Alat for Business (review) a Business Bank Account in your Phone

Alat by wema

On May 2nd of 2017, wema bank plc launched a financial self-service mobile banking technology application named Alat. Wema created this mobile banking app to reduce the stress individuals face when they go to banks and help them manage their time.

This digital banking was designed and made flexible to the extent that you can request an ATM on the app, and it will be delivered to the location you selected. With Alat, you can create an account, send and receive money, borrow a loan, and perform other banking services. This technology created by wema bank now has over one million downloads on play store, and it is rated as #26 in Finance on App store, making it the best finance app out of the hundredth of finance apps on Appstore.

About Alat for Business

The Alat for business is an Internet Banking platform for Corporate or SME customers. It is embodied with so much opportunity making it the first mobile banking app with full banking options and features in Nigeria.

With Alat for business, you can perform almost all banking activities, including transfers (send & receive), requesting a debit card, paying bills, purchasing airtime, borrowing a loan, and performing other banking activities. One of this great banking app’s advantages is that registered users can transfer up to 10,000 US dollars to foreign banks per day as directed by CBN.

Alat for Business Login

To login to Alat for business app, kindly follow the login process explained below. how to login to Alat for business include:

  • Visit Alat for business website or download the app on the play store and App store.
  • Input your username.
  • Input your password.
  • Click on the continue button to proceed.
  • Answer the security question asked.
  • Then click the sign-in button to access your dashboard.

Feature of Alat for Business

  • Transfer (intrabank and interbank)
  • Multiple account beneficiaries
  • Bulk transfers (intrabank and interbank)
  • Foreign Exchange (FX) transfer
  • Pay bills
  • Money transfers of over N100 million
  • Buy Airtime
  • Request for a Corporate Debit Card
  • Download Account Statement
  • View Transaction Receipt
  • No hidden charges
  • Transfer 10,000 us dollar to foriegn country

Requirements for Registering on ALAT for Business

Before signing up for Alat for business, you must provide the documents listed below and do the little task required after the submission. The requirement for registering Alat for business include:

Sole Proprietor, Partnership

  1. Your business details (business name, type, category, description)
  2. CAC documents (registration number and certificate)
  3. Your company Tax Identification Number
  4. BVN and means of identification of the signatories
  5. Letter of Request with business letterhead
  6. Two Referees (either Business Name or Registered Company)

How to Sign up on Alat for Business

The sign up process for Alat for business is categorized into two (new customer or existing customer). To sign up as a new customer or existing customer kindly follow the process listed below.

How to Sign up on Alat for Business as a new user

After providing the documents needed for the account opening process, below are the actions you need to take when submitting the document and creating the account.

Note: the sign-up process can only be done on the web.

  • Firstly Visit the official website to sign up
  • Click the sign-up link to proceed.
  • Select Sign Up Option (new customer or existing customer).
  • Read the Alert for Business Data Privacy and click the checkbox.
  • Then fill in your documents when required.

How to Sign up on Alat for Business as an existing customer

The sign up process for alat for business existing customers is quite different from that of new users. When signing up as a new user, you will have to specify the type of user you are during the sign up process (new customer or existing customer). If you already have an account with wema bank follow the process below to sign up.

  • Firstly Visit the official website to sign up
  • Click the sign-up link to proceed.
  • Select Sign Up Option (new customer or existing customer)
  • Select the account signatory type.
  • Input your account number, then click continue to receive an OTP of six characters.
  • Input the OTP you received, then click on the confirm button.
  • After the OTP submission, you can now fill in the administration details for full registration.

Alat for Business Loan Requirements

To apply for loan on Alat for business users are required to provide some certain documents including:

  • A valid means of identification.
  • Bank verification number (BVN).
  • Must be in a paid employment
  • A valid Email account.
  • You must install the Alat for business mobile app.
  • You must have an Alat for business savings account.
  • A photo of a utility bill (not older than three months).
  • You must be above the age of 18 years
  • Presentation of 3 months bank account statement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Request for my ALAT Debit Card?

To request an Alat debit card is so easy, no stress, no pain; all you have to do is follow the steps in this guide.

  • Sign in to your Alat app.
  • Click the card menu option.
  • Swipe to click the card you want and choose a design.
  • Confirm the one you select with your Alat pin.
  • Input your delivery address.
  • Click the submit button after filling in your delivery address.
  • Your debit card will be delivered to your location within two business days.

After receiving your debit card, you will have a leaflet attached; kindly open it and follow the instructions given to activate your Alat debit card for use.

The Alat Debit Card Control Feature

One of the greatest features of Alat mobile banking is that users can do some tasks on their own instead of visiting the bank. The controlling feature helps you control your Alat debit card to do what you want to use it to do. For instance, you can disable or enable your card if you wish to.

So if you think your atm is limited from doing certain tasks, kindly open your Alat app sign in, and set the feature in the atm control section. Below is the magnificent feature of Alat card control.

  • You can disable or enable your debit card.
  • The app Allow you to enable or Disable Web Transactions
  • It allows you to enable or disable POS Purchases.
  • Allow users to enable or Disable ATM Withdrawal/Quick Bank.
  • Enable or Disable the usage of a card for different countries

Can I Request for a Loan on Alat for Business?

Both existing users and new customers can request a loan on Alat for business. The amazing fact about this feature is that you can request a loan at any location without visiting the bank to present any paperwork. You can get your loan within minutes, and you can also borrow up to N4 million without providing any collateral.

What is Alat a App used For?

The Alat app is used to open an account, manage your money, borrow a loan, and control your ATM card without going to banks. One of the amazing features of the banking app is that you can control your ATM and borrow loans without going to the bank or providing any collateral.

Is Alat Same as Wema Bank?

Alat is owned by wema bank plc, but it is different from wema bank itself because it is online banking created with the sole aim of allowing existing customers as and new ones to create an account, manage their money, borrow a loan, request and control their atm card. In contrast, Wema bank is an offline office that offers banking services only in person.

How do I Set up an Alat for Business Account?

Below is a step by step guide to open an Alat for business account.

  • Download the app on play store or app store for sign-in.
  • Open your browser to visit the Alat for business website.
  • Click the sign-up link on the sign-up page.
  • Input your bvn and upload all relevant documents.

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