Legalshield Reviews 2023: Everything You Should Know About


Legalshield Reviews: Everything You Should Know About

Legalshield is not very well known among the masses. But it is known to veterans in the MLM industry. One thing about Legalshield that it has been able to keep its reputation for over decades is its ability to deliver quality service. This article helps you gain a little more insight into Legalshield, their plans, operations, Legalshield login, and other important details.

When going through the various Legalshield reviews, there is a common thread among most of them. It is nothing more than the amount of money one can make from it and the opportunity it presents to folks who have no legal knowledge.

Having legal aid at your disposal all the time is one of the topmost features Legalshield offers users. To understand Legalshield, you need first to understand what it is. It is a legal service that is offered under some form of the MLM model. I have provided more details below. 

Legalshield Company Overview 

Company NameLegalshield Inc.
OwnerHarland Stonecipher
Year Established 1972
Company Headquarters Ada, OK, United States
Operations and ServicesPre-trial work, Legal Research, Trial Defense Services, and more
Supported DevicesiPhone & Android Devices
Customer SupportEmail, Phone

What is Legalshield?

Legalshield is an American association that specializes in the sales of legal service products through multi-level marketing models. Harland Stonecipher founded the company in Oklahoma in 1972 and today operates in the United States and Canada. 

As an innovative legal service, Legalshield provides economic, legal coverage for individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, and individuals. By charging monthly subscription fees, businesses and organizations enjoy the leverage of starting their enterprises easily and the requisite legal assistance needed for successful operations.

Legalshield Services and Offers 

By paying $17.95 per month for the individual monthly subscription or $19.95 for the family plan, one is entitled to the best legal services offerings following an MLM structure from Legalshield. I will explain more about Legalshield pricing later. These are the services and offers from Legalshield. 


Customers enjoy access to the attorney over a particular issue with priority. They can make consultations and receive audiences when faced with certain issues depending on the priority level. 

Legal Research 

Not so many persons are enlightened in legal matters. Even if you have some basic understanding of legal jurisdiction, certain levels of expertise are needed to tackle situations. 

Legalshield takes care of the process involved in researching: finding information and solutions to solve a legal problem. 

Pre-trial Work 

Paperwork can be an uphill task. It becomes even more strenuous when legal matters arise. Legalshield saves you the stress of undertaking the paperwork and other tasks that must be carried out before a case heads to trial in a court. 

Calls and Correspondence 

Legalshield leaves no stone unturned as they assist businesses with phone calls and correspondence. They are not streamlined to legal matters alone. 

IRS Auditing 

Your business may need to conduct tax auditing by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or Canada Revenue Authority (CRA). You do not have to sweat about this as Legalshield got you covered. 

Review of Legal Documents and Contracts 

To ensure your interests are safeguarded and upheld, Legalshield will carry out periodic reviews of your legal documents and contract details. They would review them to make sure they conform to your demands and business needs. 

Defense Services 

LegalShield provides subscribers will trial defense services. Clients can leverage their offer of legal solutions related to defense services. 

Defending Speeding Ticket 

When you are served a speeding ticket, your next line of action is to hire a traffic lawyer. You do not need to go in search of one. At LegalShield, you are provided with a traffic lawyer whose job is to defend your speeding ticket and provide the assistance you need. 

Debt Collection

Creditors will send notices demanding payment for outstanding balances. These notices are collected by Legalshield representatives assigned to you. 

To further our Legalshield Reviews, I have provided a detailed breakdown of why you should use Legalshield. 

Legalshield Benefit

Are you still skeptical about using Legalshield? I am optimistic this section on Legalshield benefit will plunge you out of your skepticism. 

Affordable Access to Attorneys

Typically, the cost of accessing an attorney is an hourly fee that ranges from $150 to $400. LegalShield provides access to an attorney for a dirt-cheap monthly subscription fee. For as low as $17.95 per month, customers can enjoy access to an attorney. 

