50 Daily income business in Nigeria – Best Online Business Guide

What is a daily income business?

Daily income business is business people do to daily income(cash). This kind of business is different from an office in which you will have to wait till the end of the month. With a daily income business, you will be able to earn passively online and offline.

There are a lot of businesses you can do to make money but in this article, I confidently made research and highlighted the best 50 businesses in Nigeria. To learn more, kindly move on to catch the best daily income business.

Category of daily business

Daily income can be categorized into two ( offline & online ). The offline business is a kind of business that enables you to interact with your client/customers face to face while online business is a type of business that enables you to transact with your client through social apps and other available mediums for conversing online.

50 daily income business in Nigeria


Blogging is a lucrative business that you can start in Nigeria and you can earn as much as 50k daily. It is a type of business you can start that requires intelligence, effort, and consistency. All you need to do to start a blog is to create a blog (website) publish articles on it regularly, monetize it and earn cool cash daily.

To earn money as a blogger, you can start with Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, flipping website, or selling your products. If you have no experience in blogging, you can visit youtube or buy a course on Udemy and other sites to learn.

Bulk and retail Airtime selling

Selling airtime in bulk or retail is a business that will never vanish unless people stop using mobile phones. I specifically can boast about this business because my mum start this business as a retailer with N5000 and within 6 months of selling it she profits as low as N50,000.
So you can also start selling airtimes either in bulk (wholesales) or as a retailer. To start an airtime selling business, all you need is little capital (5000 or more).


Have you ever gone to a photographer when your birthday is near to take a picture? Or did you ever have an event in your household where you call a photographer to take pictures? If this ever happens to you then you need to learn this business.
Photographing is a kind of business you can do to make a huge income in Nigeria, with the photography business, you can secure a job at a government office, television station, e.t.c
To start a photography business, find an expert you can learn from to know more about the profession, buy a camera, a laptop, and other photography equipment then start taking shots.

Forex trading

Forex trading is all about staking your money online by predicting the condition of the market whether it will go up or high. It is a risky business, but if you learn what it takes to win before starting, you will earn huge cash.
I have a friend that earns almost 50k daily with forex. But the best advice I have for you before starting this business is to make thorough research and learn how the business market work before starting.

Game business

Teenagers and adults love playing games, right? But most don’t have the equipment used to play the games they like. So opening a PlayStation station is a great option and a great business that can start to earn almost 100 of thousand monthly. I know a man who started this business in January 2021 in a single small shop, fortunately, he rented another 2 shops for the business and start selling its accessories before the year runs out. if I may ask you where did he get this money? He gets the money to rent another shop and sell game accessories from the game business.
To start this business, all you have to do is to get 2 or 3 play stations with games: football, car race, god of war e.t.c, a television set, generator for backup if there is no light.

Football center

If you are looking for a business that can earn you a huge amount of money daily, weekly, or monthly football center is the best. It is a kind of business where you show football, and other sports at a specific location in your area and get paid for it.
I know a man who makes more than 100k weekly at his sports center whenever there is a match throughout the week.
To start this business, all you need is to rent land or use yours if the location is good, use a canopy and build it with wood or, buy a television, DStv, or Startime then your viewing center is available to start making your cool cash.

Used goods sales

One of the most lucrative businesses you can start in Nigeria is selling used goods through which can earn huge cash daily. In Nigeria, most of the good people purchase is used good which is popularly known as Tokunbo. The demand for used goods products is very high because people assume used goods shipped from overseas are original and can last longer.
To start this business, you need capital, find where shipped goods are sold: Alaba market, Idumota market, Ikeja e.t.c. buy the goods clean them then resell them to the consumer who needs them at a convenient price. The type of used goods you can sell to make money fast include used sockets, children’s toys, kitchen appliances, home appliances e.t.c.

T-shirt design

Designing t-shirts and selling them is a kind of business you can start in Nigeria in 2022. This business doesn’t require any physical effort, all you need is a mobile phone and data and you are good to go.
To start a t-shirt designing business, all you have to do is to signup with www.printify.com or another company that offers the same service, design a shirt, fix the price you wanna sell it, advertise it on social media platforms and make money daily from every order.

