Capri Insurance Review | Why You Should Buy Your Farm Insurance from Capri

Capri Insurance Review

As part of our goal at OgaBTC, we want to help you make better financial decisions, and that is why we are offering this Capri Insurance review today. So read through and judge if you should be buying your insurance from the Capri Insurance Company.

There is an increasing need for insurance protection and coverage. As a result, Canada has witnessed the rise of insurance companies committed to providing insurance solutions, one of which is Capri Insurance Company.

Today, Capri Insurance has blossomed into an insurance company that caters to the insurance needs of Canadians with a particular focus on business insurance, home insurance, condo insurance, and most especially horse insurance. In this Capri Insurance review, I will be helping you see through the four walls of the Capri Insurance Company and the products they offer.

Like every other insurance company in Canada, Capri Insurance does not impose insurance solutions on potential policyholders. Instead, the company has a team of experts in underwriting and insurance that offer customers professional advice on the best insurance products they should purchase on close consideration of their needs and budgets.

Capri Insurance Review

Capri Insurance was founded in 1975 and has become a strong brand over the years when it comes to insurance. Capri Insurance has become the go-to insurance company for insurance policies relating to business, home, condo, and farming, with offices scattered in various locations around Canada. You will typically find Capri Insurance presence in Kelowna, Lake Country, Vernon, Kamloops, West Kelowna, Penticton, Prince George, and Aurora.

As I promised at the beginning of this Capri Insurance review, I will analyze Capri Insurance Company’s provisions. Hence, you are aware of the insurance products you can get from the company.

Capri Business Insurance

Business insurance is a crucial need for every company. Regardless of the company’s size, business insurance helps create the needed ease for the organization and protect business assets, employees, and revenue.

If you run a business in Canada, it is essential to get your business covered for a variety of the risk it is susceptible to, including property damage, professional service mistakes, data breaches, and more. The Capri business insurance policy covers the basic needs of every business, and if you are looking to buy one from Capri, you can do so either by

  1. Getting a quote and buying online or
  2. Speaking to a CapriCMW Risk Advisor

The first method of buying Capri business insurance is a 90 seconds process that involves requesting an online quote, filling in your details, and paying the required sum to get the insurance. Its partner broker, Bullfrog Insurance, sponsors the online quote process for Capri business insurance.

Alternatively, you can decide to speak to a CapriCMW Risk Advisor. Every risk advisor at Capri has specialized knowledge and expertise in local and international risks affecting businesses in every industry.

Speaking to any CapriCMW Risk Advisor will help formulate a customized solution depending on your business’s needs and budget. It is better to go with the latter option in getting the Capri business insurance policy than just filling a quote online.

Capri Auto Insurance

Auto insurance (or car insurance) is a mandatory requirement by the law for car owners in Canada. The primary purpose of car insurance is to protect you from the cost you will incur when you injure yourself or a third party with your car. It also covers the cost of damages to the vehicle or properties in the event of an accident.

No matter how diligent and careful a car owner is, accidents happen, and they could cost a fortune since they are not prepared for their occurrence. Even if you do your part in road safety and adherence to traffic rules, other drivers may not be as patriotic as you are. Hence, the need for auto insurance cannot be overemphasized.

With Capri auto insurance, Canadians get a discount when they purchase this insurance cover. However, eligibility comes with rules. To be eligible for Capri auto insurance discount, one must either be disabled, have ten years of experience driving, be senior (over 65 years old), and have recorded years of claims-free driving.

Moving on in this Capri Insurance review, let’s talk about the home insurance policy the company offers.

Capri Home Insurance

Home insurance provides coverage for the home against risks such as fire outbreaks, break-ins, vandalism, thefts, and more. The Capri home insurance policy protects your house, belongings, and detached buildings. The cover also protects additional living expenses you may incur when your home is undergoing repairs and personal liability concerns.

Getting a home insurance policy from Capri is by requesting a quote online. Other coverage options related to the Capri home insurance policy include water protection, which provides sewer backup, heavy rain, spring run-off, and overflow from lakes or rivers. In addition, there is the home-sharing insurance option which includes insurance when you rent your home through home-sharing networks like Airbnb and VRBO.

