[BEST AMSWER] What Are ITunes Cards Ued For?

Many people receive iTunes gift cards from friends and relatives monthly, while others earn iTunes gift cards from websites after completing tasks. iTunes gift cards are like prepaid credit cards that You can use to pay different bills on Apple’s iTunes store.

The iTunes card is often used as a gift to lovers, friends, and relatives because of its versatility. You can use an iTunes card to pay for subscriptions, movies, apps, and premium content on the iTunes store.

You can also use iTunes gift cards to purchase items and gadgets at stores. Many people stack the gift cards and use them to renew subscriptions and buy new Macbooks, iPhones, and other things from online stores. When you lack the bank credit cards used in a particular location, Apple stores will accept gift cards as payment.

What are iTunes Cards used for?
What are iTunes Cards used for?

What are iTunes cards used for?

Here are some of the uses of iTunes gift cards:

  • Purchase of Premium Games can be carried out with the help of iTunes card
  • Payment for Music streaming can be done using iTunes gift cards
  • iTunes cards can be used to purchase items in the iBookstore
  • Payment for game items and tokens in games can be made using iTunes card
  • Subscription to Apple Music
  • Make In-app purchases like Netflix subscriptions, HBO and many others.
  • Make payment for iCloud account storage expansion
  • Product purchases at accessory and gadget stores is easily carried out using iTunes cards

Note that iTunes cards are only very useful in the Apple store or Apple store for books, music, etc.

You can use an iTunes card by either redeeming it or using it for bitcoin purchases and many other services using websites that help redeem iTunes cards.

How to redeem iTunes Gift Cards

What are iTunes Cards used for?
What are iTunes Cards used for?

How do you redeem iTunes gift cards?

Redeeming iTunes gift cards can be done easily. So many people are ready to purchase your iTunes gift card at nice rates. However, before you consider selling your iTunes gift card, here is how to redeem an iTunes gift card on the iTunes store:

Steps to Redeem iTunes Gift Cards on iTunes Store

  • Install iTunes on your device (Computer/other iOS device)
  • Login in using your Apple iD
  • Using the iTunes app on your iOS device, switch to the music tab.
  • Go to the featured albums section and select “redeem”.
  • After clicking on redeem, you have the option of coupons, promo codes and gift cards.
  • Insert your iTunes gift card detail and click on redeem.
  • You have then successfully redeemed your iTunes gift card.

If you are an android user, here is how you can redeem iTunes gift cards on android:

How to Redeem iTunes Gift Cards on Android

To redeem iTunes gift cards in android, follow this process:

Using the Apple Music app, click on the menu.

Select account

Click on “redeem a gift card or promo code.”

Enter your iTunes card detail and click on redeem.

How to Redeem iTunes Card on Mac

Follow these steps to redeem your iTunes card on your Mac:

On the App Store, sign in to your account

Select redeem the card and redeem your iTunes by taking a picture of it or inputting the gift card detail.

How to buy Bitcoin with iTunes card

What are iTunes Cards used for?
What are iTunes Cards used for?

To buy bitcoin with an iTunes card, check for the best websites online to purchase bitcoin with iTunes gift cards.

On these websites, you can use different gift cards like Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards, and others to purchase bitcoin.

Ensure that the website is trusted, then upload your gift card info to purchase bitcoin after your card is validated.

Advantage of iTunes Cards

Marketing Purposes

Brands that want to organize contests and give gift packs to winners and runner-ups can include gift cards among the prizes and give iTunes cards as consolation prizes.

iTunes card is also very valuable and can show gratefulness or be used in giveaways to increase brand trust.

iTunes cards have multiple purposes

This is one of the best reasons why an iTunes card is valued and appreciated as a gift to friends and relations.

Ia Tunes cards are useful in subscribing to Ne accounts, purchasing books, streaming songs on purchasing accounts, or even downloading songs.

You can create playlists and buy songs using an iTunes gift card. You can also purchase BTC using your iTunes card.

This versatility makes the iTunes card very special and useful.

Lasting Durations

Unless an expiry date is specified, an iTunes card has no expiry date. iTunes card has no expiry date credit for as long as you want and use it whenever you want to.

If you encounter problems redeeming an iTunes card because it is old, then the gift card was not good in the first instance.

Anyone can use iTunes cards

iTunes cards are not limited to Apple devices and products only so that other system users can use the gift card.

You can use the iTunes card to get something else of near-equal value or download apple music even as an android user.

An iTunes Card is a Good Gift

You can send iTunes gifts cards you can send iTunes gift cards. Have a way of receiving money from foreigners in your location.

For example, if you wish to send two hundred dollars as a birthday gift for a friend who is s in a location that does Paypal, you can use gift cards worth two hundred dollars to replace the money.

This means ease in the transfer of credit.

Can Itunes Card Be Used For Data?

What are iTunes Cards used for?
What are iTunes Cards used for?

Technically, yes, You can use an iTunes card for data. But not in the way you think. If you’re trying to buy an internet plan or a data package, iTunes cards won’t work.

The only way your iTunes card could help you out with buying data would be if you were running low on cell phone minutes and needed to make a call—in that case, you could use the iTunes gift card to purchase an app (or song or movie) that lets you make calls over wi-fi.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can I redeem iTunes card on my windows?

Yes. To redeem an iTunes card on a Windows device, follow these steps:

  • On iTunes, click on account
  • Login to your account
  • Select redeem
  • Input your iTunes card detail and redeem the gift card.

Can I sell my iTunes gift cards?

Yes. Supposing you have excess iTunes gift cards, you can exchange some of them for cash. People buy gift cards or stack them to purchase expensive gadgets later in the future.


iTunes cards are also a means for scammers to demand payments, so be careful not to lose your gift cards. Many victims lose nearly half a million dollars every year to scammers.

This article answers questions like; what are iTunes cards used for? How do I redeem the iTunes card? Can I sell my iTunes cards? And many other questions you may have about iTunes gift cards.

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