Best Under $1 Cryptocurrencies for 2023 | All The Cheapest Altcoins To Buy

Under $1 Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2023


Cryptocurrencies have, since their advent, made astronomical gains and growth, with Bitcoin leading the way. Several cryptocurrencies have made substantial price gains that have gone out of the range of affordability for most people.

This is the case with Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, etc. hence people with not so much money feel they have missed the opportunity and chance to get in on the earning opportunity and potential in the cryptocurrencies industry.  Cryptocurrencies bring huge gains and bring enormous returns to investors who buy into them. 

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in existence; we would let you know the penny and under one dollar-priced cryptocurrency to invest and buy into this 2021. 

These best under $1 cryptocurrencies to invest in could be relative in some sense, as they can be largely very volatile, with sharp price spikes going to the upside or the down. 

 Investment into these cryptocurrencies depends on the risk appetite  of the investor, 

These cryptocurrencies priced for less than a dollar per unit are the gems that allow low-income earners to invest in and buy for the opportunity to earn in the future. 

There are several cryptocurrencies priced for below a dollar currently. We would discuss the best of them to invest in this 2021 in this article. Just as in other asset classes and stocks, investing or buying into these cryptocurrencies should be with money you can afford to lose, or at least would not need in a very short time. With this in mind, you can go ahead to read through about these best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021.

The cryptocurrencies with a price below $1 to invest in 2023, in no particular order, include:

  1. Dogecoin 

best Under $1 cryptos (DOGECOIN)
best Under $1 cryptos (DOGECOIN)

With the popularity Dogecoin has gained during 2020, gaining upward price movement of over 4000% between 2020 and 2021. Dogecoin was created as a meme coin for fun but has recently become a sensation to millions of investors and traders alike. This was made even more profound with the participation and likeness of the Dogecoin by Elon Musk, the billionaire. 

Dogecoin trades with the ticker DOGE across several exchanges, both centralized and decentralized. Dogecoin climbed with $into the top 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies in the year 2021. Peaking at the 8th most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Dogecoin saw an all-time price high of $0.921 in June of 2021, which represented a price rise of over 180,000% from its price of $0.0002 in the year 2017 June. It has since pulled back to $0.2 and has fewer prices currently owing to the heavy market correction. 

Dogecoin has a supply of 130 billion coins currently in circulation, with more blocks mined every year, and the coin has no cap for its supply; this has helped install the surge of Dogecoin price to above $1 beyond.

The Dogecoin community is a very loyal one. This has helped keep up the hype around the cryptocurrency; this has kept the upward price push for the cryptocurrency unsolicited ads’ problems and improve it was founded in 2013. 

Dogecoin blockchain is similar to the bitcoin blockchain but with a faster mining and hash rate.

Dogecoin With a market cap of over $44 billion, a strong community, and fundamental analysis in favor of Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency is primed for a price of $1 and above; hence will be a good inclusion to your portfolio this 2021.

Dogecoin is one you should look at if you are looking for a cheap below one dollar cryptocurrency to buy and invest in.

2.   VeChain 

Vechain, built on the Vechain Thor blockchain, managed the supply chain and its related business processes. The Vechain is built for value transfer across networks using distributed ledger technology.

Vechain Thor blockchain is built to derive value from the activities of its members in the ecosystem, thereby solving real-world problems.

VET is the native coin of the Vechain Thor blockchain. Vechain price has seen significant gains but is currently ranging at pullback levels.

Vechain has great potential from its price structure and fundamental analysis point of view. 

VET is currently priced at $,0.11 a surge of over 600% from its price level of $0.018l in January 2021. This upward trajectory continues even beyond its all-time $0.27 at the peak of the bull run of 2021. 

400;”>Price predictions for VET from fundamental analysis and Technical analysis consideration are set to see price levels of $0.5 and above in the long term. Hence if you are looking for any sub-one dollar-priced cryptocurrencies, VET of Vechain would be a good buy. 

3.   IOTA

IOTA, built for the internet of things(IoT), is an open-source distributed ledger cryptocurrency; the IOTA platform uses directed acyclic graphs to store transactions on its ledger. 

IOTA using the acyclic graph to direct its transactions can be more scalable than most blockchain-based distributed ledgers. 

