LASTMA Salary Structure (2022 UPDATED)

This page includes an estimated breakdown of LASTMA’s pay scale for its staff.

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority is referred to as LASTMA. Furthermore, it is a Lagos State-owned organization that reports to the Federal Ministry of Transportation. To monitor, supervise, and regulate traffic in the state, this organization was established in 2000. Additionally, they guarantee smooth traffic flow on Lagos roadways (federal and state roads).

Another organization that offers gainful employment to several young people with formal and informal education is this one. Do you intend to submit an application for LASTMA employment this year?

Would you be interested in learning the LASTMA officials’ average monthly pay? Find out by continuing to read!

Functions Of LASTMA

The functions of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) includes the following:

  • Improve condition and appearance of roads
  • Improve conditions for exposed road users
  • Protect and enhance safety of all road users
  • Redirect traffic for better environment
  • Improve access to commerce and industry
  • Ease traffic congestion
  • Reduce travel delays
  • Traffic safety and accident management
  • Vehicle inspection and certification
  • Traffic control and enforcement
  • Public education and enlightenment
  • Road research and statistics
  • Driver training and certification

LASTMA Salary Structure 2022

The monthly salary of LASTMA officials are not easily disclosed by Lagos civil service authority or even the officials themselves (we don’t know why this happens though).

But according to various online sources who may have managed to milk out some information from these officials, the average salary earned by an official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) is between ₦60,000 – ₦120,000 per month (Taxes and other expenses deducted).

Although most higher-ranking officials of LASTMA such as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), General manager, and various Directors are estimated to earn more than the figures given above.

Overall, the salary of LASTMA Officials is not the best salary you can earn in Nigeria. But with the rising unemployment rate in the country, some Nigerian youths are left with little or no other options than to join the service as they always have thousands of applicants each year.


LASTMA as a government agency likewise offers recruitment for work for the young undergraduates and youths that are looking for jobs. This organization is always prepared to entertain the qualified ones that pass the enlistment process.

Many people want to know what this agency’s salary actually is because it’s not as mouthwatering as that of other agencies. We have emphasized the pay scale of this traffic agency throughout this article. We think you now understand how much LASTMA officers make.

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