Suppose you are looking for home insurance that offers comprehensive coverage even to the items in the house during the event of a named peril. In that case, Capri home insurance is an excellent place to start searching.

Capri Tenant Insurance

Writing this section on this Capri Insurance review, I realized that Capri calls this insurance type tenant insurance. Still, it is a provision by most companies under the auspices of home insurance. Therefore, you may not see tenant insurance in the reviews of other insurance companies in Canada. However, some offer it as part of their home insurance policy.

The Capri tenant insurance policy highlights the need for protection over your belongings, even as a tenant. If your landlord has bought home insurance or landlord insurance for his home, it often does not cover your belongings in case of fire, flood, theft, or damage.

With the Capri tenant insurance policy, you get protection against lawsuits for accidental damage to your landlord’s property or accidental injury to someone who visits you. Additionally, policyholders enjoy an ‘Additional Living Expense (ALE)’, which covers the expense you may incur if you have to move out of your rented apartment temporarily.

Capri Condo Insurance

Insurance in Canada, like other parts of the world, has a lot of secrets, and certain companies are not as transparent as they present themselves. It will interest you to know that standard insurance policies do not cover your content, unit upgrades, and personal liability for your condominium.

On this note, Capri Insurance offers condominium insurance to offer Canadians customized insurance protection and coverage options for their condominiums. If you own a condominium or live in one, Capri condominium insurance is an excellent policy to insure your property and belongings while cushioning the effects of risks and damages.

Capri Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is arguably one of the most underrated but highly relevant insurance policies. The need for travel insurance significantly increased with the outbreak of COVID-19. However, certain countries have made it compulsory for visitors to own travel insurance before being granted visas to such countries.

Why do you need a travel insurance policy?

If you are traveling outside the country or your province, your healthcare insurance does not cover any risk you encounter while on transit or in your host location. But with travel insurance, you are insured from a broad spectrum of events. Therefore, it is surprising why one won’t have travel insurance before embarking on a trip.

The Capri travel insurance covers emergency medical and dental care, trip cancelation, delay and interruption, accidental death and dismemberment, rental car coverage, and much more. For example, one could fall sick while on foreign soil or incur expenses due to the cancelation or delay. These events and costs are taken care of when one has travel insurance, and Capri is an excellent place to get one.

Capri Life Insurance

Life insurance is another provision by Capri as we progress in this Capri Insurance review. The first thing you need to note is that Capri combines their life insurance with health insurance.

On the life insurance front, Capri Insurance offers protection for a policyholder and their family. It presents itself as a valuable investment vehicle and a brilliant opportunity to build a legacy that secures the future of loved ones after one is dead.

The health aspect of the Capri life insurance policy is that it provides coverage to help with recovery costs and loss of income after a life-altering illness. To get a life insurance cover from Capri, you will have to speak with one of their professional life insurance advisors.

Capri Cyber Insurance

Capri’s cyber insurance coverage is a rare package when compared to other cyber insurance companies in Canada. Insurance companies offer cyber insurance for businesses, SaaS companies, and organizations susceptible to data and cyber breaches. The cyber insurance coverage by Capri is on a personal basis.

It is designed to protect persons and families who access the internet from all forms of cyber breaches. According to, Canadians are among the most prominent internet users in the Americas, with over 33 million users.

From these statistics, over 96.5 percent of Canadians are internet users, which makes personal cyber insurance a necessity seeing the number of cyber breaches and the attendant losses they create. Furthermore, an IBM Security report stipulated that the average cost of a data breach in 2021 was $6.75 million per incident in Canada.

With these escalating figures and the continued rise in internet users, cyber insurance is a critical insurance policy, even personally. Capri cyber insurance protects from the financial impacts of identity theft, fraud, hacking, cybercrime, harassment, and cyberstalking.

Capri partners with BOXX Insurance to offer the Cyberboxx Home Edition to its clients in British Columbia, Yukon, and Ontario as part of its cyber insurance policy. The Cyberboxx Home Edition is designed to insure Canadians from the crippling consequences of a cyberattack, and it starts at $99/yr.

Capri Horse Insurance (Equine and Farm Insurance)

Ever heard of horse insurance?

I doubt you have seen it somewhere else aside from this Capri Insurance review.

