COWRYWISE REVIEW: Everyting You Need to Know

If you are looking for a digital platform to save and invest your funds, cowrywise is the best. They have over 220,000 users saving and investing their money daily, weekly, and monthly without issues. It also allows its users to invest their money in dollars mutual funds. In this article, you will be exposed to all features and products of cowrywise. So let’s move on to learn more about cowrywise.

Is Cowrywise Legit?

Cowrywise is a legit savings and investment platform insured by NDIC, the body that insures bank deposits. It has over 220,000 users, and it is trusted by its users. Funds saved and invested on cowrywise are secured by Meristem Trustees via a trustee Agreement.

Product of Cowrywise

cowryrise products are one of the best things that make its savings platform the best and the most used. With these products, you can easily save money and earn interest.  The products available on cowrywise include:

Regular Savings

The regular saving is a plan that enables you to save your money for a minimum of 3 months on cowrywise and receive interest. When you use the regular savings plan, you can activate the automatic savings feature and decide the amount of money you would like to save daily, weekly or monthly.

Savings Circle

The saving circle plan allows groups of friends, family, or associations to set targets and save towards their financial goals.

Life Goals

Life goals is a long-term savings plan that allows you to save money and receive amazing returns after the maturity date. Life goals also have an automated feature that allows you to save automatically daily, weekly, or monthly. The minimum period of life goals saving plan is one year, after which your money can be withdrawn. So if you are looking for a way to save without going back to withdraw the money, you can happily use this great savings plan.

Halal Savings

The halal savings plan is made for people who want to save their funds without receiving interest. It is a saving plan specifically made for Muslims, and other religions who believe receiving interest on money is a sin.

What is Cowrywise Stash?

The cowrywise stash is a virtual wallet that allows you to send and receive on cowrywise. With the stash wallet, you can transfer money from any bank using the stash account number via mobile banking or USSD. Another feature of the stash is that you can transfer money from it to your savings plan, investment plan, another cowrywise user, and your bank account.

How to Sign up on Cowrywise

To sign up on cowrywise, use the method explained below:

  • Visit the cowrywise website or download their app
  • Click on the get started button.
  • Input and submit your details (name, email, phone number)
  • Click on continue, then input your password
  • Tap the create account button to proceed.
  • You will be prompt to activate your email, check your inbox, and click on activate email to activate your account.
  • After the activation, click on sign in to access your dashboard.

How to Sign in on Cowrywise

Sign in to your cowrywise account by following the simple guide below:

  • Open your cowrywise app or visit their website
  • Click on the login icon/link
  • Input your email
  • Enter your password
  • Then click on the sign-in button to have access to your dashboard.

How to Withdraw on Cowrywise

To withdraw on cowrywise is very easy and doesn’t consume much time. With the quick and short info provided below, you can withdraw asap.

  • Log in to your cowrywise account (web or app).
  • Go to plan and select the wallet you want to withdraw from
  • Click on the withdraw icon on the wallet you select
  • Input the amount you want to withdraw and select the destination (bank or stach).
  • Enter the next maturity date for the plan, then click on withdraw to have your fund.

Cowrywise Interest Rate

The basic interest rate on cowrywise is 5% per annum to 12% per annum, though these interests are not accurate, you can always check using cowrywise interest calculator.

Cowrywise customer care

Did you have a complaint? Or did you want to ask questions about cowrywise investment plans? Kindly contact them or visit their office with the address supplied below.

Tel: 09030000857

Address: 5C, Rev. Ogunbiyi Street, GRA Ikeja Lagos State.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I Delete my Cowrywise Account?

If likely you are willing to delete or deactivate your cowrywise account for one reason or the other, kindly contact cowrywise customer care.

What is Cowrywise About?

Cowrywise is a savings and investment platform developed with the sole aim of making individuals cultivate the habit of savings. With cowrywise, you will earn interest on your savings and investment. You can save by locking your funds or setting a target on cowrywise, and you will receive interest on your money monthly during the savings period.

Is Cowrywise Insured?

Cowrywise is insured by the body that insures bank deposits. Funds deposit on this digital savings app is secured through a trustee partnership with meristem trustees, a firm regulated by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Is Cowrywise Approved by CBN?

The CBN does not regulate Cowrywise because it is not a bank. But it is regulated by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), a body that regulates investment platforms.

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