How To Create An Effective SEO Strategy Plan In 2023

Do you want to know how to create an effective SEO strategy for your business?

Are you a small business owner seeking ways to generate leads, sell your products and scale up your business?

In this concise piece, discover some of the proven strategies and SEO best practices to implement in your business.

How To Create An Effective SEO Strategy Plan

How to Create a Powerful SEO Strategy

Many business owners get frustrated after trying so many things to grow their business, and nothing seems to yield positive results.

Well, as popularly said, you can’t expect to do the same thing over and over again and expect the same results.

The same applies to your business.

It’s time to change your business’s SEO strategy to be more effective and result-driven.

However, before then, let’s take a brief look at what SEO entails.

What is SEO?

Well, SEO means search engine optimization, and by this, we mean optimizing your business so that it gets in front of the right people, your target audience.

It involves optimizing your business’ online content so that your business can easily be found when people search for certain keywords related to your business.

Also, there are basically three types of SEO, they include;

  • On-page SEO – involves optimizing your website pages and content (such as blog posts) for better rankings.
  • Off-page SEO– has to do with activities you do off your website to promote your business, such as sharing your content on social media, backlinking, etc.
  • Technical SEO– involves optimizing your website and server to improve organic rankings making it easy for search engines to crawl and index your website.

Now let’s discover some of the best SEO practices you can incorporate into your business.

How To Create An Effective SEO Plan

Steps for a Solid SEO Strategy

1. Analyze your Business’s Current SEO Performance

This has to do with analyzing how good or bad your business’ SEO performance is at the time.

Are you getting more or less organic traffic?

Is there more or less engagement on your social media platforms?

What are your rankings for specific keywords?

Analyzing these insights and other related data will provide you enough information you need to develop a better SEO strategy for your business.

Whether your business insights are good or totally bad, there’s always something you can do to improve the results you get.

Hence, analyzing your business SEO performance will help you identify what you’re doing right or wrong.

2. Set SEO Your Goals

Using the information you’ve gathered above, it’s time to set the goals for what you want to achieve with your business’s SEO activities.

Do you want to come up in more organic searches?

Or you want more people to visit the physical location of the business.?

Identify what you want to improve in your business SEO practices and include them in your goals.

Thereby helping you create an effective SEO strategy for your business.

3. Check your Competitors to Get Ideas

After analyzing your business’ SEO performance and setting the goals for what you want to achieve, it’s always nice to check in on the competition.

Check on your competitors to see some of their strategies and gather more information on some of the best SEO practices you could include in your business.

Also, it would help you identify the kind of engagements they get on their site.

Thereby giving you ideas on specific keywords related to your business that you could focus on for more engagement on your site.

Tools like can help you with the kind of information you need to create an effective SEO strategy for your business.

4. Improve Your Content Strategy

Another thing you could do to create an effective  SEO strategy for your business is to develop a better content strategy.

This could involve focusing on long-tail keywords and cluster content.

Cluster keywords are keywords that could be further developed into sub-topics and topic series.

Improving your content strategy will lead to more positive results from your business’s SEO strategies/activities.


How can I improve my business SEO strategy

Overall, your business SEO performance is something you’ll often have to review to see how you can do better.

Hence, there’s no one size fits all SEO strategy that you can create for your business.

However, it’s best to always keep up with the latest SEO trends for a more effective SEO strategy and better rankings.

Before you go, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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