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Gramfree Sign Up | How to Create a Free Gramfree Account

Gramfree Sign Up

Today I am going to be reviewing an online money-making platform. It is Gramfree, and I will be walking through the Gramfree sign up, sign in, and login process. I will also show you how to make money using Gramfree and answer questions that border around the platform, such as ‘Is Gramfree legit?’

There has been a massive creation of online platforms designed to help people make money online in the last three years. They have all recorded an enormous amount of traction, and that is no surprise considering the economic breakdown in the country. Unfortunately, however, many of these money-making platforms have been schemes by fraudsters who want to play fast on gullible Nigerians.

Every platform seems to let everyone know they are legit and users can make money from them. However, as these platforms continue to be created with no exact metric to tell how legit they are, it has become a daunting task to ascertain the legitimacy of platforms. The goal of this Gramfree sign up article is to show you how to tap from the wealth in Gramfree and to provide answers to the question of is Gramfree legit?

If you are ready, let’s journey.

How Does Gramfree Work

Gramfree is one of the legitimate make money online platforms available to Nigerians and other parts of the globe. It is a digital application designed to be secure, fast, flexible and capable to process millions of transactions every second. It was developed to compete against Ethereum smart contracts as well as decentralized applications, and is extremely adaptable.

As a private permissioned blockchain network, Gramfree offers the fastest execution times over public blockchains that are permissionless since they are based on a smaller amount of carefully selected and reliable verifiers instead of requiring the agreement of a huge number of “anonymous” nodes, which must be verified using clever algorithms.

Gramfree features the mining of a cryptocurrency called Gram. Reckoned for its speed, Gram is more efficient than Bitcoin or Ethereum-based contracts and may even surpass Visa or MasterCard in terms of transaction speed. We’re talking about more than one million transactions per second using Gram, that’s how fast and efficient Gram can be.

The principle on which Gram’s speed is founded is in making transactions run parallel to each other while separating data into smaller blockchains that are connected to each other. Before I walk you through the Gramfree sign up process as I promised earlier, let me unveil some Gramfree features that are worthy of note.

Gramfree Features

It is important to go over these details before we jump into the Gramfree sign up process. One of the reasons why Nigerians have fallen for a lot of fake platforms in recent times is because they are often in a rush to get on the platform and start earning without proper investigation into the legitimacy of the platform.

I am taking my time to discuss these Gramfree features and the Gramfree sign up process so that you can be sure you are signing up for a legitimate platform and not some get rich quick schemes that would wind up once they have defrauded users enough.


If you do not always look out for security when you are making use of a platform, it is important to start doing so from now. Security is paramount as you are inputting your details when you sign up for these platforms. You may not be aware of the amount of security risk this could be. However you must be careful not to have your details on a malicious platform or one that is subject to attacks.

As for Gramfree, it was created by Telegram and that alone is a guarantee of its security. Telegram is a social networking platform that is upsetting Mark Zuckerberg’s WhatsApp. One of the major causes of Telegram upsetting WhatsApp is the fact that the former is more secured and does not have as much privacy concerns as the latter.

With that, it is safe to say that Gramfree by Telegram is secure and your details are safe.


Like I said earlier, Gram which is the cryptocurrency token by Gramfree is reckoned for its speed. Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are the world’s biggest crypto platforms do not compare with the speed Gram operates. Gram’s speed is such that more than a million transactions can be performed simultaneously per second.

Gramfree was able to achieve this level of speed by ensuring that transactions are run parallel to each other and data is separated into smaller blockchains allowing some form of interaction. With Gram, speed is not compromised.


The rise of Bitcoin had several factors one of which is the anonymity it offers users. Other cryptocurrencies that followed Bitcoin had the same level of privacy such that a person can make a transfer and their account cannot be traced or tracked.

Gramfree is among the hundreds of cryptocurrency platforms that have incorporated that level of privacy, ensuring that transactions and identities are on anonymous levels.

Now to one of the biggest questions on Gramfree sign up – is Gramfree legit?

Is Gramfree Legit?

Yes. Gramfree is legit. There have been countless proofs that the platform does pay and Nigerians have a reason to believe that there are legitimate make money online platforms for them.

Is Gramfree Free?

Yes. Gramfree is free. The name already suggests it is not a paid platform. To use Gramfree, you do not need to pay a subscription or investment fee. Once you complete the Gramfree sign up process, you can begin earning with the platform.

Now to the crux of this article – Gramfree sign up. I will be showing you the Gramfree sign up process with which you can create a Gramfree account.

Gramfree Sign Up: How to Create a Gramfree Account

Creating a Gramfree account is free and easy. To create a Gramfree account, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Gramfree sign up page. You can click here to access it
  2. When the page loads, click on ‘Sign Up and you will be taken to a new page
  3. You are at liberty to choose a Gramfree Sign up method which could be Facebook or Gmail

How to Sign Up on Gramfree Using Facebook

You can use your Facebook account to register for a free Gramfree account. All you have to do is select ‘Continue to Facebook’ from the Gramfree registration page. When you select that, you will see a screen like the one below. At this point, you only need to click on the ‘Continue As’ button which is what you will see if you have logged in to Facebook on that device.

