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Apex Legends Crypto

crypto apex legend


Crypto’s Background

Crypto Apex Legend is a well-known character in the Apex Games universe crypto who is the 10th legend in the apex games roster for gaming lovers. It first appeared in season 3 of the famed apex legends game.

Crypto, whose real name is Tae Joon Park, is playable as a Legend in Apex Legends game. Crypto, who was Framed for corporate cybertheft (espionage) and murder, was forced to abandon his life and identity because of this framing of his person, and in the process, changed his identity to Crypto. Crypto meaning “hidden,” “secret,” and is used in the formation of compound words (cryptography).

Crypto is a competitor in the Apex legends Game under the moniker(nickname), “Surveillance Expert.”

Crytpo has a specialization in secrets, how to uncover them, and how to keep them pretty. Crypto is a brilliant hacker and an encryption expert; Crypto uses aerial drones to spy operations on its opponents in the Apex Arena without being seen.

Crypto had a foster sister Mia Alexander. They both were Orphans raised on the streets of Suotamo.

They both became computer engineers escaping a life of squalor in that process; Crypto and his sister designed drones that transmitted the Apex Games all over the Outlands.

But on a particular day, Tae Joon(Crypto) disappeared together with him on that disappearance was a vital company secret, and his sister Mia equally vanished in mysterious and violent circumstances afterward. Crypto meanwhile claimed not to have had contact with Mia, and the case has remained unsolved.

Since his debut in the apex games seasons 3, Crypto has undergone several updates to season 9, and be sure that he will continue to get updates with more seasons been developed and built.


Crypto’s Abilities

Crypto has tactical abilities which are performed using the surveillance drone;

when using the tactical knowledge of Crypto, you get to deploy an aerial drone that allows you to view the surrounding area from above. If the drone is destroyed by chance, you have a forty seconds cooldown lag before you can deploy another drone.

Crypto’s ability kit revolves around his tactical ability, ‘Surveillance Drone’; hence it is essential to know how and when to deploy the drone; you should also know that Crypto is vulnerable while using his drone view.

It is necessary that you utilize the drone to scout the surrounding area always or often for enemy squads and get their exact position; this information you can use to prepare and plan an organized push or make a quick escape when needed.

Crypto’s Surveillance Drone is critical and incredibly useful for scouting enemy squads; this includes even when you can’t see them. This is achieved by flying your drone up to one of the digital banners, where it will show you exactly how many enemy squads are in the area.

Crypto can now open and scan care packages with his drone following his update in the release of season 9. This allows the player and the player’s squad to check if there’s anything worth inside the loot drop instead of wasting any time collecting items they do not need.


Crypto has a passive ability which is displayed using the neuro link;

The enemies detected by the Surveillance Drone when in use within 30 meters distance of your position as the player are marked for you and your teammates to see.

Crypto has an ultimate ability which is displayed using the drone EMP;

Your Surveillance Drone is used to set off EMP blasts that deal with with shield damage, slow enemies, and disables set traps. Crypto takes shield damage from the EMP. Teammates are only slowed.

Crypto’s Ultimate ability is the perfect ability to use before engaging in an aggressive push.

The position of the EMP can be controlled via Crypto’s drone, making it possible to use from a distance. This makes the drone EMP ability incredibly effective before an orchestrated push with the playing team.

After deploying the EMP, an enemy squad should be sufficiently weakened, giving the player and their teammates a huge advantage. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that Crypto’s EMP has a 180-second cooldown, so you would want to use it wisely when playing.


Insights From The Dev Team And Gamers on Crypto

Crypto, though well known, is a less popular apex Legend, and it isn’t such a bad thing, as he fulfills a niche purpose he built and developed for the off-metta pick.

Apex legend fans want a Crypto to rework after seeing what Valkryie’s capable of in the game from words going round in gaming circles.

Respawn, the Dev team behind Crypto is “working actively on” ways to make him more popular with Apex Legends players, with a special focus on his ‘Surveillance Drone,’ which is where his other abilities revolve around.

Crypto would be your legend of choice among apex roster legends, as Crypto is a legend that’s always one step ahead of the enemy. This, of course, is because we are talking about Crypto, the Surveillance Expert.

Crypto has a superb unique kit and is not like any other Legend on the Apex roster. Crypto’s ability to scout ahead and maintain an awareness of the immediate environment can be the most incredible tool in the right player’s hands.


Tips and Tricks of Crypto;

1. Crypto’s drone can collect squadmate’s banners

2. Crypto’s drone makes Crypto the best Apex Legend on the roster for recovering player banners.

3. Crypto can collect fallen teammates’ banners using his Surveillance Drone. This ensures that he has the most consistent mode of recovering player banners out of Legend on Apex’s roster of legends.

4. Crypto has the special ability to use his drone to collect banners that are not within the radius of the area debited as a safe area; this is possible because Crypto’s drone is not affected by ring damage.

5. Crypto can use his drone to revive his allies at the respawn beacons with no charge-up time.

6. Do not overuse your surveillance drone, as it can lead to the downfall of Crypto; as fantastic and useful as Crypto’s surveillance drone is, it can also be the reason Crypto falls; hence its underwhelming legend reputation.


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