How To Smell Good Naturally Without Deodorant In 2023

Personally, I love associating with people that smell good all the time, well I’m sure that a very normal person would enjoy the company and association of people who smell good without perfume all day.

It will be better for you to smell nice than smell bad and horrible because there are a lot of awful experiences that comes with smelling bad, although is nobody’s choice to smell bad intentionally but sometimes we think that smelling good is quite expensive due to one or two things that we may need to purchase in order to help us smell good all day.

Well, I will be revealing to you 6 effective tips that you can carry out if you really want to smell good naturally for guys and girls and they are relatively affordable.

How To Smell Good Without Deodorant All Day

1. Cleanliness

The first step to smelling good is by being clean and keeping good hygiene. This clearly means that you have to make sure that you always take your bath at least 2 times a day and use good skincare products and routines that won’t react negatively to your skin.

2. Fresh breath

I’m sure you wouldn’t want people to run away from you whenever you open your mouth to either speak to or talk with them.

Having a fresh breath at all time is something you have to always maintain at all cost and they are some few ways to achieve that, which may include; brushing your teeth with a good and healthy toothpaste, washing your mouth with nice mouthwash, etc.

Also, you have to make sure that you will avoid letting your breath have the smile of whatever you ate and this is why it is advisable for you to always have gums and mints handy at all times.

3. Sweat management

One of the things that can make you really smell bad and awful is sweat and sweat is something we can’t run away from but we can probably manage and control it to some extent so that it won’t end up messing with our personal hygiene.

You can manage your sweat by using body deodorants that are not harmful to your skin, by using deodorants will help keep your sweat level in check.

4. Scenting your body

Another way of smelling good all day is by using and applying scents to your body.

Mind you, using scents doesn’t end in spraying only perfume because most times it doesn’t last long on the body before it evaporates away into thin air.

One way to support the longevity of these perfumes is by using oil gels on your skin at least this will make the smell of the perfume you are using last for a full day on your body.

5. Cloth care

Cloth care here is not limited to only doing your laundry because you can still do your laundry and your cloth will still come out smelling off when smelt, this could be as a result of where it was sprayed to dried.

In order to avoid this, make sure that you use scented detergent and soap in washing the clothes before spraying them out to dry.

Again, while storing the clothes in your wardrobe or wherever you store them, you can also use things like refreshers, scented candles, etc. to store them.

6. Clean hair

Yes, your hair also contributes to you smelling good. If you are the type of person that prefers having a haircut, make sure that your hair is always cut neatly when it is due.

Also endeavor to comb your hair always and you can also apply hair creams on them.

But if you are a lady that put on braids, natural hairs, wigs, etc. always make sure that you wash your hair with good shampoos and hair conditioner and also use other hair products on them, this will not only make them smell good but will also help them grow.


For now, these are all that I can share with you on how you can smell good all day without having to do much or spend much on maintaining a good body smell.

Although, I really have to warn you not to overdo these tips and processes because too much of everything can be bad, always make sure you carry them out in a moderate manner.

You can also share other tips that you know in the comment section below.

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