Igniting a Distinctive Tech & Business Podcast

The extraordinary benefit technology has brought to the world is something to write down about. Technology brought not only ease to mankind’s activities but also helped us to embrace problem-solving abilities. The world is rotating to a new phase of life where we see problems and then tackle them with no stress. Well, I’ll say technology is serving its importance after all.

Technology has served as an opening eye and avenue to make deep innovations and creative minds by providing the necessary resources for the exhibition of different ideas. If you aren’t still convinced the good technology has brought us, just imagine a life without cars, televisions, mobile phones, and all the fun you have with your friends.

Technology has made life easy. Inasmuch as technology is impacting the lives of everyone, some fellows are completely ignorant of the opportunities technology has brought them.

Technology is not a selfish innovation! Technology has connected the world together. It is here to stay. In order to sensitize people on what technology has to offer them, a lot of companies, private organizations, and individuals have seen it right to enlighten everyone by making use of YouTube, Tiktok videos, Television programs, and Podcasts, and other possible mediums both offline and online.

The InfoPeak has decided to take a unique move by joining the podcast train with the aim of reaching out to a lot of people and instilling in them reasons technology should be taken seriously.

The InfoPeak has done a great job by coming up with an amazing, intelligent and unique podcast name called “The Weekly Ignite Podcast” What about the weekly ignite podcast?

The Weekly Ignite Podcast is a program that has been organized for digging deep into all matters buried in the world of tech. It’s a platform for engaging her audience and sharing useful information needed such as cryptocurrency talks, mentorships in tech, how an individual can be intellectual technologically, and many more. It is opened to the ignorant minds, novices, professionals, and experts.

The Weekly Ignite Podcast is a program that will not only be between the host and the listeners but an opportunity to invite guest speakers to speak and share their experiences for deep motivations and determinations. That sounds interesting, right?

There are a lot of interesting things that will be done in the weekly ignite podcast, one of them is by inviting exceptional and experienced tech personnel as guest speakers.

There will be an interview section and the Q/A section too. This is to ensure a deeper understanding of a certain topic and to motivate you; I’ll say to make you re- determined whenever you are down or about to give up on things.

The InfoPeak has decided to bring on board Gladness Akinpelu who is popularly known as JavaBaby as the host. Gladness Akinpelu is a tech lady passionate about impacting the lives of people positively, she’s served as a great supporter and inspiration for upcoming tech minds and we trust her to deliver outstanding content.

The Weekly Ignite Podcasts will be launched in July . I’m excited! I don’t know if you are. But it will be very great that day as necessary preparations are being made to ensure this new podcast results in a golden launch. I can’t wait.

The Weekly Ignite Podcast is here to stay! Anticipate!

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