13 Legit Online Investment Platforms in Nigeria – 2022

List of online investment platforms in Nigeria

Payday Investor

Payday investor is a platform that allows you to invest your money and earn high interest. It is a registered trademark of ARM Investment Manager, and it is backed by finance and tech experts with over 24 years of Research-Based and Professional Fund Management Experience.

With payday, you can invest as low as N1000, earn higher interest and withdraw your funds anytime you wish to.


I-invest is an online investment platform that allows investors to invest from various financial service providers within one safe & secure platform in Nigeria. Its activities are regulated by the securities and exchange commission (SEC). With i-invest, your income will increase faster when you invest.

I-invest has many products, including Treasury bills, Fixed deposit notes, Commercial papers, Eurobonds, Equities, and more, conveniently from anywhere in the world. It is easy to use and doesn’t require paperwork, bank queues, or brokers when transacting. To learn more about i-invest, kindly visit their website or download their mobile apps on AppStore and play store.


Fint is an investment platform that provides you the opportunity to earn returns from the money you invest. It is licensed and regulated by the body that controls money lenders. 

Fint lends verified individuals and businesses the money you invest, and you receive interest on it. They borrow different industries like agriculture, power, personal loans, employment loans, and insurance funds you invest on their platform. You can invest as low as ₦ 4,750 per unit, and its tenure of investing starts from 2 – 12 months. To learn more or get started with fint, kindly visit their website.

Chipper Cash

Chipper cash is an app for sending and receiving money, and it also allows investing in Stocks and crypto.

With chipper cash, you will be able to invest in fractional shares of foreign and local companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Nike, Netflix, and 1000 other companies. With as low as $1, you can buy stocks and bitcoin. They offer a low commission on transactions, and they are the fastest trade executor.


accrue is the best online investment platform in Nigeria that uses dollar-cost averaging for its investments. the dollar cost in they implement mean (Dollar-cost averaging is an investment strategy where you repeatedly invest a fixed dollar amount in an asset, irrespective of its price.). With Accrue you can invest in over 100 assets provided by them which include stocks, crypto, and USD. Accrue offers daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly investment plans and you can start investing with as little as $1 on your smartphone.


Risevest is an investment platform that allows you to invest in stocks and Us real estate. It is registered and regulated both in the US and in Nigeria. They allow investing for long-term goals like retirement, home, and education. With risevest, you will have the opportunity to invest in classified 30 high-growth US stocks with a high-income rate. You can start investing on risevest with as low as $10 or N3600.

Risevest categorized its investment into three, each of which has a risk level. When you invest in stocks on risevest, you will be opportune to invest in their classified 30 high growth stock in the US and earn 14% per annum, whose risk level is high.

Their real estate investment plan is excellent, 14% interest rate per year with a medium risk level, while fixed income return is 10% per annum with a low-risk level.


ziing is an investment app that allows you to invest in Nigeria stock. With as little as N100, you can start investing and receiving interest in it.

ziing is regulated by SEC, and it is secure to use for transactions. It doesn’t have an investment opportunity alone but is bound with features including buying airtime, paying bills, transferring, and buying data. To learn more about Ziing, visit their website or download their app.


Trove is an investment platform with a great user experience that makes its customers trade quickly. It is a trusted platform where you can invest in American, Chinese, Nigerian stocks, ETFs, commodities & bonds with as low as N1000. With trove, you will be opportune to invest in actual companies: Facebook, Netflix, Jumia, Dangote, uber, Twitter, etc.

Trove has an easy to withdraw and deposit option and a chart that shows the real-time condition of global exchanges. They also allow their users have access to breaking news, updates, analysis on the global market, and everything happening in the world economy. Your personal information and financial data on this are safe and secured with their 256-bit encrypted security technology.


Carbon is one of Nigeria’s best online investment platforms with high-interest returns. They are insured by NDIC and certified by CBN. Carbon offers long-term investment, and they have different investment plans. With them, you can invest as low as N100 to N100,000,000, and your investment period can range from 8 days to 365 days with massive interest rates. Visit their website to learn more about them or download their app.


Bamboo is an investment platform that makes investing in US stocks easier for Nigerians. Their investment activities are insured by the SIPC AND FINRA, and all stocks bought on it are protected. Since the US stock market is the most extensive stock and is limited to non-US citizens, bamboo makes it possible for Nigerians to participate.

With N15,000, you can start investing in US stocks on bamboo. The deposit and withdrawal process on bamboo is fast, and it doesn’t take time before your fund is delivered to you after selling a share. To start trading with bamboo, you are required to submit your contact detail NIN and BVN for verification.


Piggyvest is an online investment platform that allows Nigerians to invest, save and earn interest. Piggyvest was formerly called piggybank but later changed its name to piggyvest when they added the investment opportunity. The minimum amount of money you can invest on piggyvest is N5000, and the interest rate on each investment is over 10% per annum. The service offered on piggyvest is not limited to investment alone; you can save in Dollar wallet, SafeLock your fund, Target savings, and PiggyFlex. To benefit from this app and join over a million users, download their app or sign up on their website.


Chaka is one of the best investment platforms in Nigeria, with over 100,000 plus investors in Africa. It is an easy-to-use investment platform that gives the opportunity to invest in the US, Nigerian, and international stock markets securely. With Chaka, you can invest in dollars and trade from over 5000 stocks and ETFs from US and Nigerian stock markets. 

Chaka is licensed by SEC, the digital platform that regulates investment platforms, and its customer service is swift in attending to issues. With $10 or N1000, you can start investing in stocks and ETFs and also earn interest on uninvested cash on your wallet in dollars. Its withdrawal service is fast, and they don’t charge you during the withdrawal of funds or deposits.


Cowryrise is a digital savings platform that creates space for investment, and they are licensed by SEC. They create this investment opportunity with the sole aim of encouraging Nigerians to invest. Their investment will give you the opportunity to invest in mutual funds that match your financial goals.

With cowrywise, you can invest in mutual funds from top investment firms in Nigeria like halal investments, ARM investment, and agriculture investments and allow you to invest in (dollar and naira) with high annual interest. They also allow you to contact their professional advisor to develop and package investment that suits your need. To learn more about their investment package, visit their website.

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