4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wash Your Face Often

Washing the face is one reoccurent topic most skincare ads have in common, and I’ve just saved you the time to guess. A man or woman bends over a sink – hand cupped under a tap – and splashes water on the face. Most other ads go on to include scenes where the person applies moisturizer on the shoulder. You must be familiar with that.

This may have informed people’s belief that washing the face constantly can get one clear skin. Wrong! Like many other things, overealthline.com/health/beauty-skin-care/face-washing-how-to the face does more harm than good to it.

This is the opinion of many skincare experts. They have confirmed that washing too many times will ironically make the skin dry. Washing the face too many times will make the skin red, irritable, and also cause it to produce more oil.

Is washing the face bad at all?

washing the face

After a rough, sweaty day at work, it is normal to wash the face to remove impurities. This is normal. This article, to be clear, is only addressing the issue of over washing.

1. By washing rigorously and constantly, one risks removing the natural oils on the face. At their optimum, these natural oils help to keep the skin smooth and moist. The oils also help to shield the face from harmful microorganisms.

3. Apart from acne, another danger of washing the face too much is that it can cause wrinkling. Over-washing can crack the skin, and cracked skin will become wrinkled in no time. We all want to look young, don’t we?

4. A common mistake people make is their fixation with germs or bacteria. The obsession is so much that some people even start to regularly wash their faces with hot water. Yes, hot water can help remove bacteria, but one has to understand that the skin, not just the face, has its natural bacterial population. Washing constantly with hot water will not only kill the bacteria, but it would also redden the skin.

How often should we wash our face then?

That depends on your skin type. As a rule of thumb, most skincare specialists say washing once or twice is okay. On skin type: people will dry skin would not necessarily need to wash their face often. It is a lot more complicated for people with very oily faces. They always have the urge to wash their face because they feel the excess oil is just dirt. This is understandable. However, skincare experts have a solution to that. It is their recommendation that people with oily skins apply toner on their face after wash instead of washing constantly.

In all, the most important question before washing the face is: do I really need to wash my face? If you have done rigorous work, washing is necessary. But don’t just wash for the sake of it.

How should we wash our face?

washing the face

Important. The secret to having great skin is to never let your skin dry up. For face-washing , use lukewarm water (and not hot water) and gently massage the dirt off the skin.

You can do this with just water, but if you feel more comfortable with soaps, opt for a mild soap. With the skin still slightly wet from the washing, apply a moisturizer.

Bonus tip: instead of washing the face too much, did you know that drinking a lot of water can help you get clear skin. Try it. Don’t waste water on the face, drink it! It is the cheapest of all skincare routines.

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