GetEquity improving how you invest

Are you an investor who is searching for other co-investors that you can share your vision with? Are you a founder of a startup that need capital to run his or her startup? Are you scared of your startup not dying because of a lack of access to the market? GetEquity has designed a solution for you.

About GetEquity

Get Equity is a private marketplace for companies and investors to trade digital assets and securities privately and securely. Get Equity provides a platform that allows enterprises or companies to digitalize and tokenized their assets. It helps create liquidity for the assets by connecting them to investors and syndicate who can buy and sell their assets.

Get Equity was created to grow, support and expand the present startup ecosystem. A lot of viable companies, unfortunately, die at the startup stage, not because of lack of execution or the founder’s drive, but because there is little or no access to working capital for many of them.

Get Equity to remediate this issue creates a venture capital ecosystem that allows you to raise capital form the public for your startup. As well as venture funds, sell shares by connecting you to investors who will become co-owners.

As an individual investor, Get Equity allows you to find, create, automate and diversify investment portfolios by giving you access to new investment opportunities, trade in digital and security assets. It goes ahead in giving you access to invest in local SMEs and to improve liquidity effortlessly. Additionally, it gives you a front row to the best deals on the digital market. Furthermore, it helps you to effectively manage your investor relations.

Is it free to use GetEquity?

The answer is both Yes and No. Let me break it down for you. Get Equity offers both a free and premium (Paid) system.  For startup looking to raise funds through this platform, a fee is been accrued to them. Also, a fee is been charged for you to access some restricted and premium features on the platform. Furthermore, a minimum amount of money is charged for a trading fee. Apart from that, no charges are being accrued.

How much can I invest In GetEquity?

There is no specific amount stipulated by Get Equity. But Get Equity recommend that you have a minimum of $100 to $1000 for each opportunity. This is because each investment platform or syndicate have their own specific minimum fee for the investment.

Please note that before you invest, try and carefully read documents especially each company’s investment memo, as startup investments can be very risky.

Why should I use GetEquity?

As an individual, Get Equity will help connect you to investment opportunities seamlessly. It does not only connect you. It goes further in the automatizing and tokenization of your assets as well as managing your investor relations.

And as a founder of a startup. It gives you a reliable platform to easily raise funds from the public without going through too many technicalities.


Get Equity has come to stay. As a digital investor, Get Equity is a platform you must get conversant with. You won’t want to lose your money in investment.

Go join Get Equity and rule your world with your money by making wise investment choices. To get started, you can connect them on





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