How To Get Back/Retrieve Lost NECO Result/Certificate

How To Get Back Lost NECO Certificate – You will agree with me that there are thousands of students out there; searching through the web to know the steps they can take to also recover their lost NECO result/certificate and that is the main reason I put up this article to answer all questions as regards getting a new NECO Certificate. So, if you lost your NECO result or NECO certificate, and you want to know the steps to get it back, this tutorial will of no doubt guide you.

First, it is important to note that NECO will not give you original Certificate when you misplaced the first original copy given to you. In other words, what you will given is the statement of result. Although it’s not something very different from the original NECO Certificate you were first given and the sweet part is that it’s well recognized just as the usual NECO Result/Certificate and accepted by all Universities.

Another thing you should note is that, Although NECO has not officially launch the process for recovering lost NECO result/certificate. Thus, the guides i am going to show you here were not actually officially certified by the National Examination Commission (NECO). However, this information was gotten from students and people who have been able to recover their lost NECO Result/Certificate including me. So when I say this, I can proudly tell you once you follow my steps in this article, then you will get your NECO Certificate back easily.


It will cost you about N20,000 to recover your lost NECO result/certificate in any nearest WAEC office. It is important this money be paid before they will give you a date to come back and collect the result which may take up to 3 – 6 Months or less.


Before I proceed to the steps for recovering lost NECO result/certificate, here are some important requirements for retrieving your result:

  1. A print out of your NECO grades online through NECO website. To print this, you need your NECO registration number.
  2. A police extract from any police station in Nigeria.
  3. Affidavit for collection of attestation of result. 
  4. Your recent passport photographs (At least 5).
  5. N20,000 to be paid for retrieving the certificate.
  6. Your birth certificate/certificate of birth.


Follow the steps below to recover your lost NECO results/certificate:

  • First, your have to reprint your NECO grades using your NECO registration number. Use the link below:
  • Next, go any police station in your area and request for a police transcript. You may be asked to pay for it. So please go with some money.
  • Get an affidavit from any high Court in Nigeria and proceed to the NECO office to the school where you took your NECO examination.
  • When you get to the NECO office, tell any of the officers there that you lost your NECO certificate and you want to retrieve it or get an Attestation of Result.
  • Now, you will be asked to provide all the requirements i have already mentioned. Do that and make sure they disclose to you the time for collection of the certificate.

That is simply how you can retrieve your lost NECO certificate without any problem.

Tips for Recovering Your NECO Result/Certificate

If you have lost your NECO result or certificate, there are a few things you can do to try and recover it. First, contact the NECO office directly and ask if they can help you locate your missing result or certificate. They may be able to give you some advice on where to look or how to go about getting a replacement.

If you are unable to locate your NECO result or certificate through the NECO office, there are a few other options you can try. You can contact your school or college and ask if they have any record of your NECO results. If you took the exam at a testing center, you can also contact them to see if they have any information on your results. Finally, you can check with the Nigerian Embassy in your country to see if they have any records of your NECO results.

If you still cannot find your NECO result or certificate, you may need to consider getting a replacement. You can do this by contacting the Nigerian Embassy in your country and asking for a new copy of your certificate. You will likely need to provide some documentation proving your identity and proving that you took the NECO exam. Once you have everything in order, the embassy should be able to provide you with a new copy of your certificate.


Basically there is no much difference between the two. The only difference is in the title of the two documents. While NECO certificate is titled “NECO certificate“, the attestation of result is titled differently.

More so, as regards whether “NECO attestation of result” can do everything the original result can do, the answer is Yes. NECO attestation of result can be used to do everything the original can do. So don’t panic. You don’t have any problem.

Yeah! This is all i know about retrieving lost NECO result/certificate for now. I enjoin to follow this tutorial step by step and you will be able to get back your NECO certificate as well. If have any problem at any point, don’t hesitate to contact me or send your questions through the comment section.

More so, if you followed these steps and you were able to recover your lost NECO result, kindly comment below so that others can follow the steps you followed.

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