How to Create a Gramfree account with Facebook

If you have not logged in to Facebook, you will be required to do so and when that is done, you have successfully created a Gramfree account and would be automatically logged in to it. Cheers.

How to Sign Up on Gramfree Using Email

To sign up for a Gramfree account using email, when you see the screen above, click on the ‘Continue to Gmail’ button and you will see a screen like the one below with a list of the Google mails you have signed in to your device.

How to Create a Gramfree account with Gmail

Click on any of the emails you have or on ‘Use another account’ if the email you want to use is not registered on that device. Once you sign in to the email account or choose from the list of emails you have signed in, you will be automatically logged in to your Gramfree account which looks like the screen below.

Gramfree Dashboard

How to Earn Grams on Gramfree

Gramfree is a platform to make money online and to do this, they allow users to earn Grams and they do this for free. It is these Grams earned that are converted into actual currencies when you withdraw them. Hence to make money on Gramfree, you must earn Grams.

There are a couple of ways to earn Grams on Gramfree. They include:

  1. Referring other users
  2. The free ‘Roll’ feature
  3. Clicking uploaded videos
  4. Uploading videos about Gramfree
  5. Participating in Gramfree lotteries
  6. Daily signing and confirming Smart Contracts

How to Earn Grams by Referring Others to Gramfree

Gramfree allows you to refer people to join the platform. They give you a referral link and when people use your referral link to sign up on Gramfree, you earn 5 Grams which is equivalent to $10. To access your Gramfree referral link, click on ‘Referral’ on your Gramfree dashboard and you will see a box containing your referral link.

Gramfree Referral

Copy it and share it to earn 5 Grams when anyone signs up with it.

How to Earn Grams with the Free ‘Roll’ Feature

The ‘Roll’ feature is another way to earn on Grams on Gramfree. Users are allowed to have one roll in 60 minutes and depending on the lucky number they get can earn between 0.1 to 1000 Grams. To earn Grams with the ‘Roll’ feature, click on ‘Free’ in your Gramfree dashboard.

On the new screen, you will see messages of persons who are winning Grams using this feature. Scroll down and at the bottom left corner, you will see a button with the message ‘Roll! >>’. Click on the button and you will get the corresponding Gram(s) for any lucky number you are given.

I have compiled the list of Gramfree lucky numbers and the payout for each that is the equivalent Gram you would be getting if your roll falls in that range.

Gramfree Lucky Numbers and Payouts

[table id=3 /]

What this means is that if you get from 1 to 980, you will be given 0.1 Gram while from 981 to 993 will give you 1 Gram. 994 to 997 will give you 10 Grams, 998 to 999 will give you 100 Grams, and getting 1000 will give you 1000 Grams.

What are Gramfree Smart Contracts?

You will notice there is something like smart contracts on your Gramfree dashboard. If you do not know what they mean, I will be explaining them in a bit.

Gramfree smart contract is a protocol intended to enable the performance of credible transactions without third parties. The transactions are irreversible, publicly auditable, and structured to prevent fraud. The aim of smart contracts is to provide security that is superior to traditional contract law and to reduce other transaction costs associated with contracting. Additionally, various cryptocurrencies have implemented types of smart contracts.

What is Gramfree Minimum Withdrawal?

To withdraw money from Gramfree, you must have earned up to 500 Grams. The minimum Gramfree withdrawal limit is 500 Grams and until you get to that threshold, you would not be allowed to make any withdrawals. You can withdraw more than 500 Grams and not less than this amount.

How to Withdraw Your Gramfree Earnings

Gramfree will not be a legitimate platform if it does not allow users to withdraw their earnings. To withdraw your earnings from Gramfree, on your Gramfree dashboard, click on ‘Withdrawal’ and choose any of the payment methods which includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, MasterCard, VISA, PayPal, M-PESA, American Express, Payoneer, Payeer, Skrill, Neteller, and ecoPayz.

How to Withdraw Gramfree Earnings

When you choose the payment method you would like to withdraw your Gram with, enter the details of that payment method, the amount of Grams you would like to withdraw, and click ‘Withdraw’.

It will take a couple of days before you will be credited, let’s say two to three weeks after your withdrawal request, but you are certainly going to get your money.

Final Thoughts on Gramfree Sign Up | How to Create a Gramfree Account

Gramfree offers an easy way to earn money. Once you create a Gramfree account, you can earn Grams for free by referring your friends, using the ‘Roll’ feature, clicking uploaded Gramfree videos, and uploading videos of Gramfree which should be more than one minute and not more than two minutes.

I am sure you found value. Share this post with your friends so they can earn as well. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know about them in the comment box.

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