How To Make Money Online Trading With The SU TRC20 Platform Using USDT (SU TRC20 Review)

You are all invited to learn about another way to make money online in Nigeria with little or no money down. As you are all aware, visastip has been diligent in conducting research on ways to minimize unemployment in Nigeria and the rest of the world through a variety of online options.

This SU TRC20 Review will show you how to make money online in Nigeria in a different way. Because SU TRC20 is an international trading company, this is a fantastic opportunity for other countries as well.

Before you read the rest of the platform’s description, keep in mind that you’ll need a USDT wallet and a Telegram account to participate in the online opportunity.

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What is SU, and where is the SU office?

The Super numerical Universe Inc (SU) Global Investing Group is dedicated to developing a global investment platform that is fair, open, impartial, and trustworthy. Blizzard Group and TEDA Group collaborated to create SU TRC20, a bitcoin options exchange. It was founded in 2017 and is governed by the MSB agency in the United States.

The daily transaction volume of global members can currently surpass $100 billion USD. Tether’s fixed value currency is used to trade options (USDT). Users can swap USDT for USD at any moment because 1USDT equals 1 USD. Furthermore, SU TRC20 and Tether rigorously adhere to the 1:1 reserve guarantee for transactions on the SU platform, which means that for each USDT token created, its bank account will have a principle guarantee of 1 USD. To guarantee transparency, users can inquire funds on the Tether platform.

5 minute options, 4 minute 30 second beginning trading time, 30 second closing and closing price display, transaction results settlement

There are 288 trade periods in all

Options for 1 minute, 45 seconds of starting trading time, 15 seconds of closing and closing price display, and settlement based on transaction results.

There are 1440 trade times in all

For example, the first period of 5-minute options opens at 00:00 on the same day.

  • The buy price for BTC is 42005.69 at 04:59 seconds.
  • The sell price for BTC is 42006.37 at 05:00 seconds.
  • You will receive 1001.95= 195USDT if you pay 100USDT to choose the trading result as up.

What’s the difference between USDT and Bitcoin in terms of liquidity?

Bitcoin and USDT continue to serve legal or legal functions. USDT and Bitcoin can be used in a variety of ways. You can exchange local cash or gold coins for USDT and Bitcoin at electronic currency exchanges, USDT and Bitcoin ATMs, service providers, and people, or buy USDT and Bitcoin using cash or gold coins. You can also use it to buy goods and services directly, as well as use USDT and Bitcoin bank cards. The number of people, organizations, and businesses who have accepted the use of USDT and Bitcoin has exploded, especially since WikiLeaks announced its acceptance of Bitcoin donations. SU TRC20 Platform

Coinmap is a website dedicated to helping physical merchants accept USDT and Bitcoin payments around the world. A page on the Bitcoin Wiki lists trustworthy online merchants who accept Bitcoin payments. Even if businesses do not accept Bitcoin, they can still pay in USDT and Bitcoin according to the real-time conversion rate between Bitcoin and legal money, just like paying in foreign currencies (US dollars, Euros, etc.) with the activation of the Bitcoin financial card.

By swiping through the days In terms of consumption, the real-time conversion rate between foreign currency and Japanese yen can still be employed to complete the payment by deducting funds from the Japanese yen deposit account. Anyone who accepts credit cards like Visa or Mastercard, or mobile payment services like Apple Pay, can utilize it this way. The number of merchants who take Bitcoin directly can be increased from 10,000 to tens of millions (Visa 29 million, MasterCard 32 million). If allowed, local Bitcoin cash can be withdrawn from over 30 million common legal currency ATMs around the world. SU TRC20 Platform

What Do USDT and Bitcoin Transactions Have in Common?

The blockchain stores all transaction history in the USDT and Bitcoin peer-to-peer networks. Transactions in USDT and Bitcoin are “booked” on the blockchain ledger with the help of USDT and Bitcoin clients. To establish ownership and authorise the transaction, the payer must digitally sign the transaction with its own private key. On the recipient’s address, USDT and Bitcoin will be noted.

The receiver is not required to engage in the transaction. It’s possible that the recipient isn’t online or even exists. “Input” refers to the source of money for the transaction, i.e. the cost. “Output” refers to a person’s location, or income. If there is an input, it must be larger than or equal to the output, and the transaction fee is the portion of the input that is greater than the output.

