How To Open A UBA Domiciliary Account

How to Open Domiciliary Savings Account with UBA

United Bank for Africa (UBA) has three classes of domiciliary accounts: Freedom Dom Account, Dom Advantage Account, and U-Care Plus Domiciliary Account. We will be looking at the benefits, requirements, Fees/Charges, and Terms & Conditions for opening the respective Dom Account.

Requirements to open UBA Dom Advantage Account

Dom Advantage Account has simple and easy-to-meet requirements criteria:

  • Valid means of Identification (Passport, Driver’s License, Voter’s card, National ID card, etc)
  • Two Passport photographs on a plain background.

How To Open UBA Domiciliary Account & Requirements

To open a UBA Domiciliary account,

  1. You will need to visit any branch of the UBA nearest to you.
  2. Inquire of the UBA domiciliary account form.
  3. Fill the form along with the requirements and submit.
  4. Then follow every other guide you will be given by the bank.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: What is the minimum operating balance for FSDOM account?
  • A: The minimum operating balance for FSDOM account is zero (0) USD
  • Q: What is the minimum opening balance for Freedom Savings Domiciliary accounts?
  • A: The minimum opening balance for Freedom Savings Domiciliary account is Zero.
  • Q: What documentation is required for FSDOM?
  • A: The only documentation required for FSDOM is the BVN
  • Q: What documentation is required for FSDOM?
  • A: There is no maximum cumulative balance for the FSDOM. However, customers will upgrade their accounts as soon as they exceed a debit turnover limit of $2,000.
  • Q: Does the Account Allow Use of Debit and Credit Card?
  • A: No, please. The account does not allow the use of cards.
  • Q: What is the interest rate for this account type?
  • A: This is a zero interest paying account.
  • Q: Can customers carry out transfers on this account?
  • A: No, please. Customers can only access their cash through in-branch cash withdrawals.


The domiciliary account is important for bloggers, freelancers and anyone earning in dollars, up until now one of the major obstacles to opening one is the two referees requirement and the minimum $100 deposit to run it. but of this requirements has been stripped away buy UBA bank with their Freedom domiciliary account. With just your BVN and a passport photo you can open a dollar account that can be used to receive your AdSense payments and any other sort of international wire transfer.

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