IOTA has a marketplace set up to enable businesses to sell their data, thereby promoting data sharing. 

The IOTA Marketplace is a blockless marketplace ensuring that transactions on the network are free.

With a current price of $0.91 from its price low of $0.277 in January 2021 and an all-time high of $2.79 in April. IOTA is primed for price levels of $0.3 to $0.5, with the market structure prevalent on the IOTA price charts.

These fundamentals backing IOTA are solid enough and puts IOTA as the best cryptocurrency to invest and diversify your portfolio into in 2021.

4.   BitTorrent

BitTorrent (BTT) is an extension of the BitTorrent protocol; BTT was developed to expand the capabilities of the BitTorrent protocol. 

The BitTorrent platform was built as decentralized, fast, and secure data storage that enables the protocol workable and ideal for third-party decentralized applications(app) developers to ensure value exchange.

BTT at a current price of $0.0038 up over 250% from its price level of $0.00028 in January 2021. The current price is down from its all-time high of $0.0135 in April at the peak of the bull run in 2021. 

With these factors fundamentals and price action, BitTorrent has a great potential of its price heading above its current all-time high price and reaching price levels of $0.09 to $0.1 shortly hence this coin BTT would make a good addition to your portfolio hence you should make a go at it this 2021.

5.   Basic Attention Token (BAT)

The basic attention token is built to tackle the problems of unsolicited ads and improve its users’ privacy while growing; this it achieves by addressing the abuses prevalent in the digital ad industry and curbing privacy abuses by digital browsing software developers using its brave browser software.

The Basic attention token has a utility token for the ecosystem, the BA; this utility token is used mainly on the brave browser for purchases, sending funds, giving out gift tokens to contend, creators, etc.

The BAT token has enormous potential. It had stood its ground in terms of price during 2018 and 2019, unsolicited ads’ problems, and improved even when the crypto market had a massive capitulation. 

Because of its utility status on the Brave browser, BAT has increased in popularity and price for the increased usage of the token. 

With this strong fundamental factor and price action potential. Basic attention token is primed for price appreciation above its current $0.686 to price levels above its all-time high price of $1.645 to price levels of between $2 to $5 in the nearest future.  

Hence BAT would be a good addition to your portfolio in 2021.  

6.   Stellar

Stellar is an open-source payment system blockchain with a native crypto cryptocurrency known as the lumen with the ticker XLM.

Stellar was built to connect financial institutions to deliver low-cost transactions to these institutions in emerging regions using blockchain technology.

Validation of transactions on Stellar is done using a federated byzantine agreement (FBA) in place of the regular mining network.

The current price of XLM is $0.292, which is over a 120% surge from its low of 0.124 in January; Stellar has the potential of price surge above its all-time high of $0.798 in May. 

400;”>Price predictions of a stellar lumen are between $1.2 to $2, considering its fundamental standings and price action. Hence stellar would be a good addition to your portfolio in the year 2021.

7.   Algorand

 Algorandis a decentralized, autonomous network based on the blockchain that runs a proof-of-stake protocol, supports smart contracts, and allows cheaper and quicker transactions, unlike the ethereum network blockchain. With exorbitant gas fees paid for transactions. 

Algorand supports computations needing reliable performance guarantees for creating new forms of trust. 

The Algorand network is a very scalable, efficient, and secure system; this system has critical properties for real-world applications. ALGO is the native cryptocurrency of the Algo network.

Algorand trades with the ticker ALGO and currently exchanging hands for $0.861. This is an appreciation of over 250%, from its January 2021 price of $0.334. With the price action structure of ALGO, the cryptocurrency is a primer for an increase in price to price levels of between $1.8 to $3.4

The Algorand live network was launched in June 2019. With a unique feature of speeding up transaction time, improving efficiency and scalability on the blockchain. Algorand network was built to process transactions with lower fees than other blockchains such as the bitcoin blockchain. This is because Algorand is running on a proof-of-stake blockchain protocol that is permissionless.

With all these factors and the solid fundamental analysis factors behind the Algorand network, ALGO would be a good inclusion to your portfolio this year, 2021.

8.   Decentraland 

Decentraland is a blockchain-based virtual reality game with MANA as its utility token, which powers the virtual reality game on the blockchain.

