Meet The Two Extraordinary People With Almost Impossible Abilities

If we begin to look into the extraordinary people today, we might never believe how far one can amaze us!

The world is fascinating. Not only because of the gifts of nature that are indeed very pleasing, but also the uniqueness we display as human beings.

At some point, we’ve stood with our mouths agape while witnessing exceptional performances by people in various fields of life.

These people are unique because they approach and do things differently. It’s hugely due to their hard work or passion. Or may be because of their bodily qualities—meaning that their body structure isn’t the same as most. This allows them do things that we ordinarily can’t do.

Michel Lotito and Sofie Dossi are two people from different generations. They are among the few humans who have stunned the world by demonstrating the extraordinariness in their body. In this article, we would be seeing the extraordinary uniquness they exhibit.

Michel Lotito

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People mostly remember him as the man who ate an airplane piece by piece. Lotito was a French entertainer known for feeding on objects that can not be digested. Rubber, metal, glass and other such materials were his favourite meals.


He is one of the extraordinary people and was born in the southeastern city of Grenoble. Years later, his medical result showed he had an eating disorder called ‘pica’. This meant that he enjoyed dieting on substances with no nutritional value and did not like soft food considered nutritious. Foods like bananas and potatoes. He claimed they made him sick.

In 1966, Lotito turned his dining periods into public entertainment.

Televisions, bicycles, and shopping carts, plus other items, were meals that constituted Lotito’s eating table. Alongside, mineral oil and water were served as a lubricant to smoothen digestion. This activity left curious spectators in shock  and sure would stun even you, the reader.

Doctors found that his stomach had a thick lining that protected his vital organs from getting injured by the objects. He further doused concerns by stating that he conveniently excrete the substances.

Lotito’s most popular exhibition was his consumption of a Cessna 150 utility aircraft, which took him two years to finish eating.

extraordinary people

Lotito passed naturally at the age of 57, yet he holds the Guinness Book of Records feat for the ‘strangest diet’.

Sofie Dossi

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Nothing prepares you for prime performances by extraordinary people like this 20-year-old.

She is an American contortionist, singer, dancer and actress who rose to worldwide acclaim after she finished as a finalist at the 2016 edition of  America’s Got Talent(AGT). Her acquired fame from the show helped her grow a huge following when she created her Youtube channel which presently has 6.2 million subscribers.

She wowed spectators and judges on AGT when she shot an arrow from a bow using just her legs and toes. Aged 14 at the time, Sofie revealed to Simon Cowell and his co-judges that she is self-taught, much to their amazement. This was in her first-round performance, and she went on to appear in the grand finale.

Sofie leveraged her fame with even better performances that have amassed combined millions of views on her Youtube channel. She has gone from a 14-year-old wonder to an adulting aerialist who only last year, spent 24 hours in the air.

The amazing thing about Sofie is that, despite her petite body frame, she arches her body and uses the mid-session as a platform for people to rest on, which is utterly shocking considering the weight of the people and their muscular structures. But she does it seamlessly with a cheesy smile.

Due to her terrific contortions and aerial display, many people often conclude that Sofie doesn’t have a spine. This is, however, not true. The fact is that contortionists, just like Dossi, have looser joints that are more elastic, and this aids them in moving almost every part of their body.

Do you have some incredible sides to you?

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