Easy Business Startup Support 

Starting and running a business can be frustrating. Legalshield takes some of the hassles out of starting a company. Whether you’re starting your first company or simply remodeling an existing one, Legalshield has the right solution for you.

Legalshield acts as a trusted, behind-the-scenes advisor to help entrepreneurs from all walks of life protect their businesses and their entrepreneurial dreams.

Unlimited Access to Value-Added Services 

You can buy LegalShield’s range of subscription plans online and take care of both keeping your business protected from lawsuits and theft, as well as solving disputes with clients. Legalshield gives you the confidence that your business will be paid fairly and quickly when others break the law.

Legalshield App

Legalshield gives you 24/7 access to a personal attorney to help you with anything from dealing with debt collectors to filing a small claim for just one low monthly fee. It also has a mobile app on both Android and iOS, which helps contact the law firm and provide assistance.

With the assistance of the Legalshield mobile application, it will be easier for you to contact them through chat and phone calls. The LegalShield app is available for download on the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple App Store for iOS devices. 

Legalshield Login and Registration 

You can register for Legalshield with your details and become a LegalShield Associate. When you become a Legalshield associate, you will be able to sell Legalshield plans and earn commissions. Legalshield offers individual plans starting at $17.95 per month, and family plans start at $19.95 per month. 

The law firm also offers an ID Shield feature that helps to prevent identity theft. The ID Shield feature can be added to the individual plan for $9.95 per month and $19.95 per month for the family plan. 

If you forgot your Legalshield login details, on the Legalshield login page, click on the “Forgot my password” option. You will be required to enter your personal information and user id provided during signing up. After which, you will be able to reset your password.

Legalshield Business Plan 

LegalShield provides plans for Associate, Senior Associate, Manager, Senior Manager, Director, Senior Director, and Executive Director for businesses. On the Associate plan, you earn $65.16 for direct sales and $13.04 on downline sales. On the highest plan, the Executive Director plan, you earn $182.46 for direct sales and $117.30 for downline sales.

To wrap up this article, let me answer some popular, frequently asked questions (FAQS).

Where is Legalshield Located?

Legalshield headquarters is located in Ada, Oklahoma, United States. Today, the firm operates in the 50 states of the United States and four provinces in Canada. 

Who Is the Owner Of Legalshield?

Harland Stonecipher founded Legalshield in Oklahoma in 1972. Jeff Bell is the current CEO of Legalshield, a position he has occupied since 2014. 

How Does Legalshield Work?

For a low monthly subscription fee, Legalshield offers consultations, IRS auditing, phone calls and correspondence, review of legal documents and contracts, debt letter collection, legal research, pre-trial work, defending speeding tickets, and much more.

Is Legalshield Worth it?

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to meet with an attorney on an hourly basis, Legalshield gives you access to an attorney for a whole month by a single monthly subscription fee. Yes. It is completely worth it. 

Can Legalshield Help with Speeding Tickets?

The team of lawyers at Legalshield can help tackle any legal challenge you face. When you become a LegalShield member, the firm will help you with any legal issues relating to parking citations, driving records, moving traffic, speeding, driver’s license suspension, and other traffic-related issues. 

Is Legalshield a Legit Company?

Everyone wants to be sure about the legitimate nature of a company before working with them. For Legalshield, you should not entertain doubts. Legalshield is a legit company and its services have been trusted by many in the US and Canada. 

Does Legalshield have an App?

You can download the Legalshield app for Android devices on the Google Play Store, and iOS users will find the Legalshield app on the Apple App Store. 

How to Retrieve Lost Password on Legalshield Login?

If you forgot your login details, you can visit the Legalshield Login page and click on “Forgot Password.” Fill in the details of your account, including your user id, and a link will be sent to your email with which you can change your password and log in again.


That does it on our Legalshield reviews. If you have been looking for legal solutions for your business, you have found one. Waste no time in signing up for the unique offers by the Legalshield law firm. 

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