Decentraland virtual reality game allows the players and users to monetize and sell virtual reality lands in the game; users can also sell virtual properties. 

The gaming-related cryptocurrencies have continued to make huge gains for several months now on decentralized and centralized exchanges. MANA has also not been an exception to this huge gains and price appreciation. 

MANA currently trades for $0.751, an over 900% increase in price from its $0.075 in January. The price of MANA is set for price levels of between $1.67 to $2.5 in the long run, with a market capitalization of $1.28 billion. 

With these fundamental analyses and price action factors, MANA would make a good addition to your portfolio as it is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in and buy in to customize

9.   MATIC

Polygon is a framework for building blockchains that are Ethereum compatible; the polygon framework is interoperable and used for scaling ethereum based blockchains built on the framework.

Polygon was used as the Matic network; MATIC is the polygon ecosystem utility toke, which serves several purposes, including governance voting for polygon improvement (PIP), security of the polygon network protocol by taking part in MATIC staking on the network, and paying of gas fees.

Polygon was built to solve several problems experienced on the ethereum network blockchain by users; some of these problems are delayed transactions, high speed, and lack of community governance. 

These problems existing were the reason polygon was built to solve using a novel side-chain solution.

The polygon network S5DK and platform transformed into a multi-chain system, the ethereum network.

MATIC would make a good buy and inclusion to your portfolio as it has briefly breached the $1 price currently after its price low of $0.017 in January MATIC so far this year has seen an over 3000% price appreciation from its January prices.

10.   Chiliz

best Under $1 cryptos (CHILIZ)
best Under $1 cryptos (CHILIZ)

The Chiliz blockchain has CHZ as its ecosystem utility cryptocurrency; the Chiliz blockchain is built with the support of as an engagement service for fans. The Chiliz blockchain platform allows teams to sell their fan tokens to interested fans, which they can use for voting on the design of the team jersey or access to tickets early.

The Chiliz Blockchain has minted and created several tokens for football clubs, which has helped increase the blockchain’s popularity. These football fan tokens give holders or fans the access to vote on club polls while receiving prices and incentives.

These fan tokens could fetch Chiliz a lot of liquidity from partnerships with sports organizations and, in turn, generate massive digital revenues to these sports organizations. 

The Chiliz fan tokens already created bad trading include Juventus token (JUV), Paris St Germain token(PSG), AS Roma token (ASM), Atletico De Madrid token (ATL).

The traction generated by these football fan tokens on the Chiliz blockchain has also led to traction and a positive increase to the Chiliz blockchain cryptocurrency CHZ.

CHZ is currently exchanging hands among traders at $0.312, and over 4000% price increase from its price low of $0.015 in January of 2021. The price of CHZ is primed to target price ranges of $0.9 to $1.5  with sustained fan token creations and ecosystem activities. 

These factors would continue and more fan tokens created by Chiliz blockchain; hence you should have a look in on having CHZ as part of your portfolio this 2021

11.   Ravencoin

The Ravencoin blockchain is built to perform specific purposes, which is to determine asset ownership without any flaws. Ravencoin was built as a hard fork of Bitcoin, which is meant to make direct payments a possibility just like the bitcoin network to users through its blockchain. 

Ravencoin is a digital peer-to-peer network built to perform specific functions using the blockchain technology provider efficiently. 

The Ravencoin project is an open-source project, just like the Bitcoin network. Ravencoin is a decentralized blockchain with no master nodes. RVN is the native cryptocurrency of the Ravencoin blockchain 

With a market capitalization of over $1 billion, RVN is currently exchanging hands for $0.114, an over 1000% price increase from its $0.011 price in January. 

RVN, with its real potentials and price actions, is headed for a price range of between $0.292 to 0.592. Hence RVN would be a good addition to your portfolio in the year 2021.

12.   Holochain 

Holochain is a decentralized energy-efficient post blockchain technology app development platform, a peer-to-peer development platform. The peer-to-peer platform of Holochain is efficient without scalability problems of already existing blockchains. 

Holochain promises to solve the unsolicited ads’ problems and improve on it. It is an equivalent of an IFTTT layer built underneath the entire internet. The end-users on the Holochain are allowed to customize and create their own experience with the parameters they choose. 

