Litecoin Forecast 2021 – 2030 | Is Litecoin (LTC) a Good Long-Term Investment?

Litecoin Forecast 2021: An Analysis of How Litecoin Will Fare in the

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Litecoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin. It was launched in 2011, barely two years after Satoshi launched Bitcoin. As Bitcoin rose in popularity and value, Litecoin followed suit even though not in the exact proportion with which Bitcoin grew. 

Nonetheless, Litecoin remains one of the top coins by market cap. This article is our analysis on Litecoin Forecast 2021. We have critically analyzed how Litecoin fared in the past and provided some projections on the value in the future.  

Litecoin shares similar features and has to be a significant competitor to Bitcoin. It was announced on a Bitcoin forum by Charlie Lee, a “Lite version of Bitcoin.” As cryptocurrency continues to be a growing trend today, it is essential to secure one, and Litecoin is a great option. 

If you want to be an LTC holder or still deliberating owning one, this Litecoin Forecast article will serve as an eye-opener. You would come out of your skepticism about increasing the quantity of LTC in your crypto wallet or becoming a holder at the end of this piece. - Litecoin Forecast and Price Prediction
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Litecoin Overview

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What is Litecoin about?

Litecoin was created in 2011 by Charlie Lee, a former Google staff, and launched via an open-source client on Github. It is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency created using the Bitcoin model differing in terms of block transaction times, hard cap, and hashing algorithm used, among other factors. 

While Bitcoin is regarded as the “gold” of the crypto market, Litecoin is the “silver” of the crypto market. The coin lives up to this expectation as it is more accessible than Bitcoin. Owning Bitcoin can be difficult for someone who is just starting in the crypto world. It is often advised that a newbie begins with Litecoin, and as we progress in this Litecoin Forecast 2021 review, you will see why this is so. 

Litecoin Price Prediction 2021

2021 began on a positive note for Litecoin. The trading value of the coin started at $132.32 and began to grow unprecedentedly. By February 2021, the price of Litecoin had crossed the $200 threshold. It continued in its upward motion, and before the first half of the year, its value was at $335. 

Price predictions for Litecoin show that it could go above the $375 ATH threshold and may surpass the $500 trading value by December 2021. With integrations and platform enrichment, Litecoin could go over the board.

Litecoin Forecast 2022

Cryptocurrency is dubbed the currency of the future. Purchasing any of the many coins available today will not make one rich automatically. One would have to be patient and watch market trends, knowing when to sell or hold. 

If you decide to become an LTC owner, you should know what would become the coin in the nearest future. This Litecoin Forecast 2021 is crafted to provide insight into what LTC would value in 2022. 

From our Litecoin Forecast for 2021 – 2030, we expect that the coin will have a trading value of $350 or more. Hence, Litecoin in 2022 will begin at a trading value of $350 to $450, and this is expected to rise to $600 by the end of 2022. 

Even in the worst scenarios, the Forecast for Litecoin in 2022 should not go below $450. It is expected to stay within the range of $500 to $600. 

Litecoin Currency Converter

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Litecoin Forecast 2025 

Litecoin is expected to retain its place as one of Bitcoin’sBitcoin’s competitors globally. Bitcoin is now an accepted payment method and has been incorporated as payment gateways on Microsoft, PayPal, Whole Foods, Overstock, Starbucks, Newegg, and Twitch, to mention a few. In the next five years, we expect Litecoin to be incorporated in that regard. 

By 2025, Litecoin is predicted to have a trading value of $800. 

Litecoin Price Prediction by Crypto Experts 

We do not monopolize our Litecoin Forecast. To ensure we provide accurate information on how Litecoin will fare so that you are better informed, we have drawn insight from other experts in the crypto market. Discover what others predict.


LongForecast predicts that Litecoin will be traded at $565 and $724 by the end of 2021. They expect the coin to suffer a setback in trading value in 2022. It will be followed by a decline in its price and then a streamlined movement till 2025. 


Coinpedia believes that Litecoin will hit high trading values of $550 or even more by the end of 2022. It is expected that the value will continue to escalate through 2022 till 2025. 


Predictions according to DigitalCoinPrice hold that Litecoin could trade around $378.27 by the end of 2021. It also predicted that the coin might sell around $450 to $466 in 2022 and, by 2023, cross the $500 threshold. Furthermore, DigitalCoinPrice expects Litecoin to be traded for as high as $777.34 in 2025.

How Litecoin Evolved (2011 – 2021)

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According to Martin Luther King Jr., “We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” Looking at how Litecoin has evolved, we can be confident our predictions are feasible. Let’sLet’s walk you through the evolution of LTC since it was created in 2011. 

Litecoin was launched on October 11, 2021, and stayed at $3 until 2013. In November 2013, LTC rose to be sold at $40. 

The cryptocurrency suffered a significant dip in the year 2014. In May, the coin dropped to $10 and further dipped in October of the same year to $3. From 2014 till 2017, LTC sold between $1 and $4. 

In 2017, the SegWit protocol was launched, which significantly improved the price of Litecoin, raising it to $16 by March 2017. When the SegWit protocol was launched in May 2017, Litecoin’s price rose to $30. 

By September 2017, LTC was sold at $70 even though it dropped to $40. It remained so until December 2014, when it became valued at $100. Before the end of December 2017, Litecoin was sold at $330 and stayed at $250.19 by the end of 2017. 

2018 was the worst year for Litecoin so far. The coin dropped to $244.09 in January 2021, and the prices declined further to $116.46 in April 2018. To the dismay of LTC holders at the time, Litecoin’sLitecoin’s value dropped to $24.50 and managed to end the year at $28.74. 

Litecoin began to pick up in 2019. The massive rise in the price of Bitcoin rubbed off on LTC. As Bitcoin price clocked $12,000, LTC rose to $41.38 by the end of June. 

In 2020, the price of LTC rose to $80, and the outbreak of COVID-19, which affected the entire crypto space, caused LTC to dip. It began to grow in the second quarter of 2020, and by the end of the year, LTC traded at $128. 

To wrap up this piece on Litecoin Forecast 2021, let me answer FAQs concerning LTC. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Who Started Litecoin?

Litecoin was created by a former Google employee known as Charlie Lee. He used the Bitcoin protocol to create LTC and called it a “Lite version of Bitcoin.”

  1.  When was Litecoin Launched?

Charlie Lee launched Litecoin in October 2011, barely three years after Bitcoin was launched. Charlie announced the launch of LTC in a Bitcoin forum. 

  1. Is Litecoin a Good Investment?

If you are looking for something to bank on that will bring dividends in the future, Litecoin is a great option. The coin can be considered a good investment. 

  1. Can Litecoin be halved?

Yes. Litecoin can be halved. Halving is a process all cryptocurrencies in circulation undergo. 

  1. When is the Next Litecoin Halving?

The last Litecoin halving occurred in 2019. Halving is usually carried out every four years. Hence the next Litecoin halving will happen in 2023. 


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