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Cowan Insurance Company Reviews

Flexible insurance that meets your needs – this is the brand quote you meet on the Cowan Insurance company website. The Cowan Insurance Company is a part of the Cowan Group of Companies, serving a broad range of insurance products from car insurance to life insurance to boat insurance and much more.

Business insurance is one of the insurance products that Cowan Insurance is known for. In this Cowan Insurance review, I will discuss the business insurance offer of Cowan Insurance and other insurance products the company is offering. Additionally, at the end of this Cowan Insurance review, I am optimistic you will find the necessary details to inform your decision of a prospective company to buy insurance.

Cowan Insurance Company Review 

Cowan Insurance Company was founded in 1995 and has offered Canadians top-notch business insurance policies. It is an independent insurance company that prides itself in its unique customer satisfaction policy, which gives premise to the growth of customers the company has recorded in recent times.

Prospective customers looking to buy any of the insurance products at Cowan will speak to the experts at the company who will guide them and walk them through getting an insurance product that is suitable for their needs and meets their pocket size. To give users personalized insurance coverage, Cowan Insurance ensures they understand a customer’s needs and, upon close consideration, offer the best available product option.

To progress in this Cowan Insurance company review, let’s look into the primary offering by the company – Business Insurance.

Cowan Business Insurance 

Cowan Business Insurance

Regardless of the size of a business, business insurance is a crucial insurance product. Small businesses and large corporations alike need to have business insurance to protect their company’s assets, employees, customers, vehicles, and more.

With the Cowan business insurance policy, Canadian businesses can enjoy insurance coverage and receive professional commercial advice from one of Canada’s foremost business insurance companies.

The Cowan business insurance policy comes with four coverage options. When you buy business insurance from Cowan, you enjoy the following:

  1. Asset Protection
  2. Revenue Protection
  3. Liability Protection
  4. Specialized Protection

Asset Protection 

For asset protection, the Cowan business insurance policy offers businesses protection for their buildings, equipment, stocks, and vehicles, etc. For example, if a business suffers from risks such as water or fire damage to its buildings, break-ins and vandalism, accidents, and stolen vehicles, the Cowan business insurance policy will handle the full coverage of any loss.

Revenue Protection 

Revenue protection, as part of Cowan’s business insurance policy, is rare in North America and the world. However, the revenue protection feature is offered to businesses in Canada. Signing up for the Cowan business insurance policy ensures that your company is insured from losses because of cyber-attacks.

According to, the losses recorded by cyber-crimes in 2020 amounted to about $4.2 billion. As these crimes have become prevalent, businesses need to own insurance policies that cover cyber risks, and Cowan’s business insurance policy is one of such policies in Canada.

Other aspects of the revenue protection feature of the business insurance by Cowan include surety bonds and trade credit insurance.

Liability Protection

Every business has customers, and when they come to a business premise, they hold the management responsible for anything that happens to them. Some of these customers may become angry and file liability charges against the company. These liabilities can be a daunting task for the company, no matter how big they are.  

Risks arising from slips and falls on business premises, privacy breaches such as unauthorized access to customers’ information, environmental liability, and injury or damage caused by products and services from a business are some of the liability protection concerns.

Specialized Protection

Employees are the most valuable assets of every business, and for a company to reach its full potential, it must take employee satisfaction seriously. One of the ways to ensure employee satisfaction is by providing insurance coverage at a professional level for every staff of your organization, and Cowan is the best company to help you do so as a business owner.

The Cowan business insurance policy offers specialized protection for professionals who provide advice to clients in the form of Errors and Omission (E&O) insurance, privacy breach and identity theft insurance, and directors & officers liability insurance. All of these ensures that a company’s employees are enjoying the satisfaction needed to be more productive.

Away from the Cowan business insurance, let’s look at other company provisions in this Cowan Insurance Company review.

Cowan Auto Insurance 

Cowan Auto Insurance

It is illegal to drive in Canada without auto insurance. Therefore, an auto insurance policy is essential not only for you as an automobile owner but other road users and commuters who may be victims when risks occur. Cowan auto insurance offers an excellent chance for Canadians to own coverage for their automobiles.

