let’s consider it from the standpoint of SurveyJunkies.

Currently, SurveyJunkies is trending heavily on social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube. Since thousands of individuals are promoting it, thousands of others have already joined and thousands more are signing up right now.

Before anyone has ever spent a single thing with SurveyJunkies, they might be liable for millions of dollars at the rate of $80 per person (just for showing up and uploading a very little video).

However, it goes beyond simply the $80.00.

According to SurveyJunkies, they’re paying out tens of thousands of dollars per member (screenshot below)

False claims made by SurveyJunkies

Bryan S. has reportedly earned $172,000, and Ashlee N. has reportedly earned $21,000.

We’re talking tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars with figures like these and thousands of people.

From where do they acquire the money?

This Is Not SurveyJunkies

This was noted at the outset of this review, but I should reiterate it because it is VERY crucial. And sometimes, if you’re simply hastily reading the article, as I frequently do, it’s easy to miss stuff.

To be precise This review is NOT about; it is about

A warning about this was just posted by the Better Business Bureau.

Warning from the Better Business Bureau regarding survey junkies

Better Business Bureau as a source

Not to be confused with the legitimate Survey Junkie, which is spelled with an “s,” is SurveyJunkies. They couldn’t be more dissimilar from one another.

When you sign up for one of them, you can become a real influencer. They’ll pay you back.

Review of SurveyJunkies Poll Junkie

The Official Survey Junkie Website

This is a real one.

The other… A little more than two months have passed since SurveyJunkies’ bogus website surveyjunkies. co was registered. It is a poor knockoff.

To be exact, October 24th, 2019.

registration of the domain surveyjunkies

This poses a significant challenge for SurveyJunkies.

How can they afford to pay their members tens of millions of dollars when their website is just two months old (which it is) and they aren’t even making any purchases or spending money?

They claim that sponsors and advertisements fund them, yet once more… What advertising or sponsor is going to give them millions of dollars if their website is only two months old?

How, in just two months, did they become the “#1 Influencer”?

They cannot…

Why, therefore, did they plagiarize and imitate the genuine Survey Junkie if they are so great?

Given that your website was only registered a little over 60 days ago, those are a lot of inquiries that are challenging to respond to (at the time of this review).

With REAL survey sites like REAL and Inbox Dollars, you can now surely make money online.

But, and this is a huge “But,” these legitimate sites pay in actual money. That is to say, they won’t make you wealthy. Nowhere near.

However, they will genuinely compensate you (unlike SurveyJunkies)

They might also serve as a launching pad for something more significant, like an online business.

You might be staying at home due to health issues, for example, or having young children to take care of.

If that’s the case and you want to make a full-time income online, you’ll need to know where and how to start to achieve your goals.

The free beginner’s guide to earning money online that I’m about to give you may be obtained by clicking here.

SurveyJunkies: Is it a Scam?

Again, we’re talking about the fraud that is SurveyJunkies here, and if the warning signs listed above weren’t enough, there are a few more.

Red Flag #1: Unknown Creators or Founders

It is simple to determine that SurveyJunkies would require tens of millions of dollars—possibly even more—to pay what they advertise.

How many businesses with a value of tens or hundreds of millions do not disclose a CEO or Founder?

The fact that the persons behind such a platform are not identified is a significant warning sign because scammers frequently employ this tactic. Of course, they don’t want to be discovered, so they either conceal themselves by adopting a fictitious identity, like with SurveyJunkies (again, with an “s”), or they go completely unidentified.

Of course, this isn’t conclusive evidence that they’re a fraud. But it’s a beginning.

Lack of Social Media Presence is a Red Flag #2

You would naturally anticipate that SurveyJunkies, which claims to be the #1 Influencer site, would have a significant social media presence.

Of course not.

In actuality, they don’t at the time of this review.

On their website, they do feature some social media icons, however, they are inactive. You can see that when I hovered my mouse over their Facebook icon (below), it just redirected back to their home page.

By the time you read this, they might have created some social media profiles, but for the time being, despite claiming to be the top influencer site, they have none.

By the time you read this, they might have created some social media profiles, but for the time being, despite claiming to be the top influencer site, they have none.

Fake Founding Date is a Red Flag No. 3

Although we have discussed it, I’ll bring it up again because it is such a flagrant untruth. According to SurveyJunkies, they have been in business since 2015 in fact.

However, we already know the reality.

only registered on October 24, 2019; (just a little over 2 months at the time of this writing).

Review by SurveyJunkies Date of Registration as a source

Fourth warning sign: Is SurveyJunkies a Tap2Earn clone?

I immediately understood what was going on after taking a look at SurveyJunkies’ About Page. They mentioned something called Tap2Earn a few times (screenshot below).

Given that Tap2Earn has already been revealed to be a scam, this is a dead sign that SurveyJunkies is also a fraud. In reality, Click4Kash, Money Genie, Buxify, PaidNova, and CashInfluence, to mention a few, are just a handful of the many scams in a network that includes Tap2Earn.

However, not every one of these frauds has a name as inventive as Buxify. Even one with the name Use2Earn exists.

The same individuals that are behind SurveyJunkies are also responsible for this network of fraud.

You can view a whole chronology of SurveyJunkies’ “success” from 2015 up to the present. However, none of it is real. It is all made up.

Five-Star Warning: Fake Payment Proof

I discovered some more bogus information when I looked at SurveyJunkies’ Payment Proof, as I had anticipated. Several payment evidences accompanied these dates:

Jan 29, 2019

May 30, 2019

June 29, 2019

All of these dates fall before the registration date of October 24, 2019, for, meaning that these payment evidences somehow took place before SurveyJunkies (with a “s”) even existed.

And now for something else. In their bogus payment proofs, they are exploiting Survey Junkie’s (the real Survey Junkie) logo and brand! These were definitely copied from the authentic website and are being presented as their own.

Data from SurveyJunkies

It’s obvious that SurveyJunkies (NOT the legitimate one) is intentionally trying to trick people by giving the impression that they are the actual Survey Junkie. they are not, though. They merely hope to gain additional members by capitalizing on Survey Junkie’s positive reputation.

Here is another screenshot of their fictitious payment documentation. Even though it displays the legitimate Survey Junkie’s official logo,, one of their sibling swindling websites, is listed as the source of the payment on this one.

It’s challenging to keep your lies straight when you lie as frequently as SurveyJunkies does.

Red Flag #6: False Customer Reviews

There is evidence that has been using fabricated endorsements.

The phony testimonials on SurveyJunkies and Cash4Clickz are shown in the screenshots below (one of their sister scams).

The testimonials on these copycat websites, as you can see (in the screenshot below), are all provided by the same individuals: Ashley N., Michael D., Bryan S., and Jaysen L.

The main distinction between SurveyJunkies’ and Cash4Clickz’ testimonies is that the former uses avatars while the latter uses stock images.

This is a major red sign, and since Cash4Clickz has been shown to be a fraud, it’s safe to assume that SurveyJunkies is as well.

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