Scholarships For International Students At Duke University

Duke University was established in 1938 as a private research university. The Brown School, founded by Quakers and Methodists, was originally located in Trinity before being relocated to Durham, North Carolina in 1892.

The Trinity College of Arts and Sciences is divided into the Schools of Law, Divinity, Graduate Studies, Medicine, Nursing, Engineering (Pratt), Public Policy (Sanford), Business (Fuqua), and Environment on the 8.7-hectare campus (Thomas).

Duke University also has a Duke-Kunsan University campus in China. This event is co-hosted by Wuhan University. The Duke-NUS Medical School, headquartered in Singapore, is another branch.

Duke University was founded by James Buchanan Duke in commemoration of his father, philanthropist Washington Duke, who established the Duke Endowment. We’ll look at Duke University scholarships for international students in this article.

Duke University welcomes international students

Duke University has 15,289 students, 21 percent of them are international students from 136 countries.

The university’s Office of Global Affairs assists these students. It provides International Student Support services such as orientation to life in the United States and related basics, student support communities/groups, language partner programs, and conversation clubs to international students. It also provides academic assistance, such as advising and cultural and language training.

International Students at Duke University Pay a Tuition Fee

Duke University’s undergraduate education is highly costly, with annual tuition of around $58,000.

Graduate school is a hundred dollars cheaper, with a full year of attendance costing around $57,900. Other fees for health insurance, transcripts, activities, student services, and recreation are not included.

Despite these costs, Duke University guarantees all Ph.D. students tuition (and other expenses) for five years, thanks to departmental and external funding (see below).

Admissions to Duke University for International Students

This link contains all you need to know about applying to Duke University as an overseas student.

Duke University has an application fee

The cost of applying to Duke University varies by institution. The application fee at the Pratt School of Engineering, for example, is $75. The price for Duke Graduate School is $95, which is greater than the other schools.

Credit card payments are accepted for both undergraduate and graduate application costs, which are non-refundable (Visa or Mastercard).

Admissions Requirements for International Students at Duke University

The following documents are required of applicants for undergraduate studies:

  • Transcripts from high school
  • Report from secondary school, together with a counselor’s recommendation
  • Two recommendations from teachers
  • Score on the SAT or ACT
  • Artwork, resumes, and abstractions are examples of additional needs.

International undergraduate applicants are not required to provide proof of English competence. Graduate students, on the other hand, must submit the following documents in addition to their application:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Records transcription
  • GPA
  • recommandation letters
  • Resume
  • GRE Exam Scores
  • Writing examples and other supplementary documents

Rankings of Duke University

According to the World University Rankings, Duke University is the 20th finest university in the world. Duke is ranked 5th in the US College Rankings and 28th in the World Reputation Rankings as a result of this.

Duke is highly ranked in the categories of social science (17) and clinical and health sciences (16). (19). It is also honored in the fields of Life Science (23), Arts & Humanities (32), Physical Science (48), and Engineering & Technology (50). (49).

According to the same survey, Duke University earns a lot of money in the business (99.7%) and has a lot of research citations (96.9).

Duke University, on the other hand, is ranked 42nd in the world by Top Universities. This places it at number 13 in the United States.

Despite these lower rankings, Duke University is well placed in a number of courses, including Divinity Studies. It is placed fourth in this category, with perfect scores (100) for both citations per paper and H-index citations.

Anatomy & Physiology is ranked eighth, Nursing is ranked tenth, and Medicine is ranked sixteenth.

Duke University is ranked 12th in the United States by US News and World Report. According to the same poll, Duke is ranked as one of the top nine undergraduate teaching schools. Despite its high tuition, it is regarded as the top 13 value school in the country.

Acceptance Rate at Duke University

Duke University, according to US News & World Report, is one of the most selective universities in the country. The Duke Chronicle, the university’s news organization, recently reported a 16.7% admission rate. The number of applicants accepted varies by department, with the School of Medicine accepting just about 4% of those that apply.

The large number of Fulbright, Truman, Rhodes, and Goldwater scholars at Duke exemplifies the university’s selectiveness.

Scholarships for International Students at Duke University

Scholarships for Undergraduates

1. International Karsh Scholarship

  • Link to a Scholarship
  • Amount of Scholarship: Full tuition for 8 semesters

Duke University’s merit-based scholarship program strives to attract some of the world’s brightest minds to campus. It is granted to foreign applicants who qualify for financial help and is funded by the Karsh couple. Aside from the standard school application, no other forms are required.

The Karsh International Scholarship covers more than simply tuition; it also covers room and board expenses as well as any university-imposed expenditures. It also includes three summers of research grants and unpaid internships to help students further their academic careers.

2. The Robertson Award

  • Link to a Scholarship
  • Amount of Scholarship: Full tuition for 8 semesters

The Robertson Scholarship is available to Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill students. Local and international applicants who display purposeful leadership, intellectual curiosity, moral strength, and a collaborative attitude are eligible for this Duke University award.

The only Duke University scholarship that requires a separate application is this one. The domestic application form will be required for the majority of international applicants. Students from Africa and New Zealand, on the other hand, must fill out their own forms.

Duke University’s internal funding for international students is extremely modest. As a result, students may need to seek outside funds to pay for their undergraduate studies.

Scholarships for Graduate Students

1. The Chancellor’s Scholarship is one of the most prestigious awards given by the university

  • Link to a Scholarship
  • Scholarship Amount: The whole amount of the scholarship is available

Foreign students pursuing Biomedical Science at Duke University School of Medicine are eligible for the Chancellor’s Scholarship. This Duke University scholarship includes a predetermined income and health insurance coverage in addition to tuition remission. A one-time $5,000 signing bonus is also planned for the winner.

The winner will be nominated by the department, so no individual application is required. He or she will also be vetted by faculty members.

2. Duke University-Hung Taiwan Fellowship

  • Link to a Scholarship
  • Amount of the scholarship: Academic and summer tuition

Taiwanese students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in science or engineering are eligible for the Hung Taiwan-Duke University Fellowship. Cell & Molecular Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Genetics & Genomics, and Cancer Biology are just a handful of the courses covered by this Duke University grant for international students.

Other school tuition, as well as stipends for 1-2 years, are covered by the Hung-Taiwan scholarship.

Graduate students have a greater selection of Duke University scholarships and fellowships than undergraduate students. Some fellowships, on the other hand, are restricted to specific programs.

Incoming and continuing students seeking MA/Ph.D. degrees in the subjects of Social Science, Biological & Biomedical Science, Physical Science & Engineering, and Humanities are eligible for Duke University graduate scholarships.

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