Lifevantage Review 2023: Is Lifevantage Legit Or A Scam

As the number of MLM companies grows, the search for legit companies and organizations has intensified. If you have been looking for a trustworthy MLM company to join forces with and have found none, allow me to introduce Lifevantage. 

Whether you have come across the company before or seeing it for the first time, I am optimistic you will find that it is one out of the many MLM companies in the world today you can confidently bank on. This article is a Lifevantage review piece, and it profiles the company, how it works, and provides answers to popular questions about the company. 

At the end of this article, you will be better informed about Lifevantage, their activities, and why you should be a part of the company. Without further ado, let’s look into the company, starting with an overview. 

Overview of Lifevantage

Company NameLifevantage
Founder and OwnerDarren Jensen
Year Established 1988
Location Sandy, UT, United States
ProductsDietary supplements, Anti-aging, and more
Supported Apps Android and iOS Devices
Customer SupportE-mail and Phone
Official Website 

What is Lifevantage About?

Founded in 1988, Lifevantage is a multi-level marketing company located in Sandy, UT. The company specializes in the production and supply of skincare, anti-aging, beauty, and other related products. It also produces supplements for the digestive system and pets. The products from Lifevantage have been a preferred choice for persons looking to improve their skin health and achieve the state they desire. 

Lifevantage helps individuals earn money by starting a business with them. These individuals earn money when they recruit new members to the Lifevantage Company and sell Lifevantage products. The company pays a commission to distributors who help promote and sell their products. 

The strategy of having people sell their products and earn commission has helped Lifevantage to scale up profit and reach larger audiences around the 50 states of the United States without spending thousands of dollars on adverts and promotions. 

What are Lifevantage Products?

Lifevantage products are typically used by persons looking to improve their skin’s health. These products include:

  • Axio

Lifevantage Axio is a supplement energy drink. The regular version of Axio comes in three different flavors, namely, sour cherry, green grape, and dragon fruit.  In the decaf version, Axio is produced in two flavors, red raspberry, and grapefruit. 

The cost of the Axio product is $50.

  • Petandium 

Lifevantage Petandium product is not for humans but is created for dogs and aims to ensure furry pals live longer and enjoy better health. It cost $25. 

  • Physiq:

The Physiq product from Lifevantage consists of four weight management supplements designed to keep one in shape. These weight management supplements cost from $40 to $140. The Lifevantage Physiq product includes the Physiq ProBio, which provides healthy bacteria to keep the digestive system at an optimal level, and the Physiq Cleanse, strengthening the immune system. 

Other weight management supplements under the Physiq brand are Physiq Fat, which helps burn excess fat and maintain body metabolism. The Physiq Protein Shake helps in gaining muscle mass. 

  • Protandim 

Produced from natural plant ingredients, Lifevantage Protandim is an NRF2 dietary supplement. The Protandim product maximizes the antioxidant enzymes in the body and reduces oxidative stress by 40 percent after the usage for a month. 

Another valuable benefit of the Protandim product is that it assists the body in the regulation of genes and the production of protein. The product goes for $40. 

  • TrueScience 

Designed with the latest NRF2 technology, TrueScience is created to provide brighter skin and anti-aging benefits and cleanse the skin from impurity. It is the perfect product to help women and men combat and effectively tackle aging. 

It is sold for $160. 

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How to Register on Lifevantage and Become a Lifevantage Distributor

To become a Lifevantage distributor, you will need to pay a one-time registration fee of $50. When you pay the registration fee, you will be given the Lifevantage starter kit. This kit contains Lifevantage product samples, instructions on kick start your business, and practical steps to grow your business. 

Next, log in through the Lifevantage login, verify your details, and you would be given access to the full features on Lifevantage. You can choose from a variety of kits which you would be selling. These kits include the Starter kit, the Master Vantage Pack, and the Platinum Pack. I have explained the feature of each kit below. 

Lifevantage Starter Kit 

This is the cheapest kit available to prospective Lifevantage distributors. The cost of the Starter Kit is $50. It comes with a compensation plan brochure and essential guides on how to grow your business. 

Lifevantage Master Vantage Pack

The Master Vantage Pack goes for $600. It comes with everything in the Starter Kit, including Physiq Cleanse, Protandims, TrueScience, and other anti-aging products from Lifevantage. 

Lifevantage Platinum Pack 

The Platinum Pack is the highest pack on the Lifevantage distributor kit. It costs $1,200 and comes with Physiq products, Axio Decaf red raspberry, and everything included in the Master Vantage Pack and Starter Kit. 

Lifevantage for Dogs 

The products from Lifevantage are not only designed for humans alone. Petandium by Lifevantage is created to help dogs grow longer and live healthier. If you have a furry pal or need to get nutritional supplements for pets, get the Petandium product. 

Is Protandim Safe for Dogs?

Lifevantage Protandim is designed for humans to help in the regulation of genes and the production of proteins. It does not say whether it should be used on dogs. Whether Protandim is safe for dogs or not, the prescribed dog product from Lifevantage is Petandium. 

How Much Does Lifevantage Cost?

Lifevantage starts from $50 for the Starter Kit, while the Master Vantage Pack and Platinum Pack costs $600 and $1,200, respectively. 

Lifevantage Pros

  1. The platform has received thousands of positive reviews 
  2. Reliable and trustworthy company in operations for over a decade 
  3. Distributors earn commissions on every sale 
  4. Lifevantage supplies high-quality products beneficial to human and dog health 
  5. It is a well-reputed multi-level marketing (MLM) company


If you have to look for a legitimate company to bank on as you start your business, you probably have found out that Lifevantage is one you should be pitching your net with. Depending on the size of the business you are willing to run, Lifevantage products will prove to be the best items to start with. 

Have you begun using Lifevantage? If yes, share your experiences with them. 

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