Top 10 Cleanest States in Nigeria

Cleanliness is a significant aspect in determining an area’s peacefulness. Without a doubt, this is one factor that people evaluate before staying or relocating to a new location. With so many different Nigerian states, have you ever considered which state in Nigeria is the cleanest and tidiest?

What rates a particular area is the way that they position structures and frameworks that affect environmental health. By and large, this is one critical assessment factor and a variable that is used to determine the ten cleanest states in Nigeria this 2021.


This article will give you a view of the neatest Nigerian states that are rated to be the cleanest. The following is a highlight of the top 10 cleanest Nigerian states which are viewed as being naturally well disposed and preferable to live in.


Being the most well structured place in the country, there is no doubt that the Federal Capital Territory – Abuja won’t be the cleanest state. Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria and by the virtue of this, it leads our rundown of the cleanest states in the country. One of the contributing factor is that the area in general is situated in a developed area that is insinuated by many as the most developed metropolitan area in the country. If you’re one day opportune to visit the city, you will see that much structures, designs and environmental health control has been given much attention. The well crafted roads and other physical systems adds to the development of the city and the state as a whole.

Another fact is that Abuja is the country’s seat of power and such has top government officials living in the capital city. This in like manner makes it a top place that cleanliness will always be maintained. Whether or not as a place of home or a place of place to get-away, Abuja has lots of good places to get a serene place for residence.


Following in the order of the top cleanest states in Nigeria is Akwa Ibom. This is additionally another perfect area where you can reside in the country. Located in the South-south region, the state is in a coastal area. At present, Akwa Ibom State is the leading oil-and gas producing state in Nigeria.

How is Akwa Ibom rated in terms of cleanliness? A look and survey of Uyo, the state’s capital city, you can see that the place is implied in various corners as the neatest city in Nigeria. The city has numbers of places with parts to look. The serenity and cleanliness of the city is one of things that attracts occupants, residents and foreigners.

Additionally, Akwa Ibom state was rated as the most cleanest state in Nigeria as as the year 2020. This report was given after an examination of the thirty-six states of the country.


Cross River is an adjacent state to the preceding state in the list. Also located in South-southern part of Nigeria, the state is a preferred destination in the country. Complimenting to the cleanliness factor, Cross River state hosts various tourist fascination, for instance, the Obudu Cattle Ranch and Tinapa Resort, a coordinated business zone, sea port and an air port terminal. With all these in mind, you can rate the state best if you would consider a good place to reside in Nigeria.

Additionally, the state’s capital, Calabar is a serene place for outing, where one wants to experience the ideal native life. There, you will experience a lot of tourist attractions and activities.


Enugu is loosely referred to as the ‘coal city state’. This is a result of the coal mining activities in the state. Located in the south-eastern part of the country, the state is the most cleanest in the region. Enugu city, the state capital has good road network similarly as forefront designs, buildings and retail plazas, which adds to her cleanliness.


Nigeria’s most industrialized state, Lagos doesn’t miss out in this list. It is clear that the state is the business capital of the country and moreover the focus of industries. Looking at how clean Lagos is, it can be seen that the state has clean metropolitan areas, for instance, Ikeja, Victoria Island, etc. Ikeja, the state’s capital, has well organized structures, residential areas, retail plazas and government residential areas. All these contributes to the fact that rank the state as one of the cleanest in the country.


Imo state is one to look up for, on the off chance that you are looking for a clean place in the country. Looking at the clean areas like Owerri, the state’s capital. The city is seen as a cool place live in. There are other good places to live in the state and feel the neatness. All these give Imo state a calm and serene view making it one of the neatest in Nigeria.


Ondo is one of the cleanest states in the country. Taking inference from the state’s capital, Akure, you can see the natural scene, good topography and on the whole, a serene place for people live in. Additionally, Akure has been taking on development stretches which has been effected by the government. This has been to improve the situation of the whole state. All these makes the Ondo state rank as one of the cleanest in Nigeria.


Kaduna state which is situated in the northern part of the country, is one of the neatest place. The state capital, Kaduna is a ideal city with all round top tier structures. This and many other frameworks in like manner has ensured the state a good place to live and visit.


Delta is a neat state in the south-southern part of the country. The state is rich in petroleum and it is believed that the resources generated from this has been put in developing the area. The state sees this as an important factor, thus making Delta state perhaps one of the neatest state in the country.


Rivers State is also in the list of the cleanest states in Nigeria. The state has a good number of well-structured urban areas which contributes to this fact. Places like Port Harcourt and Bonny Island stand out high in terms of cleanliness rating.  The state’s capital city, Port Harcourt is host to various industries and structures which promote environmental friendliness. The city holds awesome perspective on infrastructures and road developments.


In the course of this write-up, we highlighted the most cleanest states in Nigeria today. This includes the areas that promotes environmental friendliness and also has good development strides to complement this. Earnestly, the aforementioned states are ideal for residence if you are looking for a serene place in the country.

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