There are no inputs or outputs in the miner output transaction. The freshly created Bitcoin will be shown in the transaction record (Newly Generated Coins). Aside from the miner output transaction, an input must be an output of another transaction, i.e., an income must be an output of another transaction. It is the remuneration of others. It is “unspent,” or “account balance,” when an input does not become the output of another transaction.

This transaction has “1 confirmation” once the block containing this transaction is broadcast. Miners create a block every 10 minutes on average, and each new block adds one to the number of confirmations for this transaction. When the number of confirmations hits six, the transaction is regarded to be more secure and difficult to reverse. Transactions in USDT and Bitcoin are irrevocable. Each transaction is irreversible. Merchants do not have to deal with deceptive refusals or losses. The only option to get a refund is to request another reverse transaction from the other side. The other party’s cooperation.

What is blockchain, exactly?

Bitcoin’s blockchain (Blockchain) is a key idea. Satoshi Nakamoto offered this idea in his white paper. A blockchain is a collection of data blocks (sometimes known as “blocks”). The freshly added data block can always be linked to the prior block, which is the chain’s termination point. The “blockchain” stores all transaction history on the Bitcoin peer-to-peer network, therefore it may be thought of as a ledger that records Bitcoin transactions. The blockchain is a distributed database made up of all participants and a collection of decentralized client nodes. SU TRC20 Platform.

It keeps track of all Bitcoin transactions. When the amount of data grows, Satoshi Nakamoto expects that users will hope that it will not be kept in their own nodes. He used the creation of a hash function technology to achieve this purpose. The client will be able to automatically erase parts of the database that it will never utilize, such as some very early Bitcoin transaction records, in this fashion. Satoshi Nakamoto created the first block of the Bitcoin system, the “Genesis Block,” with the sentence “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks,” which is the same day as the sentence “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks,” and this sentence is the same day as the sentence “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks,” and this sentence is the same The New York Times’ front page headline.

A proof-of-work system, which solves a sequence of computational tasks, is used to confirm a transaction. The proof-of-work mechanism demands that the computer’s computational capacity be a finite value and that solving it take a certain period of time. An attacker cannot rewrite or change the transaction history unless he has a better Bitcoin peer-to-peer network technology.

The “51 percent attack” is a powerful processing capability that can build blockchain at a faster rate. The system automatically adjusts the difficulty of the proof-of-work mechanism, so it takes an average of 10 minutes to generate a new block. Transactions and blocks that violate the rules, such as those that generate the incorrect number of blocks or send the same share of Bitcoin several times, will be ignored by the nodes of the whole Bitcoin peer-to-peer network.

Clients who participate in processing blocks are eligible to receive a fixed number of newly minted bitcoins as well as transaction fees. The users participating in processing the blocks must invest a significant amount of time and computing power in order to get these newly created bitcoins (for this reason, there are professional mining machines to replace computers and other low-profile network equipment). Because this process is extremely similar to mining for resources, Satoshi Nakamoto coined the terms “miners” and “mining” to describe the data processors and data processing operations. These newly created bitcoins can be used to compensate the system’s data processors, and their computations ensure that the bitcoin peer-to-peer network runs smoothly. Other related cryptocurrencies, such as the usage of Proof of Stake and the Scrypt algorithm, employ the same notion to process transaction data between terminals, but change the workload proof mechanism.

“Bitcoin and USDT allow people to trade their wealth for the first time on the Internet in a secure manner. Its validity cannot be questioned.”

What exactly is USDT?

Tether (USDT) is a cryptocurrency that is linked to the US dollar as legal cash. It’s a virtual money guaranteed by legal tender that’s kept in a foreign exchange reserve account.

Tether (USDT) is a Tether USD (hence referred to as USDT) token based on the U.S. dollar, a stable value currency (USD). 1USDT is equal to one US dollar. At any time, users can swap USDT for US dollars 1:1. Tether adheres to the 1:1 reserve guarantee, which means that for every USDT token created, it will have 1 USD money guarantee in its bank account. To maintain transparency, users can verify their balances on the Tether platform.