The Holochain post blockchain technology has data mining and consensus-building possibilities, which are endless. Choosing to use Holochain means deciding how your digital data is used and shared. Holochain gives you the advantage of stopping the data monopolies and empowering the commons to have a collective growth trajectory and understanding.

HOT is the native cryptocurrency of Holochain. With a market capitalization of over $1.4 billion and a current price of $0.0084, which is over 2600% from its price low of $0.00058 in January 2021. The price of HOT is headed to price levels of between $0.031 to $0.1.

Holochain goals seem to be more of an idea rather than a reality, but it has enormous potentials, and this is why you should buy into Holochain this 2021.

13.   Zilliqa 

Zilliqa was built to help solve scalability issues with its power of sharding. Zilliqa was built using the scilla programming language, which also helps to demonstrate the sharding ability of the Zilliqa network. 

a Ziliqa was the first network to implement sharding, which is important to the cryptocurrency industry and not just the Ziliqa network. 

ZIL is the native cryptocurrency of the Ziliqa blockchain, with a current price of $0.0915, an over 400% price increase from its price low of $0.05 in January. The price of ZIL is headed for a price high of between $0.256 to $0.5 in the long term.

14.   Ripple 

Ripple was built to be an alternative to the payment infrastructure of the central banks around the world.  Ripple allows users to make payments from anywhere in the world and at very low fees. 

Ripple processes payments very fast compared to the established global payment infrastructure. Some of these global payment companies use Ripple in many cases to extend the number of people they can reach and serve. Tore lower exchange fees and faster processing time as compared to their payment infrastructure. 

XRP is the native cryptocurrency of the Ripple ecosystem with a market cap of over $37.5 billion.

Ripple was built as a centralized platform to removing the high fees paid by users for interbank transact, ions especially on money wires across continents. 

XRP is a good alternative for Africa, especially because Africans payment fees to make international money transfers. This high cost of money transfers Africans pay when they remit money to their relatives and loved ones back in Africa from Europe and The USA. 

It is worthy of note that XRP has had obstacles, the biggest of them being the case instituted by the securities and exchange commission of the USA. The case at the moment has been settled to a large extent. XRP has come out of the case unscathed and has made new highs in price after the case was ruled in favor of the XRP founders.

XRP is currently exchanging hands at the price of $0.815, an over 1000% increase in price from its price lows of $0.21 of January 2021, when its case with securities and exchange commission of the USA was still on. 

XRP is headed for price levels between $1.96 to $3.5 with its fundamental standpoint and price action analysis.

XRP is a must-add to your portfolio in 2021 for a future of huge earnings from the XRP coin.

15.   Steem 

Steem is a blockchain community of users and provides users with instant rewards and earning opportunities based on the value to the network. 

Steam has an app that functions as a social media platform providing social communication services to its users using the internet. This provides its users with the opportunity to curate great content they get paid for instantly. 

Steem protocol values its users as the network provides them with a platform to create and curate contents online and get paid in STEEM cryptocurrency.

STEEM is the native cryptocurrency of the Steem blockchain, exchanging hands for $0.526, an over 250% increase in price from its $0.208 price in January 2021. This points to price action in favor of STEEM and showing that STEEM is primed for price levels between $2 to $5 which would still be under the all-time high price of steem, which was $8.1 in the year 2018.

STEEM would make a good addition to your portfolio in 2021 for its potential returns in the coming years. 

16.   Ontology 

Ontology is an open-source blockchain of high performance which specializes in digital identity and data. It gives businesses the ability to design blockchains that suit their particular needs at all times. 

Ontology has a unique infrastructure that supports cross-chain collaborations and layer two scalabilities, which are robust. 

Ontology blockchain has a decentralized protocol suite that enables fast data sharing with its data-sharing protocol. 

 The Ontology blockchain has a decentralized data exchange and a framework for collaboration. The blockchain has particular features: ONT ID,  DDFX, a mobile digital ID application, and a DID in the Ontology ecosystem.

Ontology is run on its blockchain, the Ontology blockchain, with ONT as the native cryptocurrency of the Ontology blockchain used across the ecosystem. 

The Ontology blockchain helps offset fees paid for transactions on the network by its users by freely distributing generated Ontology Gas (ONG)  to ONT cryptocurrency holders.