Ebook publishing

Publishing ebooks and selling is a kind of business you can do to earn 6 figures online in Nigeria. All you have to do to start ebook publishing is to make research about what people want, create a solution, write your ebook, design it on software like WPS, Microsoft Word then publishes it on affiliate companies like Amazon, Expertnaire, and WarriorPlus. If you don’t want to publish it on affiliate sites you can create a landing page, run Facebook or Instagram ad to close them, and make your money daily.


Starting a dropshipping business is a great option if you are willing to start a business. It is a kind of business that works on three chains: suppliers, retailers, and customers. It allows you to sell products to people who demand them without holding any inventory. When a client places an order, all required is to contact your source where the product is being produced and send them the buyer’s address so that the goods can be delivered to them.
To start a dropshipping business, you can create an account with Shopify or Oberlo app to list the product you want to sell. When anyone bought a product from your store, all you have to do is contact the manufacturer and submit the buyers’ details for delivery. To learn more about dropshipping kind type the keyword on youtube.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of business that allows you to recommend products to people interested in them and get paid whenever a sale is made through your link. It is a kind of business that doesn’t require any capital.
To start an affiliate marketing business, you dont need to rent a shop; all you need is to get a smartphone or laptop, choose an affiliate company like Amazon, Cj affiliate, Expertnaire, etc. select the product you want to promote, advertise them on Facebook and make money daily when a product is purchased through your link.

Mini importation

Mini importation is the process of buying goods at ridiculous prices from overseas and selling and selling them at reasonable prices when they arrive. It is a kind of business that requires low capital but has a high profit; with N50,000, you can start importing and selling goods.
To start a mini importation business, visit a foreign website where they sell goods at low prices, for instance, Alibaba, Aliexpress, or 1688, order a product and sell it when it is delivered.

Graphic design

Graphic design is one of the lucrative businesses with high demand and high profit. Graphic design is one of the businesses you can start without owning a shop in Nigeria. It is a type of business where you help people design banners, posters, business cards, brochures and get paid for it.
To get started with the graphic design business in Nigeria, all you need is a smartphone or a laptop. If you are about to learn it, you can go to youtube to watch tutorials or buy courses on Udemy and other online learning platforms to blend your skill and earn cool cash daily. After learning, sign up on LinkedIn, Fiverr, or Upwork to set your online credibility and start making huge cash in dollars and naira daily.

Web design

Web design is all about designing web pages using an online Content Management System (CMS) company like WordPress, Joomla, or Wix before the website goes live on the net.
With web design, you can earn as low as 500k by helping companies, businesses, and individuals design websites.
It is similar to graphic design but different.
All you need to start a web design business is a laptop and data. If you have no experience in the web design business, you can search and learn more on youtube or buy courses on Udemy.


One of the lucrative businesses you can do in Nigeria is to own poultry where you rear chicken, Fowls, and turkey. If you are in Nigeria or have been to any part of the world, you will notice that the demand for chicken is very high, mostly during the festive season.
Chicken is purchased every day, apart from its popularity and demand during festive times. For instance, if you go to a restaurant like Chicken republic or Stomach care, you will see individuals ordering chicken every day. So you can also start a poultry business to sell chicken to individuals who demand it or visit brands that use them, introduce your farm to them, and become their supplier.

Animal Husbandry

Have you ever visited where they sell goats, ram, and cows during the celebration period? If you do, you will notice there are always a lot of rams, but before the festival end, all will have been sold. That is the power of husbandry.
Although this business is seasonal, you can make huge cash that will last you before another season. All you need to start an animal husbandry business is a capital to buy ram from the north and resell it or rear it yourself and sell it when people demand it.

S.M.M. – Social Media Marketing

Social media is a wide platform used for communicating, advertising, and discussing. Adults and teenagers spend most of their time exploring to check and post photos, discuss and purchase items.
New and existing companies are now using these great social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and a lot more to create awareness for their company, advertise products, and publish content that persuades their target audience to patronize them. Most of these companies hire a specialist who can do this task and pay them a high fee if they perform well.
Publishing content and analyzing market trends, making research, and running an ad to make the audience patronize a company is a major work of being a social media marketer. You can start a social media marketing business and start helping companies manage their social media pages with your pro idea.
To learn Social media marketing, go to youtube to search for free courses or use platforms like Udemy, youtube, and Coursera to buy paid courses and start your business.