The TEDA coin is a cryptocurrency that is linked to the legal tender US dollar. Each TEDA coin will be linked to government-backed legal money in a symbolic way. TEDA is a virtual currency backed by legal cash that is kept in a foreign exchange reserve account. Large volatility in the price of cryptocurrencies can be efficiently avoided with this strategy. The value of TEDA coins is about equivalent to one US dollar.

What is a Wallet for Digital Currency?

A digital currency wallet is a tool for storing, managing, and trading digital currency. You can receive digital money given to you by others or transfer everything in your wallet using the digital currency receiving address (public key) generated in the wallet. You can give your digital currency assets to others.

Except for exchange accounts and centralized wallets, all of the assets in your digital currency wallet are totally in your control. No one else can control your wallet as long as you don’t reveal the secrets.

What is Digital Currency, and how does it work?

Digital currency is abbreviated as DC, which is an acronym of English “Digital Currency” (digital money), which is an electronic currency alternative. Digital currencies include both digital gold coins and cryptocurrencies.

Digital currency is an unregulated kind of money that is typically issued and maintained by developers and accepted and utilized by members of specific virtual communities. Virtual currency is defined by the European Banking Authority as “a digital representation of value that is not issued by the central bank or the authorities and is not linked to legal currency, but can be used as a means of payment and can also be transferred, stored, or traded in electronic form because it is accepted by the public.”

Digital currency is a virtual currency that is built on a node network and a digital encryption technique. The three main properties of digital currency are as follows: Because some open algorithms have no issuer, no one or entity can control the supply of digital money; because the number of algorithm solutions is determined, the digital currency’s value is determined. The total amount is predetermined, which effectively precludes the potential of virtual currency spamming leading to inflation; the digital currency transaction mechanism is sufficiently safe because it requires the consent of each node in the network.

The introduction of Bitcoin and USDT constituted a significant threat to the existing monetary system. It is named digital currency because, while it is classified as virtual currency in a broad sense, it is fundamentally different from virtual currency produced by network firms. In terms of issuer, scope of application, quantity of issuance, storage form, circulation method, credit protection, transaction cost, and transaction security, digital currency is compared to electronic currency and virtual currency.

SU TRC20 Platform: How to Get Started

  • CLICK HERE to join the SUTRC20 Telegram Trading Channel after registering.
  • Make sure you follow the group’s rules and regulations after joining the group on Telegram.

You can win if you follow the lecturer’s advice and do not trade privately.

TRC Plan for SU

The transaction amount is 6-12-26-56-120-250-530 because my account balance is 1000.

Your checking account balance is 35 USDT, so your multiple investment data are 0.21-0.42-0.91-1.96-4.2-8.75-18.55, as shown in the diagram below at 11:29 AM.

SU Strategy

So, when you notice that the group’s advised transaction amount is 6, you trade 0.21, the assistant’s suggested amount is 12, you trade 0.42, and the assistant’s transaction amount is 26, you trade 0.91, and so on until you win the lottery. You must wait until you have won before you can stop.

SU plan with a 35USDT premium
Follow the trading plan and suggestions to the letter. If the failure to win 7 times results in a loss of principal, we will fully compensate you. We shall not compensate you for any losses incurred as a result of private trading or arbitrary trade modifications.

The following are the rules of the SU TRC20 Review Group:

1. Any other advertising information posted in this group will be removed from the group if discovered.

2. The trading advice I send must be followed, as well as the trading plan I specify based on the balance.

3. If you carefully follow our instructions, we will guarantee you at least 5% profit every day; consistent trading income is the key to our success!

4. If VIP members follow my trading plan and advice and fail, we will reimburse you for all losses.

5. We will not compensate you if you fail due to your own ideas. We have nothing to do with the money that has been lost due to greed.

6. This group’s account balances are all different. My group’s plan is a betting strategy based on my 1000-point principle. Please trade in accordance with your primary and the strategy I sent you. Please contact the professor if you have any questions.

7. Games are held every day from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. To acquire a trading advice plan for the day, share a screenshot of your balance to the group. SU TRC20

8. Every member is responsible for maintaining a positive group environment. Thank you for your assistance. SU TRC20

TRC20 Rebate from SU

  • SU trc20 SU trc20 SU trc20 SU
  • To begin trading on the SU TRC20, click here. Select Transaction.

How do I get started with SU?

If you’re requested to SELL or BUY something, stick to the plan.

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