Honeygain.io Scam Or Legit? Honey gain 2022 Review

By sharing your internet, you can make money online using this app. Now, people can utilize their unused data plans to the fullest and use all of their data! It’s a really effortless passive income!

Honeygain.io Scam Or Legit
Honeygain.io Scam Or Legit

Honeygain.io Scam Or Legit

How safe is Honeygain?

Is it secure? Yes! Your safety is crucial. They know their partners just as well as the queen bee knows her bees!

They don’t collect any information from their customers. They will only have the information required to provide the service. Your IP address, preferred payout methods, and email address are all included in this.

How much is the payout currently?

Regarding default network sharing

For every 10MB of traffic that passes through you, you will receive 1 credit. Consequently, you will receive 1 USD for every 10 GB.

If it’s possible in your area, for content delivery:
Post to earn the most money. For each hour that Content Delivery is operating and active (not “In Queue”), you will receive 6 credits.

 Is Honeygain a scam?

Depending on how you define a scam. It fails to live up to its promises. When you connect into your account, a “GPU process” that I can only presume is a cryptocurrency miner is running on the dashboard.

They don’t claim to do this, thus in my opinion, it’s a scam. It’s also a truth that they don’t inform you that GPU processes are running in your browser, but they do so anyway, most likely cryptocurrency miners.


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