With a market cap of over $807 million, ONT is exchanging hands among traders for $0.935, an over 200% increase from its price low of 0.42 in January 2021. The price of ONT is primed for price levels of between $2 to $4.5, which is still pretty low from the timeline internationally, investing a high price of $10.07, which ONT reached in 2018.

With these factors, ONT makes a good cryptocurrency addition candidate to your portfolio.

17.   Ren 

Ren is an open-source interoperable protocol built to ensure interoperability and liquidity provision across several blockchains. 

Ren provides inter cryptocurrency transactions amongst cryptocurrencies enabled by its blockchain interoperability. 

Ren runs a virtual machine known as RenVM, which allows users to run nodes on the Ren network, the dark nodes which run the Ren network.

REN is the native cryptocurrency of the Ren protocol,  where REN is used as a bond by users who run the dark nodes that power the RenVM 

Ren is hinged on expanding its interoperability, thereby increasing the Ren protocol accessibility and the accessibility to decentralized finance(Defi). Which, when completely achieved, would erase the liquidity problems between blockchains.

Ren as a platform allows users to swap their coins directly between blockchains without using the wrapped versions of such tokens because of its broad interoperability between and among blockchains.  

With a market cap of over $458 million, REN is currently exchanging hands among traders at $0.459, and over a 4000% price increase from its low of $0.015  in April 2021.c  or 1.5 to $2.5 with its current price action and huge fundamental background. 

With these factors, REN would be a good addition to your portfolio in this year, 2021.

18.   Tron 

best Under $1 cryptos
best Under $1 cryptos (TRON)

Tron is a blockchain that allows content creators to need their audience directly, thereby reducing the cost of content to consumers and effectively removing intermediaries and their antics.

Tron is a giant operating system based on the blockchain that wants to make blockchain technology a more common daily use system by everybody who can access the internet.

Tron is more of a decentralized blockchain for sharing digital content and entertainment. Aiming to remove centralized platforms where there are streaming services, app stores, and music websites.

Tron has gradually continued to appreciate at a price over the years with its strong fundamentals. Tron blockchain uses the celebrated proof of stake for the securing of its network.

Tron has its native blockchain cryptocurrency, the TRX, which is used as the ecosystem utility cryptocurrency. 

TRX is currently trading at $0.0742, over 250% price increase from its price low of $0.026 in January 2021.

TRX is Primed for a price range of between $0.18 to $0.35 in the long term. 

TRX would make a decent addition to your portfolio of cryptocurrencies in the year 2021.

19.   Armor 

Armor finance serves as an insurance provider to Ethereum and decentralized finance (Defi) investors and traders. This is necessary for the amount of risk involved in the cryptocurrency industry and when dealing with smart contracts, particularly on the Ethereum blockchain and internationally improve its spots peer sectors. 

Armor Finance is still new but with a very good aim and focus on what it wants to achieve and provide to the cryptocurrency industry. This is almost the only platform that provides insurance to smart contract users on the ethereum network decentralized (Defi; Armore platforms.

Armor finance is built as an aggregator for smart contract insurance in the decentralized finance sector; Armor is built on the belief and core of the trustless system existing on the decentralized finance infrastructures. 

Armor works like traditional insurance but on the blockchain and using the decentralized infrastructure. Users will buy insurance cover for their crypto assets against the risks involved with smart contracts. This insurance against smart contract risks is available across decentralized platforms and exchanges such as Yearn, Uniswap, Aave, Sushiswap Synthetix, etc. 

Armor finance has a plan to deliver crypto insurance to users on the centralized exchanges and custodial wallets in the 

Armor can provide this insurance by tracking users’ exact asset amounts as they are transferred and moved across blockchains and protocols. 

Armor seamlessly functions with a good pace and charges its customers, let second using a streamed payment system, thereby having maximum flexibility and minimum cost.

Armor finance requires no signup by users and charges its users on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Armor has its trading ticker as the ARMOR and currently trades at $ ARMOR is headed for a price range of 0.6 to $2.5 in the coming years when crypto-insurance picks up steam because it would do that.