Depending on the option you choose, you can get auto insurance which covers the following events:

  1. Damage to someone else’s property, such as their car or city-owned property, such as street signs, light posts, etc.
  2. If you caused a car accident and third parties are injured, and you are deemed liable for compensating the injured parties
  3. Damage to your vehicle, which another party is to be held liable for.
  4. If you’re injured as a pedestrian or passenger in a vehicle that is not yours.
  5. Damage to your vehicle, which is no fault of yours.

Comprehensive auto insurance also covers damages to a vehicle caused by fire, theft or attempted theft, lightning, windstorm, hail, or flooding, falling or flying objects, such as trees, vandalism, such as smashed windows, or hitting an animal, and windshield damage or replacement.

Besides Cowan auto insurance, the company offers insurance for antique, classic, high-value vehicles, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, motor homes, commercial automobile, and garage automobile coverage.

Moving further in this Cowan Insurance Company review, let’s examine the company’s boat insurance policy.

Cowan Boat Insurance 

Cowan Boat Insurance

Cowan Insurance Group offers some of the most popular boat and yacht insurance plans in Canada. They offer coverage for boat owners across Canada. It is estimated that there are eight million boats in Canada, and even though boat insurance is not a legal requirement in Canada, the Cowan boat insurance policy comes with loads of benefits for boat owners.

Cowan Boat Insurance offers liability coverage for injury to passengers, including water skiers or tubers being towed by you. It also provides liability coverage for injury to third-party in the water or those abroad other watercraft. In addition, theft or damage caused by your boat are coverage options in the boat insurance by Cowan.

Other additional benefits of purchasing the Cowan boat insurance includes:

  1. Membership discounts for Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons (CPS-ECP)
  2. Flexible survey requirements
  3. Replacement cost on boats up to three years of age
  4. Available coverage for Southern cruise
  5. Not at fault – no deductible clause

Cowan Home Insurance

Cowan Home Insurance

The Cowan home insurance policy is open to landlords and persons living in rented apartments. Buying home insurance from Cowan not only insures the building but everything that is in it.

Whether you own or live in a rented apartment, condo, or cottage, the Cowan home insurance offers one of Canada’s most comprehensive home insurance packages.

Interestingly, when you pair your home insurance, auto insurance, and marine insurance from Cowan, the company offers a massive discount. In addition, home insurance is a cost-effective insurance cover for a home-based business.

Instead of the business buying business insurance, home insurance covers a large percentage of the business’s risks. However, this does not negate the need for a business insurance policy.

Cowan Pet Insurance – Petsecure 

Cowan Home Insurance

Pet illnesses can be costly. As a responsible pet owner who is aware of the expenses that come with owning pets, you want to do all that you can to avoid your animals falling sick. However, this is easier said than done since you cannot always predict when an accident will strike.

The Cowan pet insurance (Petsecure) provides peace of mind for you and your pets. Arguably one of the leading pet insurers in Canada, their products guarantee vet bill savings of up to 80 percent, allowing you to make the best decisions for your pet’s medical care.

With the Petsecure cover from Cowan, pet owners and their furry friends enjoy the following:

  1. Accident and illness coverage, including emergency care, diagnostics, x-rays, hospitalization, medication, and surgery
  2. Dental coverage, including annual cleanings and any problems with teeth or gums
  3. Customer benefits, including boarding and kennel fees, lost pet advertising, and holiday cancellation
  4. Special benefits, including alternative treatments, behavioral therapy, and medical devices
  5. Wellness coverage, including annual exam vaccinations, wellness profiles, and more

Who Owns Cowan Insurance

For most Canadians, Cowan is a Canadian-owned insurance company. However, Cowan is owned by Princeton Holdings, which also owns the Cowan Asset Management and Fountain Street Finance. Now to my promised Cowan Insurance company review.

Cowan Insurance Claims Process

Every good insurance company ought to have a solid claims process. If you want to invest your money in an insurance company, make sure their claims process is transparent, easily accessible, and reliable. These are the qualities of the Cowan Insurance claims process. The company offers one of the seamless claims processes one can find in Canada.

If you bought insurance from Cowan and have suffered any of the named perils covered by your insurance policy, you can access the Cowan Insurance claims process by visiting The Cowan Insurance claims process is available 24 hours, seven days, and representatives from the company are ever ready to work you through the steps to a successful claims process.

