Airtel Family-and-Friends Plan

I find the call rates captivating about the Airtel FaF tariff plan. It’s not like any other plan. 

Every airtel subscriber is looking for a way to make calls at a reduced rate; some of us spend hundreds of naira weekly calling our friends and loved ones. 

So Airtel developed a tariff plan called “Airtel Family and Friends” to help people like you spend less money when calling frequently dialed numbers. 

If you are subscribed to the airtel FaF tariff plan, you will be able to make phone calls to your most dialed numbers at a reduced and cheaper rate. I meant this when I said it’s not like other plans.

Airtel FaF tariff plan
Airtel FaF tariff plan

About the Airtel Family and Friends (FAF) Plan

Airtel merged its Smart Connect plan, which was designed to provide new users 6X the value on every recharge, to include a Family and Friends feature. This merger took place on the 4th of November, 2016.

The Airtel Family and Friends, or FAF, is a service package available to all Airtel prepaid customers. It was created to lower the cost of calling your frequently dialed numbers, including those of your best friend, spouse, family, relatives, or loved ones.

With this tariff service, you can improve your relationships with the people in your life who you value, love, and cherish. 

High call costs can sever your bonds with loved ones, but the Airtel F & F plan guarantees low-cost voice calls. I know how much you love those long calls with your family to talk about everything.

The airtel FaF tariff plan is for those who frequently call their family members, siblings, mother, father, boss, coursemate, colleagues, etc.

You will not be charged at regular call rates if you register these numbers on your Family and Friends list.

Rather, whenever you call them, you will receive a massive discount. As a result, you can spend more time talking with them. Amazing right?


How Does Airtel FAF Work?

You can add five (5) people to your Airtel Family and Friends list. Subsequent number registrations after the first five are #50 per number. 

You cannot simply add any random number to your list; instead, include the numbers you frequently call.

The best part about this package is that you have complete control over adding and removing numbers from your Family and Friends list.

How to Register Airtel Family and Friends

Now that you’re ready, all you have to do to register family and friends on your Airtel SIM is dial the F & F registration. Dial the code:’*311*2*Phone Number# ‘. 

For example, if you want to register 08040007000, dial *311*2*08040007000#, and the number will be added to your F & F list.

After dialing, you will receive a message from Airtel confirming that you have successfully registered a number on your Family and Friends list. This will allow you to call that number at cheaper rates.

How To Delete & Remove An Airtel FAF Number

If, for any reason, you’re no longer in touch with a friend or family member or don’t communicate often, you could remove the number from the list. 

In some cases where your friend or family misplaced or changed his number, you may need to remove the old number from your FAF list.

To remove a number from your Airtel F & F list, dial the code:’*311*3*Phone Number# ‘. For example, if you want to remove the number 08040007000, dial *311*3*08040007000#, and the number will be successfully removed.

You will receive a message informing you that a phone number has been removed from your Family and Friends list.

How to View or Check Airtel Family and Friends Numbers

If you’ve been on the airtel FaF tariff plan for a long time, there’s a likely chance you’ll forget the numbers you registered.  Luckily, a code allows you to see all of the numbers in your FAF list.

Airtel FaF tariff plan
Airtel FaF tariff plan

Here’s how to check the registered numbers on your FAF list.

  • Dial *311*4#.
  • When you dial this code, you will receive a message containing a list of all the numbers in your Airtel FAF.

Rates for Airtel Family and Friends Calls

There are special call rates for numbers on your Airtel FAF list, but they vary depending on the day. 

The FAF List Call rates

As I earlier mentioned, the Airtel FaF tariff plan stands out because of its call rates.

Calls to Family and Friends numbers will be charged at 25 Kobo per second during the Peak Periods, between 6 a.m. and 9:59 p.m.

Calls to Family and Friends numbers will be charged at the rate of 21 Kobo per second during the Off-Peak Periods, which are between 10 pm and 5:59 pm.

You can have more talk time with your loved ones regardless of your tariff plan. Please remember that the service is only available to Airtel prepaid customers and not post-paid.

It is important to note that you only get discounts when you call; there are no discounts when sending SMS to Airtel family and friends. 

Which Airtel plans support FAF?

Airtel Family and Friends are only available to prepaid Airtel Smart Connect Plan users. Subscribers using postpaid Sim cards can’t enjoy the cheap call rates on the Airtel FaF tariff plan.

There’s another plan that Airtel has created, especially for a close relationship like the airtel FaF. It’s called the Airtel Me2U plan.

The airtel Me2U plan lets you share airtime and data with close friends and family by dialing a simple code.

How does the Airtel me2U plan work? 

It’s simple. Dial *432*AIRTELNUMBER*AMOUNT# (e.g. 080X XXX XXXX).

How Do I Use Me2U On Airtel?

Dial *141# from your Airtel number and select the Me2u option to use the Airtel Me2u service. 

You will be asked which phone number you want to share your Airtime with. 

Enter the number, and after entering the pin, your Airtel data will be shared with another Airtel subscriber.

Some of the special features about the Airtel Me2U plan are

  • There is no service charge.
  • There is no limit to the number of transactions.
  • There is no limit to the amount that can be transferred.
  • There is no need for a subscription or a step up.
  • It is only available to Airtel subscribers.

FAQs about Airtel family-and-friends plan

1. Which Airtel plan allows family and friends?

Airtel Family and Friends are only available to prepaid Airtel Smart Connect Plan members. The good news is that the Airtel Smart Connect Plan is the standard plan for every new Airtel SIM card bought. It gives you an 800% bonus on any recharge you make.

2. How can I activate the Airtel family plan?

As an alternative to the one earlier mentioned, log in to My Airtel App and go to My Account -> Plan area, then click on “Add Existing Airtel” or “Add Non-Airtel number” to add family members to your plan.

3. How do I know my Airtel tariff plan?

  • Dial *121#
  • Choose the third option from the menu.
  • Next, choose the fifth option (My Tariff plan), your current Airtel tariff plan will be shown.

In Conclusion

The Airtel family and friends plan has amazing benefits. It gives you cheap call rates and longer calling times to stay connected to your loved ones. Isn’t that what we all want?

Airtel has made that all possible.

If you have any questions about the airtel family and friends tariff plan or any other Airtel service, please call 111. 

The call is free. Alternatively, you can go to any Airtel office in your area.

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