ARMOR would make a good buy and addition to your portfolio this 2021

20.   OriginTrail 

OriginTrail is built to serve supply chain use cases; origin Trail is an Ethereum based ecosystem.

Products are tracked on the OriginTrail ecosystem from its starting point to its delivery and finish point and throughout the OriginTrail ecosystem.

This product tracking is possible on the ecosystem of OriginTrail because the blockchain is decentralized; the package tracking is also done with integrity, meaning the supply chain data cannot be changed or manipulated retrospectively once it is logged on the blockchain.

The decentralized and immutable nature of the OriginTrails blockchain makes it properly positioned to solve the synchronization issues of the supply chain of products. And provides the much-needed synchronization on the supply chain of products.

OriginTrails says it would provide better data protection practices to supply chain companies even while tracking their supply chain products.

OriginTrails has great potential, just like the Vechain blockchain that offers the same use case for supply chain optimization in the cryptocurrency industry even though they currently face stiff competition from Vechain.

TRAC is the native cryptocurrency of the OriginTrails blockchain, bringing secure data sharing to supply management and at the speed of light. OriginTrails was built as an open-source platform, allowing several software engineers to engage at an international level and in real-time.

OriginTrails currently trades at $0.386, real-time an over 200% price increase from its price low of $0.18 in January 2021, the price of TRAC is headed for price levels of between $0.59 to $1 in short to mid-term.

OriginTrails is a good asset for addition to your crypto portfolio for long-term gains.

21. Coin is a decentralized platform that is also open-source built by financial services payment company is built to accelerate greatly the adoption and daily use of cryptocurrencies globally. This goal was also to increase personal control over your money as we know it and not just the government having total control of money as is currently the case. is built to ensure more personal control over individual data safety and protecting individual identity. 

CRO is the native cryptocurrency of the decentralized blockchain. provides liquidity to its traders and users of its payment platform hence its reward program for crypto holders.

Holders of CRO on the blockchain can stake them and become transaction validators to earn fees from processing transactions on the blockchain network. users earn interests of between 10% ~ 12% for staking their CRO on the exchange app or metal Visa card.

The blockchain native Cryptocurrency CRO serves as the blockchain utility crypto. 

Users who stake up to 10,000 CRO automatically get the right to partake in the platform’s syndicate events, where such users can buy assets at a 50% discount price. has a special feature known as Crypto earn that allows users of the platform to earn interest on whatever cryptocurrency they wish; such users earn interests in the crypto assets they subscribe to the Crypto earn with. This interest is paid out according to the term of the user’s subscription.

CRO is currently exchanging hands at $0.143, and platforms over 150% increase to its price lows of $0.06 in January 2023. The price of CRO is primed for price levels of $0. 24 to $0.5 in the future.

CRO is good crypto to be added to your crypto portfolio in 2023.

22.   Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is built on the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 token, similar to the dogecoin script-based algorithms. Shiba Inu acclaim themselves as Dogecoin Killer coin with the Dog symbol as its token symbol.

Shiba Inu is a dog variant name in Japan, joining the plethora of cryptocurrencies with a dog theme. This has attracted investors who missed the dogecoin pump to buy these new dog-themed coins.

Shiba Inu trades with the ticker SHIB across several exchanges, both centralized and decentralized.

Shiba Inu has recently launched its decentralized exchange, the Shibaswap Dex, which would also help push the price of SHIB with increased used cases and the number of users of the token.

SHJB currently trades for $0.000007723; this is an over 300% price increase from its price low of $0.00000007.

SHIB could be a good buy for your portfolio in 2023, considering unsolicited ads’ problems and improve its sports peer-to-peer and its fundamentals and price action since its launch in August 2020. 


These cryptocurrencies reviews have the best potentials and exposure, with good price actions to push the prices to new heights on the mid-term to long-term basis. 

In particular, with the number of users in the community behind the coin, Dogecoin is set to become a major player and among the top 4 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. 

XRP would also make a very good buy from its potentials, but this would be hinged to an extent on their ability to completely come out unscathed in their case with the securities and exchange commission in the USA.

The other cryptocurrencies reviewed in this article are set to give you huge returns when invested with proper risk tolerance. 

Hence they would be good additions to your portfolio in this year 2023.


No part of this article is financial advice; hence, do your due diligence before investing.

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