How To Download ESPN Videos To Your Computer

ESPN Videos to Download – Hundreds of games from all sports and all over the world are available on ESPN. You can watch anything from football to baseball to skiing and curling right here.

Because streams are intangible and won’t last forever, you might want to download those crucial games from ESPN.

Download ESPN Videos

Although ESPN+ is only $5 per month, there is no guarantee that material will be available from one day to the next. If you really must keep anything for future use, the only alternative is to download it. Because streaming services routinely remove content and replace it with fresh, it’s critical to keep track of it.

Downloading content from streaming sites is almost always against their terms of service, and it’s absolutely unethical. Nonetheless, we believe in information freedom. It’s absolutely up to you what you do with that information!

When downloading videos from ESPN or anywhere else, you have options. A website, an app, a downloadable software, or a screen recorder can all be used.

Websites or screen recorders are frequently recommended because they do not require installation and provide significantly more security than an app or install. However, you may hold a different opinion.

How To Download ESPN Videos

One thing to keep in mind when downloading ESPN videos is that streaming services are constantly fighting us to prevent us from downloading their content. While all of these alternatives are functional right now, they may not be functional in a month or two. Because everything takes place on a computer, screen recording is normally possible, but apps and programs may not.



FetchFile is a web application created exclusively for downloading ESPN content. It’s a web downloader that requires the video URL but otherwise makes quick work of downloading a game or any of ESPN’s many features. You’re OK to go as long as you can get the URL.

  • Go to FetchFile by clicking here.
  • Copy and paste the URL from the ESPN video into the box.
  • Select Video Download and wait for the site to recognize it.
  • If available, choose a video format and quality before downloading.

This could take a few minutes or longer, depending on the time of day and the size of the video. Because the site appears to be busiest on weekends and early evenings, it’s best to attempt outside of those hours. Aside from that, this site successfully downloaded all five of my test films.



Another website dedicated to ESPN videos is VidPaw. It downloads from ESPN using the same method as FetchFile, the video URL. This page will automatically download an MP4 file, which provides the best balance of size and quality while also being the quickest.

  • Go to VidPaw by clicking here.
  • Copy and paste the ESPN URL into the box in the center.
  • Choose Download.
  • The download speed varies depending on the website’s or ESPN’s popularity. Weekends appear to be busier than other times, but I tried early evenings just in case and found them to be acceptable.

Using a screen recorder, you may capture ESPN videos

While these services do a good job of obtaining ESPN footage, the streamer and these websites play a never-ending game of cat and mouse. If either of the above stops working, the developers will most likely find a workaround, but it will take time. In the interim, you might simply record the action on your screen.

Both Windows 10 and Mac OS X have a built-in screen recorder. I’ll explain how to use Windows because that’s what I do. The final product will be similar to, but not identical to, MP4 quality. However, it should suffice for the majority of applications.

Prepare the video for taping in ESPN.
By pressing the Windows key + G, you can access the Windows Game Bar.
If the Game Bar prompts you, select ‘Yes, this is a game.’ As far as I can tell, it doesn’t matter if it’s a game or not.
Start recording in the bar, or press Windows key + Alt + R on your keyboard.
In ESPN, play the video.
To record the entire video, you’ll need to play it through once, but once you’re done, you can save it to MP4 and keep it for as long as you like.

Those are the most dependable methods I’m aware of for downloading ESPN videos. They’re also the most secure.

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