How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2022 – 19 Realistic Ways

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

There are many ways to make money in Nigeria. Some are legal why some are illegal. This method of making money online in Nigeria that I listed here is not tricky. With your smartphone or pc, you can start an online business and make money passively.

In this article am going to explain 19 ways to make money online in Nigeria. So if you want to know the amazing way to make money in Nigeria, proceed to see the secret reveal below.


If you are thinking about making money online, I suggest you choose to blog first because it is a kind of online business that rewards bloggers with high profit. Writing informative articles and publishing them on the web is a great way to make money online.

One of the ample opportunities in blogging is that it doesn’t require significant capital to get started. To start a blog, you can sign up with, which will help you host your site for free or use WordPress.

Graphic design

Graphic design is another way of making money online; it uses visual elements like image, text, shapes, and color to communicate. It is a type of business that doesn’t require large capital. With your smartphone and knowledge about graphic design, you can start making a considerable income online. 

For instance, the current Pepsi logo was designed by a graphic designer, and he collected $1,000,000 for it. So if you are thinking of a way to make money online, I suggest you learn graphic design and start driving massive amounts of cash.

Ebook publishing

This might sound boring, but clear your thought and doubt about this, ebook creating and publishing is an online money-making business that many people don’t know about. It is a kind of business that requires you to sell what you know and earn a high income.

If you go to amazon, warrior plus, and other platforms where digital products are sold, you will see a lot of ebooks stored and labeled with different prices in dollars. However, ebook publishing is not a complex task; if you are willing to make it your source of income, all you need is a mobile phone or pc, download WPS or Microsoft word to create a pdf after that, you can now list it on platforms to sell and make money daily.


If you are willing to start a business, I suggest you select selling and buying cryptocurrency. The demand for this business is high, making it a profitable online business. Furthermore, many people are willing to purchase cryptocurrency, so if you can seize the opportunity of selling new tokens to them, you will earn massively.    


Creating and publishing videos on youtube is an excellent idea because it will massively boost your income. Though you can earn on youtube if you reach the requirement, but there are other ways to earn on it.

I have seen a lot of people making over $10,000 from youtube monthly just by updating people about the latest information. The great benefit of youtube is that its earning ability is not limited to the youtube monetization program alone; you can earn by helping a company review products or earn doing affiliates.


Content writing is one of the businesses with high demand on Upwork, Fiverr, and other freelance websites. It is a type of online business that requires writing content for business and getting paid. If you know how to write, I suggest you start this business and if you don’t, kindly go to youtube to watch free courses or buy courses on udemy.


Being an SEO expert means understanding the search engine and helping companies create awareness with your skill. The demand for this business is high because many companies want to come to the limelight and make more profit online and offline. To make this possible, they need an SEO expert that will help them promote their products to their target audience. So if you are looking for a business you can do to make money online, I suggest you start an SEO business.


Helping students do their homework or teaching them online is another excellent method of earning online. With this online tutor, you will earn per hour, and the number of students you take will determine your income. You can earn upto $200 daily with this kind of business. 

Websites like and course hero offer this kind of service. So if you are thinking of ways to make money online, I suggest becoming an online tutor.


Setting up a website to sell your products or other people’s product is a great way to make money online. It is a kind of business that will accrue your income daily without physical effort. One of the great ways to make money doing this kind of online business is to drive traffic to the site, leading to more sales. So if you are thinking of making money online, I suggest you venture into e-commerce.

Buying & Selling PayPal Fund

Paypal fund is similar to crypto, but it is quite different. It is an online business that allows you to sell PayPal funds by selling at your rate. This business is not well known by everybody, but the income is high. In addition, you can get paid helping individuals open PayPal accounts that send and receive money in Nigeria.


Web design is another online money-making business you can do in Nigeria. It is all about helping companies and individuals design web pages using an online Content Management System (C.M.S.) company such as WordPress, Joomla, or Wix before the website goes live on the net. With this business, you can earn up to 500K monthly. If you have no idea about this business, I suggest you go to youtube to watch videos or buy courses on udemy. The benefit of purchasing a course on udemy is to help you boost your credibility through the course certificate.

Social Media Marketing (S.M.M.)

With S.M.M., you will be able to make huge income online; the business is all about helping companies handle their social media and help them achieve their advertising goals. Being a social media marketer requires publishing content, analyzing market trends, doing research, creating an impressive ad to generate lead and income, and persuading their target audience to patronize them through the content you upload.  


Dropshipping is a business that works on three chains: suppliers, retailers, and customers. It allows you to sell company’s products without holding any inventory. The business is straightforward to do because you only need to contact the manufacturer of the product you list whenever someone bids for it, submit the buyer address, pay the company and count your profit huge. To learn more about dropshipping, kindly type the keyword on youtube to explore its courses.


Another way to make money in Nigeria is being a forex trader. Forex trading is all about staking money online by predicting if the market will go up or down through the price charts: Line Chart, Bar Chart, and Candlesticks Charts.

Although forex trading is a risky business, if you study how the market works, you will win continuously. In addition, my candid advice to anyone thinking of choosing this way of making money online is to research and study how this market works by buying a course before venturing into it.


Gift card selling has changed many lives in Nigeria because it is a profitable business. You can make as much as 50k daily; all required is an advertisement. So to start making money online with gift cards, all you need is to locate the platform that buys gift cards, sells to them, and receives your percentage from your customers daily. 


Another way to make money online is by helping companies write products to review and get paid for them. This way of making money will enable you to earn up to $50 daily. All you need is to write reviews, and the more review you write, the higher your income.

UserTesting is an example of a website that allows individuals to make money by reviewing products. When you make a 20-minute video reviewing a product, 10 dollars will be immediately sent to your PayPal account.


Podcasting is similar to ebook, but it is different because podcasting is not present in written form; it is all about disseminating information through audio and uploading it on a platform that will help you monetize it. The more people purchase and download the audio, the more your income accrue. 

If you podcast about a piece of information with high demand, you can earn up to $500 daily. So to get started with podcasting, all you need is to publish your audio content on a digital product selling platform to showcase your product and make sales daily.


If you have an idea about something that people don’t know, you can create a webinar class and get paid for teaching them. For instance, if you know about affiliate marketing and tricks to make money faster, you can set up a paid online class to teach people the trick. The amazing part of making money online is that it doesn’t require any capital.

Affiliate Marketing

Another great way to earn massively online is to be an affiliate marketer. Selling individual or companies digital products and receiving interest on each product purchased through your link. Platforms like Expertnaire, Amazon, Warrior plus are companies that offer this service. For instance, if someone buys a product of $500 through your link, you will instantly be credited with $50 if the interest rate is 10%. So if you are willing to start making money online, I suggest you try affiliate marketing. 


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