If you need help filing your claim, call the Cowan Insurance claims phone number on 1-866-912-6926. It is toll-free and always available.

Before I wrap up this Cowan Insurance Company review, I have listed a couple of branches in Canada. If you have found them worthy of being your insurance broker, the next section will show you how you can reach them.

Cowan Insurance Brantford

Brantford is located in the southern part of Ontario, Canada. Cowan Insurance Brantford is situated in the city’s heart at 225 King George Rd, Brantford, ON N3R 7N7. The hours of operation for Cowan Insurance Brantford are from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5 pm. Cowan insurance in Brantford is always close from Saturday until Sunday.

If you would like to contact any of the experts at Cowan Insurance Brantford, the contact details will come in handy.

Phone: 519-756-4200

Toll-free: 1-800-563-0000


Cowan Insurance Cambridge

Another location where Cowan can be found is at Cambridge, Ontario. Cowan Insurance Cambridge branch is located at 705 Fountain St N, Cambridge, ON N3H 4R7, Canada. The branch opens by 8:30 am and closes by 5 pm, Mondays to Fridays.

To contact the Cowan Insurance Cambridge branch, please call +1 519-650-6360.

Cowan Insurance Ottawa

Cowan is also located in Ottawa. If you live in and around Ottawa, Cowan Insurance Ottawa is located at 1420 Blair Towers Place, Suite 700 Ottawa, ON K1J 9L8. You can reach the branch via the following contact details:

Phone: 613-741-3313

Toll-free: 1-888-509-7797


The Cowan Insurance Ottawa hours of operation are the same as other branches – 8:30 am to 5 pm from Mondays to Fridays.

Cowan Insurance Toronto

Toronto also hosts a branch of Cowan Insurance Company. The Cowan Insurance Toronto branch is located at 330 Bay Street, Suite 1200 Toronto, ON M5H 2S8. You can call the branch using the number 416-913-7766.

Cowan Insurance Kitchener

If you stay in Kitchener, you can enjoy home insurance, business insurance, and auto insurance. However, the Cowan Insurance Kitchener only opens on Wednesday from 8:30 am to 5 pm currently. Therefore, you can visit the branch only on Wednesday to purchase any of the insurance mentioned above policies.

Cowan Insurance Kitchener is located at 151 Charles St W, Suite 100 Kitchener, ON N2G 1H6. Other details of the Cowan Insurance Kitchener branch are listed below:

Phone: 519-650-6360

Toll-free: 1-866-912-6926


Cowan Insurance London

The Cowan Insurance London branch does not open like every standard branch. It opens only on appointments. The branch only opens when someone decides to book an appointment to purchase an insurance policy.

Cowan Insurance London is located at 201 King St, 3rd Floor London, ON N6A 1C9. To book an appointment with the Cowan Insurance London branch, please call 519-913-2828 or 1-800-825-6669. Alternatively, you can send an email to

Cowan Insurance Paris

Paris in Canada is another lovely city where Cowan has set up a branch. The Cowan Insurance Paris branch is located at 3 Elm St., Unit 5 Paris, ON N3L 2L6. The branch is open from Mondays to Fridays from 8:30 am to 5 pm.

For inquiries, use the details below to contact Cowan Insurance Paris.

Phone: 519-442-6337

Toll-free: 1-888-559-4446


Cowan Insurance Stratford

If you live in Stratford, there is a Cowan Insurance Company branch in your neighborhood. However, the branch is currently closed and only opens virtually. To contact Cowan Insurance Stratford, you should call the number 519-271-1183 or send an email to

Cowan Insurance Stratford is located at 618 Huron St, Unit 4 Stratford, ON N5A 6S6.

Cowan Insurance Woodstock

Woodstock residents can purchase business insurance, car insurance, or home insurance from the Cowan Insurance Woodstock branch.

Cowan Insurance Woodstock is located at 573 Dundas St Woodstock, ON N4S 1C6. To reach the branch, call 519-537-2379 or email


Cowan Insurance Company is a preferred destination for business, home, car, boat, and pet insurance in the United States. The company has a large asset base, an attestation that they pay all claims as much as the facts of the events are verified to be true.

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