Bread Baking

Bread baking and distributing is a lucrative business that allows people who invest their capital in this kind of business to earn daily. It is a type of business that has a high demand in Nigeria.
Most people prefer taking bread to any other food, so if you are thinking of starting a new business, I suggest you venture into bread baking as it will help you earn a high income daily. If you want to outrank your competitor and make more money than them, bake a good bread that consumers will always want to take.

Cake & confectionery

Cakes and confectionery are not only used in weddings or birthday parties but it is also used generally. People who do this type of business earn money doing it daily. When starting your cake business, you can start by producing and packing cakes in small containers for people to buy at low prices, and you can always make party sizes when people demand them. If you wish to start this business and you dont have knowledge about it, you can learn from experts who have knowledge about baking cakes or visit youtube to learn how to bake a cake.

S.E.O Expert

If you understand the search engine and how it works, you can make it a business and earn money passively because of its high demand. Being an SEO expert will enable you to help companies and businesses build their brand online and let people reach them faster whenever they search for a query.
If you already have background knowledge of how it works you can start this business, if you dont you can buy a course or watch videos on youtube to learn more.

Egg Supply and Distribution

Buying, distributing, and selling eggs to consumers is a business you can start with low capital and earn huge profits daily. As you know, everybody loves egg and everyone consumed egg daily because it is a good source of protein.
The demand for eggs is high because it is used to produce soaps, confectioneries, shampoo, cosmetics, and glue. Therefore if you are thinking of starting a business that will bring you a lot of money, I suggest you consider selling eggs by supplying and distributing them to retailers and final consumers.

Foodstuff selling

Foodstuff selling is a lucrative business with a lot of profit and high demand. People eat daily, and the ingredients used to prepare this food are also bought daily.
Because of the important of food, the foodstuff selling business has become a business that will never vanish, and humans will always value it because it is one of the factors that make us exist.
Therefore, if you plan to set up a business, you can opt-in to sell foodstuffs to earn daily income. The amazing fact about this business is that it doesn’t require large capital to start.

Dry Cleaner Business

The dry cleaning business is a lucrative business that you can do if you want to start a business. It is a type of business that allows you to help others clean their clothes.
Most people dont have time to do their laundering basically because of work and other things, so they have no option but to give it to those who offer dry cleaning services. All required to start this business are a washing machine, an iron, and other laundry equipment.

Phone accessories

Phone accessory business is one of the lucrative businesses you can start in Nigeria. Selling high-demand accessories like a charger, screen guide, pouch for covering your phone, headphone, USB cord, and a lot more can bring you thousands of naira every day if you are serious about it.
One of the advantages of this business is that you dont have to own a shop before starting. You can start the business by purchasing a wheelbarrow, arranging your product, pushing it around for people to see and patronize you.
All required to start a phone accessories business is to visit the market where they sell mobile phone accessories, buy the trending product and start making money daily.

Pos business

Pos business is one of the most lucrative businesses trending in Nigeria. It is a kind of business that reduces an individual’s stress of going to the bank or queuing in an atm gallery.
It is a kind of business that doesn’t require you to beg customers before they come to you. For instance, if you live in a place where the bank is far, you can seize this opportunity by opening a pos service. All required to start a pos business is to find a very lively place to set up your business and make a high income daily.

Daycare business

Daycare service is a type of business that deals with taking care of people’s children and getting paid for it daily or monthly. Most parents in Nigeria work in a company that doesn’t allow them to bring their kids to work, and some don’t even like it because they don’t want to be distracted. To start this business, all you need is a building and a banner for creating awareness then you are good to go.

Gas and equipment

Selling cooking gas and its equipment is a great business anyone can start in Nigeria because you will always need to fill up your gas or buy its equipment whenever it damages. The demand is high, and it is also a must for everyone who cooks to refill whenever it finishes.
So as a person willing to start a new business, you can learn about this business for months from who sells it and create yours. The capital required to start this business is not much, but the profit is high.

