Is legit or scam? Neuplan Review

There are currently a plethora of internet channels for making money. Few of them are truly legitimate, while some turn out to be total scams, some people pay upfront and fail subsequently. I’ll now clarify a few points about how this new website,, operates.

Is legit or scam
Is legit or scam What is it?

On the website, one can invest and earn money in naira. The welcome incentive is $300. The smallest withdrawal is $1000. Once you have up to $1000 or more in your account, you may withdraw at any moment.

As soon as you sign up for the platform, you will receive #300 for free. You may also make a deposit and select any investment plan you wish after making your deposit on the site.

Post to earn the most money.

NB: Even if you want to invest, only do so with money you can afford to lose. On the platform, money can be made every day.

By using referrals, you can profit more from the website. You receive a commission each time a buddy you invited deposits money.

The investment packages offered by are listed below:

First strategy

  • Spend: $3000
  • 210 dollars per day
  • Income total: #18900
  • 90 days for the server

Second strategy

  • Spend: #5000
  • 375 dollars per day
  • Income total: #53750
  • 90 days for the server

Third strategy

  • Spend: $11000
  • Earnings per day: #820
  • Total revenue: £73800.
  • 90 days for the server E.t.c.

Actually, if you like, you can buy more than one bundle. But you must exercise extreme caution. Avoid depositing money that you can’t afford to lose.

How to pull back:

After providing the platform with accurate information about your bank account, you can withdraw a minimum of $1000 by bank transfer.

Is a scam or legitimate?

Although the platform is young, it appears to be legitimate. But I’ll caution you against making an investment on any website you come across.

Here are a few examples of platform payments:

Some of these platforms are functional for a while before they fail. Don’t deposit anything you can’t afford to lose, even if you wish to invest. For further updates, check back frequently to this article.

If you wish to test the platform, sign up below:

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