Linqman: All of your links in one place

There is in our world today, so many attractions, endless distractions, and unceasing clatter. Obviously, the noisiest and busiest places are not the buzzing markets in Lagos or those streets in London thronging with endless lines of people. The Internet is host to all the clamor the world has ever seen, and if you are a business-oriented person in touch with modern technology, you would have learned that the world is too noisy a place for you to be quiet about who you are and what you do.

But then, one important question comes to mind. How do you make people know about you amidst all the noise on the Internet? And how do you get your prospective customers to come through the clamor right to you? It is to this end that Linqman steps in with a wonderful solution.


Linqman is a simple platform that makes it easy for you to create a social media landing page that promotes who you are and what you do in just one click, using your most important call to action. As they say it, “People don’t need more distractions. We want clarity”. And you can be sure that Linqman will make you clear enough to be seen your target audience.

Call-to-actions offer brief navigation to your websites, web stores, blogs, offers, social media profiles, what your personal or business brand is about and includes a contact feature for your audience to contact you or book an appointment. They make it easier for your audience to know about you in just a glance, and not bother about having their time wasted.
There is no more powerful tool for filtering distractions that would otherwise put off prospective clients, than specific calls to action. In addition to helping you set up these, Linqman is also a great application for creating social media icons, email signatures, contact forms, and more.

Most social media platforms would only allow you to make use of one website link in your bio. But just one link isn’t often enough for the many values you would want to share about your personal or business identity. By using Linqman, you don’t have to assign needless priority to the only link available on your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp Business) and anywhere else, as a single link created with Linqman leads people to your social media profiles, thus providing a good opportunity for your potential clients to be properly enlightened about what the benefits you have to offer.

Linqman is the most simple, reliable, and interactive approach to maximize the website field in your social media profiles. They help you do this effectively do this, by:

– Helping you create, manage and verify your personal or business profile.
– Assigning a unique link to your profile that you wish to share with target audiences.
– Configuring up to five calls to action referring your dream clients to useful content about you.
– Enabling you to gain better attention and following on your social media handles when you share your unique Linqman link.

You can easily create a Linqman account by doing the following.
i. Open your Google search box and go to

ii. On the landing page, click on the green ‘Get Started Free’ button.

iii. Next compare and choose your preferred subscription plan, and proceed to create an account.

iv. Then provide your email address, mobile phone number, and your preferred password, then click ‘Continue’.

v. An OTP code would be sent to the email address you provided. Enter this OTP when prompted.

vi. Once you have had your email verified, you can now complete the setting up of your personal account on Linqman, by providing your useful information such as your name, country, and profession or industry.

vii. Lastly, simply create your first Linqman profile by providing your preferred profile name and username. Then click ‘Finish’.

Congratulations! It’s just so simple. Your Linqman profile has been created now. Go to your manager and begin to explore the new possibilities with Linqman.

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