4 strategies to implement for an effective online marketing


Online marketing




The world is now a global village and  businesses and brands is now going digitally and moving onto the use of online marketing.  As a brand/business owner, you should know the importance of  marketing because it has been proven that marketing facilitates sales of products and services when done right and because of this reason, you can’t ignore the need to market your product and services.


Before the existence of the internet, marketing was done in the traditional way which includes going from place to place and using words of mouth to market different products and services but with the existence of the internet and other digital tools and platforms, online marketing is now the order of the day.


Before now, online marketing could be limited to the use of websites and logos, running ads with media outlets, etc. but these are shallow of what online marketing entails, it goes beyond these basic aspects. For you as a business owner, to effectively market your business online and have your profit, then they are some certain factors that you need to put in place and this includes things like;

1. Personal branding
2. Using the right platform
3. Email marketing
4. Content marketing


I will be taking these factors step by step so that I can explain them to you for an easy understanding of how you can carry out online marketing.

Personal branding

Nowadays, it is not advisable for business owners to continue to hide behind the logos or the website of their business and brand. You need to understand that every business has its audience(customers) and they are human just like you and so relating with them on a human relationship level would be of benefit and an advantage for you and your business. The failure to incorporate personal branding into your business/brand would make your prospect feel like that they are doing business with a robot which will end up scaring them away, your prospect needs to feel your presence around the business because this will help them learn how to trust you and even know you. In the online space, people love doing business with people that they know and trust, and the only way that they can know and trust you is through incorporating personal branding as one of your online marketing strategies.

Using the right platform

To get your online marketing right and effectively, you need to carefully choose the right platform that would be suitable for your business. You can’t just go ahead and choose any platform of your choice without proper surveillance and study. The sole aim of online marketing is to connect to the target audience and make them buy from you, this means that before you choose any platform for your business, you have to make sure that your ideal audience (customer) can be found over there, to avoid marketing your products and services where there will be no sales due to marketing to the wrong set of people that might not need your offer.

Email marketing

Using social media platform as your major avenue of marketing can be risky at times because those platforms are people’s business as well, this means that they can easily change the platform policy which may not favor the nature of your business and the worst of them is that they might shut down – this is the reason why these platforms are called rented space. To be on the safer side, you should work towards building your email list. Having and building your email list is a great asset because this will the opportunity to be in control of how you run your business. Nowadays, email marketing is now the bedrock of online marketing because almost all businesses and brands have an email address and if you do your marketing properly over there, then you have a big chance of generating leads and making more sales from it.

Content marketing

Another aspect of carrying out effective online marketing is by proving your expertise to your ideal audience through content marketing. This involves positioning yourself as a thought leader and expert by sharing content and knowledge within the various questions and challenges that your audience passing through, by so doing your content will give them a clearer reason why they should buy the solution from you, these content be educational, entertaining, inspirational, etc. and again these content can come in form of a blog post, video, e-books, online courses, etc.


With the implementation of these aforementioned strategies, I’m sure and confident enough that it would help boost your chances of getting the very best out of your online marketing goals. As a business owner, what other strategies do you think that you could use to step up your online marketing game?


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