Edaitrade.com Review 1 (Is Edaitrade.com A Legit Website Or A Scam?)

Edaitrade.com Review

Most people ask some of the following questions;

  •  How can I make money online
  •  How can I make money with my phone
  •  Are online platforms legit

Well below is a review of an online platform that u can make money called EDAItrade.com, please read through care fully

Now the questions associated with EDAItrade.com are;

  1. What is EDAItrade.com
  2. Is EDAItrade.com legit or scam
  3. Does EDAItrade pay well or daily
  4.  Is EDAItrade stable
  5.  Is EDAItrade in Nigeria
  6. How can I earn daily income from EDAItrade

I hope this review answers all your questions.

What Is Edaitrade.com?

EDAItrade.com is an online crypto currency trading platform that makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to create an intelligent profit system allowing you to enjoy the benefit od modern day technology. Edaitrade makes use of DATA AUTO ML intelligence financial robots which provide financial institutions with new functions that follow time. EDAitrade.com was founded by the Havard University engineering team lead by Ryan Adams with its headquarters located in Singapore.
EDAItrade.com makes use of robots which help you earn passive income on a daily basis without having to dedicate all of your energy to transactions leaving you with more free time in your hands for other activities.

Features Of Edaitrade (From website)


The artificial intelligence (AI) services provided by the platform can be used to hire robots and earn passive income without dedicating all of your energy to transactions.

Through the Artificial Intelligence (AI) wealth management services recommended by th EDAI platform you can easily earn an agent or commission share. Significant additional income such recommendations and sharing robot rentals

In addition to the trend assessment of leading analysts, EDAI experts have also developed the best trading algorithm known. Artificial Intelligence (AI) robots trade according to experts algorithm, thus providing investors with a steady revenue.

EDAI uses reliable payment tools to withdrawa funds from all banks without attaching unnecessary documents.

Most trading activities on EDAI are automated, EDAI financial specialists, I’ll responsible for formulating the best trading plan heading to the current financial market and the real situations of the world economy. EDAI development team regularly optimizes the robot’s functions to ensure this smooth steady and stable operation of the trading system.
EDAI has existed for about 10 years putting its establishment to 2012. EDAI also claims to have partnered with other online crypto currency platforms such as B8NANCE, HUOBI, COINBASE and others alike.


  • Register by clicking the link below
  • Once you sign up on the platform successfully, your wallet would be credited with a sign up bonus of 2 USDT. To view ur bonus, all you have to do is to click on the asset icon. Deposits can be made through transfer of USDT, bank transfer or AUpay online pay, which ever is preferable to you.
  • Withdrawals can also be made through USDT or bank
  •  You must recharge to activate the account in order to withdraw
  •  Minimum deposit amount is 10 USDT while minimum withdrawal is also 10 USDT
  • Withdrawal fee is 18%
  •  For withdrawals over 1000 USDT, please choos to use crypto wallet

All of this written above is based on findings from their website and testimonies from members involved.
The owner of edaitrade.com is not known yet.

Thank you for reading my review on edaitrading.com, please ensure to comment and share to your friends. I hope this review is enough for you to make a decision to become a member of edaitrade.com or not

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