Creating a Digital Skilled Future

As a result of online activism and a crowd fund set up between Oluwanifemi Dahunsi, Ife Alaba and Adam Bradford, the “Creating a Digital Skilled Future” project has been initiated.

Whilst the fund originally supported young people on the ground whilst speaking up about their experiences with the police force, the remainder of the funds have been deployed to launch this project which will enable young people to gain digital skills in partnership with leading organisations. The ultimate aim is to empower young people and give them the skills and opportunities they need to thrive. Funds raised from the public were used to support young people on the ground, whilst the remainder which was kindly donated by corporate supporters, Nifemi, Ife and their colleagues, has been used to launch this legacy project.

The training programme, headed by Oluwanifemi Dahunsi, the founder of Teens World Empowerment, a youth-led group which promotes positive young people’s skill development, will support people aged between 11-22 to use digital tools such as web development, digital media, CRM and more to either create their own sustainable ventures or to become more employable. It showcases the positive skills of young people and gives them a good light in the face of challenges they are currently having to tackle.


Oluwanifemi Dahunsi, has previously managed and set up numerous projects which bring together young people from diverse communities to train and equip youths with the aim to bridge the workforce opportunity gap between low income communities and countries by combating the lack of education amongst teenagers and young people.

The project funds everything from equipment to food to transportation while making sure that all COVID-19 regulations are met. Masks and hand sanitizers will be on ground at all times.

The program themed ‘Creating a Digital Skilled Future’ is the second edition of a School Tour which was led by Oluwanifemi Dahunsi, David Onilude, Samuel IGE and many others in conjunction with Agility CMS.

This edition is delivered with kind support from Agility CMS, Vercel, Technow Global, Cyber Squad,, Forbidden Topics and The End SARS Fund organized by Ife Alaba and Mr Oluwanifemi Dahunsi.

The program will be happening on the 8th of March to the 13th of March in Badagry, Nigeria.

Mr Oluwanifemi Dahunsi, “NifemiBuilder”, comments: “ The time we are in is one where various possibilities can be harnessed but only by Digital Skills, I’ve brought in the best talents and organizations to properly run this project because I believe that through this Generations will evolve! The role of Vocational Education in relation to Digital skills acquisition can never be over preached, it’s essential! It’s an insurance for the future! “

Onilude David, the lead on this project also comments: “I’m privileged to work with The Builder himself as he’s one of the few young people leading positive change in Africa and beyond. I’ve been working on planning this project and I can attest to the Quality this project is bringing”

Ms Ife Alaba, Convener of the End SARS Fund also comments: “It is our job create hope in the darkness and generate light when there isn’t any because the future is ours.” Through this project, we believe tons of innovation will be brought to life”

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