SecureID: Why Nigeria No Longer Imports Sims & ATM Cards

Since the inception of ATM to Nigeria in 1989 and Sim cards in 2001, Banks and Network Providers have had to import the materials used in making these cards.

Fast Foward to about a Decade, When Kofo Akinkugbe came into the limelight and started SecureID Nigeria Limited, After working with Interface Technologies Ltd. She is a mathematics major and an MBA from the University of Strathclyde.

On September 9, 2018, blogged about her and according to the blog report, it was stated that

Kofo is a business leader who recognizes the power of innovation as a vital factor for business success, something she not only encourages in all her employees at Secure ID, but in the many business conference speeches and presentations she gives around the world.  As chief executive of Secure ID, which is still a relatively young firm creating MasterCard and Visa and operating in 16 African countries, Kofo is an excellent example of a chief executive that is building a successful company based on innovation.

According to Mrs Omobola Johnson, Former Minister for Information and Communication Technology in 2013, She analysed that Nigeria imported 40 million Sim cards, I believe, that figure has been cut to the barest minimum.

SecureID is the first VISA certified plant in sub-Saharan Africa, and it is Africa’s industrial leading expert company in Card Manufacturing, personalization/fulfilment and digital solutions.

It also offers a superior level of end-to-end identity management and digital security solutions to Public, Private, Finance, Telecoms and Retail Sectors within Nigeria and across Africa, It is notable that the company is capable of manufacturing highly complex Polycarbonate cards.

The company’s visions as stated is to be Africa’s leading provider of world-class digital solutions and best suited for emerging markets.

SecureID currently offers it services within Nigeria and 21 other African countries

Their services are as follows:

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