What do men really want? The 5 major things your man wants from you.

What do men really want?

This is a very popular question among teenagers and adults in the age bracket where they are starting to figure out their life. The time between age 20-27.

Only a few people know the answer to this question, which explains the high number of breakups in statistics today. It is easy to think we know the needs and wants of the opposite gender. But this article would be an eye-opener for you.

1. How important is effective communication in a relationship?

what men really want

Whether it be a family relationship, a best friend relationship, a relationship with a god, or one with an opposite or same gender, the importance of communication can never be ruled out. Communication in a relationship is just as important as water is to human life. For one to never get dehydrated, it is advised that you always take water.

What men really want is someone they can talk to about anything and everything. A lady they can share their ideas with, whether good or bad.

Until you start keeping up with communication, it would be really difficult for your man crush to notice you. Put more work into your communication skills, and watch that man of your dreams text you day and night!

2. Men just really want to feel attractive and loved.

what men really want

When you think about what men really want, it would surprise you to know that those tiny details mean the most. From that little touch of his cheek to that tiny complement on how his new hairstyle looks amazing. In other words, men are just babies with beards and broad chests. The world has made it seem like only ladies deserve compliments, but even the men deserve them too.

If there’s a gender that does not take compliments for granted, then its the males! He wants to know what you think about his new white boots and how it matches with the white shirt.

Let that man know you love how cool he looks on black suits, or how his lips shape when he smiles. Tell him it reminds you of an angel you have seen in your dreams, and he might just walk you down the aisle.

3. Your man wants peace of mind.

what men really want

It is not enough to give him compliments or talk to him every day. Are you his peace?

Men are generally known to be the strong ones, the ones who should never show it when they are in need. Because of this, what men really want is a lady who can give them all the peace of mind they need to push through. They want someone who can be understanding enough in tough situations, one who wouldn’t always nag about little things but help find solutions to them.

Allow a man his private space to think, he needs it. He will not only treasure you but respect you always.

4. He wants gifts too!

what men really want

Surprising as it seems, men want gifts too. Throw a surprise party to celebrate your man’s recent promotion at work, and watch his relationship with you blossom! Be the different one in the relationship a few times, and he would be shocked.

It is normal for him to say he doesn’t want a cake for his birthday, but buy him a cake and see the happiness in his eyes when he sees you actually put an effort into making his day memorable. Remember, little things make them feel super loved!

Take him out on a date, wear his favorite dress, do the honors of serving him his drinks, gift him a laptop with a cash gift wrapped in a small bag…

Do to your man the beautiful things you would love too. He is your man, and he deserves all the love he can get!

5. Men want someone who connects

Shot of an affectionate young couple sharing a tender moment at sunset

Most times, it’s really not about the beauty, the money, or the physical endowments. It is also not about sexual pleasures.

One has to understand that these are the things we can get anywhere provided some factors are in place. What men really want is a woman that can stand out, one who they can connect with from the deepest parts of their soul. A safe haven that can challenge them and help them see the world differently.

Every man wants a smart lady, one he can comfortably leave his company in her hands without even thinking twice. They want a lady who can represent them in their absence without expecting anything to go wrong.

Although everyone has their different needs and wants, the generality in this eye-opener isn’t far-fetched.

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