Insuring horses is not something you see every day, but then the idea behind insurance is to secure protection against specific perils and the cost of damages. Horses and their owners face certain risks, and it is a commonplace to secure insurance for themselves and their animals.

Whether the horse is used for a sport or kept as part of a person’s collection of animals, both the horse and its owner are a susceptible risk. Therefore, it is essential to have horse insurance in place, and for Canadians, Capri Insurance offers this type of cover.

The Capri horse insurance policy is codenamed EquiCare, and it is a specialized suite of insurance products designed to protect policyholders from equine-related risks. Some of the products under EquiCare by Capri Insurance include horse mortality coverage, commercial equine liability, equine associations, clubs, horse shows, and equine & livestock trailers.

Getting the Capri horse insurance is as easy as requesting a quote and filling the online form. EquiCare by Capri Insurance is an important policy to acquire today if you have a horse or operate a farm.

Who Owns Capri Insurance

Capri Insurance was founded in 1975 by Doug Fraser, Trevor Tupman, Gordon Baughen, and Ev Rae. Today, Ev Rae and George Baughen are still working as owners of Capri Insurance. The insurance company has been and continues to exist as a partnership business model.

Capri Insurance Quote

If you have found an insurance policy while going through this Capri Insurance review and you would like to get a quote, you can do so by visiting or calling the number 1-800-670-1877. However, not all insurance policies by Capri can be purchased by filling a form to get a quote. That is why I have provided the Capri Insurance phone number, which is 1-800-670-1877.

Before I call it a wrap on this Capri Insurance review, you will find a list of Capri Insurance locations in Canada.

Capri Insurance Locations

Capri Insurance Locations

Capri insurance locations in Canada are 13 in total. The list below contains the address, phone numbers, and email addresses of these Capri Insurance locations in Canada. If you are looking for Capri Insurance near me, this section shows you the closest Capri branch close to you.

Capri Insurance in Aurora

In Aurora, Ontario, you will find Capri Insurance at 15221 Yonge Street, Aurora, Ontario L4G 1L8. The branch is open Mondays to Fridays from 8:30 am to 5 pm. Call the branch using the following telephone lines:

905-841-8200 and 1-888-394-3330.

Or send an email to

Capri Insurance in Burnaby

Located at 700-2025 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5C 0J3, the Capri Insurance branch in Burnaby opens from Mondays to Fridays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Their contact phone number is 604-294-3301, and their email is

Capri Insurance in Kamloops

Capri Insurance has two locations in Kamloops. The first is at Brock Shopping Center, 1800 Tranquille Road, Kamloops, BC V2B 3L9. To contact this branch, call 250-376-2281 or send an email to This Capri Insurance branch opens on Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm, while on weekdays, they are open from 9 am to 5 pm.

On the south side of Kamloops is the Tudor Village branch, located at 1315 Summit Drive, Kamloops, BC V2C 5R9. You can reach this branch via the number 250-828-2135 or by sending an email to Hours of operation are the same as the other branch on the Northside of Kamloops.

Capri Insurance in Kelowna

Kelowna has the highest number of Capri Insurance locations with four branches. First, the Capri Center branch is located at 117 – 1835 Gordon Drive, Kelowna, BC V1Y 3H5. This branch can be reached by calling the number 250-860-2426 or sending an email to The hours of operation in this Capri Insurance location in Kelowna is from 8 am to 6 pm from Mondays to Fridays. On Saturdays, this branch is open from 9 am to 5 pm.

The Hardy Street branch is located at 100 – 1500 Hardy Street, Kelowna, BC V1Y 8H2 and can be reached via 250-860-2426 or email at Next is the Orchard Park Mall branch. This Capri Insurance branch is located at 1325 – 2271 Harvey Avenue, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6H2 and opens every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. On Thursdays and Fridays, the branch begins from 10 am to 8 pm.

To contact the Orchard Park Mall branch, call 250-860-8741 or send an email to

Other Capri Insurance locations include Lake Country, Penticton, Prince George, Vernon, West Kelowna, Westbank, and Whitehorse.

Verdict on Capri Insurance

From this Capri Insurance review, it is clear that Capri Insurance is committed to providing business insurance, personal cyber insurance, equine & farm insurance, and travel insurance in Canada. Therefore, as an intending policyholder looking for any insurance as mentioned above, try Capri Insurance.

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