5 Best Free Cloud Storage And File Sharing Services 2023

Free cloud storage is becoming quite significant for most people, especially now when information is shared worldwide between people from various locations in the world.

Even now, when remote work is on the increase and teams work at various locations per time,  is the need for free cloud storage more urgent.

The benefit of using cloud storage is that you can save many files and quickly gain access to them regardless of your location.

Many paid cloud storage services offer top-notch storage and file-sharing services.

However, this could come at an extra cost that many might not afford or be willing to pay for.

Fortunately, other free cloud storage services still as prove useful as the paid versions.

Here are some of the 5 best free cloud storage you could use to store and share your files.

First, what does cloud storage entail?

What is Cloud Storage, and How does it Work?

Simply put, cloud storage means getting to save your files elsewhere other than your hard drive or solid-state drive.

Technically speaking, cloud storage means saving files or documents through a remote cloud service provider that can be assessed via the internet.

Hence, the name cloud storage services.

You save your files with cloud storage service providers and can gain access/share these files any time regardless of where you might be as long as you’re connected to the internet.

All you need to do is upload the file/document to the cloud with your cloud service provider, and it gets stored in their data centers.

With this, you might begin to question how safe are your documents/files since you’re entrusting them to a cloud service provider.

Well, the thing is, these cloud services have various security measures, authentication passwords, and encryption to keep your documents and files safe.

Now you know what cloud storage is all about, let’s look at some of the best cloud storage services you could get and for free.

5 Best Free Cloud Storage And File Sharing Services

Here are some of the best cloud storage platforms that offer free cloud storage and file-sharing services in no particular order, either for business, organizations, or personal use.

1. Google Drive- Free Cloud Storage

Google owns this, and you can store/share/sync files, documents, videos, and photos on this platform either.

To enjoy this free cloud storage service, you need to create an account. However, if you already have a Gmail account, the Gmail account integrates with google drive.

Furthermore, to access google drive and start uploading the files, you could input drive.google.com in your web browser or download the app on your device.

The storage capacity it offers is 15GB.

It’s free; however, you’re limited with the amount of storage.

2. OneDrive by Microsoft

If you have a Microsoft account, then you can have access to this free cloud storage service.

With this free cloud storage service, you can store, share and sync your files across all devices.

Here you get 5GB storage capacity for free; however, you can upgrade for a fair price range if you need more storage capacity.

3. Dropbox- Free Cloud Storage Service

This right here offers just 2GB of free storage as it,s basic storage service; however, this can be upgraded by registering for bigger plans.

Like the other cloud storage services mentioned above, you can store, share, and sync files with this device.

To access this cloud storage, you need to download the Dropbox app on your device and create an account.

It’s available on Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms.


This is a cloud storage service that stores your files and makes them easily accessible on any device.

It also lets you store/share your files seamlessly.

Interestingly, it comes with a unique feature that lets you encrypt your files. Thereby helping you to store your confidential files securely.

Furthermore, it gives you free 10GB of storage, and if you need more storage, you can easily subscribe to a monthly plan.


This also gives you 10GB of free storage to store your files, which can be shared and accessed on any device.

It’s available for Windows, macOS, and mobile platforms.

The 10GB storage can be upgraded by subscribing to a paid plan.

That’s it on the 5 best free cloud storage services we have for you.

Indeed, saving and sharing files through cloud services makes it easy to share and access files quickly, either as a business, organization, or personally.

Thereby increasing your efficiency and productivity in whatever you do.

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