Plantain Chips Business

The plantain chips business has been in existence for a very long time, and wherever you go, you will surely see it even during gridlock. With 50k, you can start a plantain chips business. One of the amazing facts about the plantain business is that you can start right from home.
To start a plantain chip business, all you need is to get plantain from the market, vegetable oil, sugar, a packaging container, and a sealing machine.

Ice block production

Ice block production is a business with high demand and high profit you can start if you plan to start one. It entails producing ice blocks for those who need them at parties, people who don’t have light in their area, and people who don’t have a freezer. For instance, if you think of buying a drink, you will never select a warm one unless you wish to go for it.
If you are thinking about how you will get ice blocks faster, you can order freezers specifically made for ice blocks. These freezers can produce up to 100 pieces within three hrs.

Fumigation / Cleaning service

Cleaning and fumigating people’s environment and getting paid for it is a lucrative business you can start in Nigeria. It is a business that allows you to control pests and clear bushes for companies and houses.
Individuals want a thorough clean-up for their home, garden, and workplace to prevent lice, bed bugs, unnecessary grass, rodents, and insects from destroying their furniture and environment. Because of this, they always want to hire those who know how to clean and fumigate. So if you are willing to start a new job, I suggest you consider doing this because of the high profit that lies in it.

Disk Jockey (DJ)

You can do a business to make a high income by mixing and playing songs at parties. It is a type of business that companies always demand. For instance, if you go to places where they sell mobile phones and other products, you will see may a DJ standing in front of his turntable mixing and using music to create awareness for the business to get more customers and make more profit.
Though it is not limited to the market alone, with DJ business, you can be called for shows in the club, birthday ceremonies, graduation, and many places. The amazing part of this business is that it doesn’t require large capital to start. All needed to become a disk jockey DJ are a laptop, software used for mixing songs, and speakers.


Students buy books, pens, and other educational material every day. Pens ink finish every day and book pages also, so they will need to get another. The stationery business is not seasonal; it is always active with high demand. Consider the stationery business if you are thinking of starting a new business that can make you daily money without going broke again. In conclusion, if you want to make more sales with stationery business, set up your business along school road.

Making Body Cream

Producing and distributing body cream can earn you thousands of money daily. It is a passive income business that will add to your pocket without stressing yourself. As you all know, everybody purchase and use cream daily.
If you don’t know how to produce body cream, you can learn how to make it on youtube or who can do it, buy the ingredient and container, and then start selling by distributing it to markets or retailers in your neighborhood.

Soft Drinks selling

Because of the huge profit of soft drink selling, many people have ventured into this business. Some sell theirs at shops, while some sell by hawking it in gridlocks. It is a business you can do to earn fast money in Nigeria.
By selling as a retailer or wholesaler, you will make a profit at large. The capital required to start this business is not much; with 50k, you can sell soft drinks as a wholesaler.

Tutorial classes

Tutoring students after school or preparing for exams and registering them for various types of examination: JAMB, WAEC, NECO, e.t.c. will bring you a large daily income if you consider selecting it as a business since every parent wants their kids to be a brilliant child that performs well in the classroom and educational events where they are given test or any task, opening a tutorial center is the best option.
With this business, you can earn up to 30k per day. To start a tutoring class business, you only need a building, chairs, table, and a banner to showcase your tutorial center.

Rental service

Leasing out your property for others to use and get paid for it before or after using the service is a great business that has changed many people’s lives in Nigeria and the world entirely.
It doesn’t even require large capital to start. If you have a car, chair, canopy, cooking equipment, land, etc., you can lease it out and get paid either monthly or weekly. For instance, you can be paid monthly if you lease out your land to someone while leasing a car or party equipment will maximize your daily income.


E-commerce business is the process of setting up a website to sell the products you produce by yourself or products that you will have to buy from the companies when your prospect demands them.
With an e-commerce business, your business will travel to different places when people search for products related to it.
Therefore if you are thinking of starting a business or how to promote the product you produce to get to a large audience, I suggest you venture into e-commerce. However, if you want to make more sales in e-commerce, you will need to drive a lot of traffic directly from the search engine.

Cryptocurrency Trading Business

The cryptocurrency trading business is a high-income business with high returns. It is a type of business that doesn’t depreciate but appreciates in a matter of time.
Since the digital coin (crypto) has dominated the world, you can benefit from it by buying different coins at low prices, reserving them, and selling them at a high rate when the price goes up. So starting this business is beneficial as you will earn a huge income if you understand how it works.

Digital marketing

Most businesses and companies want to create a presence online so that more people can patronize them. Because of this, they need a digital marketing expert who could handle their social media pages and website and handle how they will get more clients.
So this is one of the businesses you can start to earn daily income. It doesn’t require any money to start; you can start digital marketing with a laptop and make money daily, weekly and monthly.

Popcorn production

Popcorn production business is a lucrative business people don’t consider doing because they don’t know the value that lies in it. Popcorn production is a business that individuals will always want to buy if they see it or perceive the odor during production.
If you are thinking of setting up a new business, I recommend this business though all you need to start is a frying box, sugar, and the maize used for popcorn.

Makeup business

Everybody wants to look good when going to events; they pay those who render this service money to beautify them. So if you can seize the opportunity to start this business, you will make a lot of money. The main task of this business is fixing nails, making a face look gorgeous, and doing pedicures and manicures. It doesn’t require large capital with 10,000, you can buy the equipment needed and start the business.

Home electric appliances

Selling wall sockets, electric cookers, fans, and other home appliances can help you earn daily income in Nigeria. The business is quite easy, and its income accrues faster. If you are thinking of starting a new business, I suggest you start selling home appliances because the demand is high and the price is low when buying them directly from the manufacturer.

Drinks production

Drink production is another business you can do to earn daily income in Nigeria. Producing zobo, juice of different flavors, and yogurt brings more revenue. Children always want it, students and adults always buy it whenever they are thirsty or wish to buy it, so the demand is high. All you have to do to start drinks production is to learn how to produce it, package it and start earning daily.


Even without the machine and device used to produce print products, you can start a printing business. It is a business that deals with printing posters, flyers for events, church programs, and others. So if you are planning to start a business you can go for a printing business, it has a high profit, and it is easy to do.

Online video production(Youtube)

Did you have an idea? I suggest you put it into video and start using it to educate and inform the public and get paid for it. This business is quite easy by setting up a youtube channel or using other platforms. There are different ways to earn doing business. For instance, you can earn on youtube by educating and persuading them to buy something through an affiliate link or earning at the same time while people are watching your video through advertisements by google.

Video editing

You can earn thousands of money daily, weekly, and monthly with video editing business. It is a type of business that deals with editing videos for different purposes. The demand for the video editing business is high, and the income is also high. All required to start this business is a laptop the software needed, then you can start making money from who needed your service.

Fruit selling

Because of the vitamin embedded in fruits, people love them and always want to buy them, so starting this kind of business can earn you huge amounts of cash daily. It is a lucrative business that anyone with low capital can venture into in Nigeria. The demand for Fruits like apples, guava, and more is very high globally, and So is the profit.


Everyone wants to be smart and fit because of this; they go to a gym center to exercise to get rid of big stomachs and cancer. So opening this kind of business in an active area is a great decision because you will always be patronized, which means you will make more money precisely each day. Although the capital needed to start this business is high, the income is higher.


Producing sachet water, table water, and dispenser tanker is a lucrative business you can start in Nigeria. It is a business that everyone patronizes every time. Because of the mobility of water production, business income accrues faster, and everyone always demands it. So you can start this business if you have the capital to purchase production equipment.

Shawarma stand

Have you ever been to a bus stop to see how people buy snacks in the evening? Setting up a shawarma business is a great opportunity you can snatch right away because it is under what human and they will always want to get it if they come across it.
If you set up a shawarma business in a lively area, you will make a huge income daily.

How to start a daily income business in Nigeria

To start a daily income business, you need to draw out a plan to understand how the business work and strive to be different from your competitors. After choosing one, get enough capital to buy the necessary equipment to make your business live.
If it seems your capital is not enough to purchase the equipment needed for a specific business, you can get a loan or select another one.

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