Scholarships For International Students At Seoul National University

In 1946, Seoul National University was founded. It is presently regarded as Korea’s top university and one of the world’s most respected institutions. Gwanak Main Campus, Yeongeon Medical Campus, and Pyeongchang Campus are the three campuses now in operation. There are 16 colleges, nine professional graduate schools, one graduate school, and 135 research institutions that make up the university.

A total of 28,000 students are projected to be enrolled, with 17,000 undergraduates and 11,000 graduate students. More than 300,000 graduates have graduated from the university over the years. In this piece, we’ll examine into international student scholarships at Seoul National University.

I am unable to pay for my education in Korea due to a lack of financial resources. Is it still possible to study in Korea?

Yes, to put it succinctly. Even if you can’t pay the school prices, you can definitely study in Korea. As an international student, the best option is to apply for fully supported scholarships. Even if applying for scholarships at Seoul National University is a great idea, you should also apply for other scholarships in Korea to increase your chances. For additional information, see the 20 Best Scholarships in Korea for International Students.

We’ve put up a guide on How International Students Can Study in Korea for Free to assist international students who can’t afford to study in Korea. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, this guide is a must-read.

SNU admissions are quite difficult. Are there any universities in Korea that are less competitive?

If you’ve looked at the admittance rate at Seoul National University, you’ll notice that it’s quite high. There is no assurance that you will be accepted into SNU. As a result, it is advisable to apply to a variety of universities in Korea, preferably a small number of reach schools and a small number of safety schools.

We’ve put up a list of Universities in Korea with the Highest Acceptance Rates to assist you in selecting safe colleges. If you’re interested in attending one of these schools, fill out an application!

International Students at SNU

The total number of overseas students is currently around 5,600. A total of 765 students are enrolled in master’s programs, 289 in doctoral programs, 196 in bachelor’s degrees, and the other students are enrolled in other programs. SNU assists overseas students in settling into life in Korea. SNU Survivor is a website where international students can download PDF guidebooks. It is divided into three sections: Getting Ready for SNU, Getting Started, and Life at SNU.

The SNU Preparing Guidebook provides all you need to know about getting a student visa in Korea, vaccinations, health insurance, and what to expect at the airport. Foreigner Registration Card, Student ID Card, Currency Exchange, Bank Account, Health Care and Insurance, and SNU Portal ID are all discussed in the Getting Started Guide. Finally, the Transportation, Housing, Campus Facilities, Things to Do on Campus, and Miscellaneous Information sections of the Life in SNU handbook cover transportation, housing, campus facilities, things to do on campus, and miscellaneous information. International students can seek advice from the SNU I-Office for on-campus and off-campus issues.

International Students’ Tuition Fee at Seoul National University

The cost of tuition varies by department and major. International undergraduate students pay between KRW 2,442,000 (about USD 2,140) and KRW 5,038,000 every semester in tuition fees (approx. USD 4,410). College of Humanities, College of Social Sciences, College of Business Administration, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, College of Education, and College of Human Ecology are among the colleges that cost KRW 2,442,000. The College of Medicine will spend KRW 5,038,000, the College of Music will spend KRW 3,916,000, and the College of Fine Arts will spend KRW 3,653,000.

International graduate students’ tuition fees can range from KRW 3,278,000 (about USD 2,870) to KRW 5,789,000 per semester (approx. USD 5,070). College of Humanities, College of Social Sciences, College of Business Administration, Humanities and Social Sciences from College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and College of Education, and Graduate School of Public Administration are among the departments that cost KRW 3,278,000. The College of Veterinary Medicine costs KRW 5,789,000 (about USD 5,070), the College of Law costs KRW 3,278,000 (approximately USD 2,870), and the College of Pharmacy costs KRW 4,855,000 (approximately USD 4,850). (approx. USD 4,250).

Seoul National University’s International Admissions Guide

Check out the Undergraduate Admissions Guide for International Students for more information on how to navigate the application process from start to finish. It covers the following topics: application deadlines, eligibility and requirements, admissions quotas, admissions criteria, Things to Know Before Applying, Programs Offered, Contact Information, and Tuition Fees.

The Graduate Admissions Guide for International Students can help international graduate students. Timeline, Eligibility & Requirements, Admissions Quota, Admissions Criteria, Things to Know Before Applying, Programs Offered, Contact Information, and Tuition Fees are also included.

Seoul National University charges an application fee

International undergraduate students must pay KRW 70,000 (USD 60) while graduate students must pay KRW 90,000 (USD 80). When you’re given an application number, it implies your application is finished. Once you’ve submitted your application, it’s non-refundable, and you won’t be able to amend or cancel any of the application’s details, such as admission type or program.

International Student Admissions Requirements at SNU

International undergraduate students who intend to apply must have completed a high school diploma equivalent to that of Korea, and both the applicant and the applicant’s parents must be non-Korean citizens.

Furthermore, the applicant should be able to obtain the necessary documents for online submissions, such as the application form, personal statement, study plan, recommendation letters, proof of language proficiency, transcripts, applicant and parents’ certificates of nationality, and other documents.

A bachelor’s degree is required for ambitious graduate students applying for a master’s degree, and a master’s degree is required for those applying for a doctoral degree. For specific departments or majors, both the applicant and the parents must be non-Korean citizens with a TOPIK Level 6 proficiency certificate.

The application form, personal statement, study plan, two recommendation letters, proof of language proficiency, degree certificates, transcripts, certificate of nationality, certificate of parent-child relationship, portfolio, and other supplementary materials are all required to complete the application.

Rankings of Seoul National Universities

Seoul National University is currently ranked 9th in the Asia University Rankings and 45th in the World Reputation Rankings as of 2020. It is currently ranked 60th in the World University Rankings in 2021, up from 64th in 2020. It is also placed first in the South Korea Rankings 2021, making it the best university in the country.

Acceptance Rate at Seoul National University

The university does not provide an exact acceptance rate. According to some sources, the acceptance percentage is normally between 10% and 20%, though it can be lower for overseas students. As a result, it is well known that getting into the institution might be tough due to its highly competitive and selective admissions process.

Scholarships for International Students at Seoul National University

Scholarships for Undergraduates

1. Scholarship Program of the Korean Government (KGSP)

  • Link to a Scholarship
  • Amount of Scholarship: Full Tuition, Living Stipend, etc.

International students may be eligible for a scholarship from the Ministry of Education. Monthly allowances, language training, tuition, health insurance, roundtrip plane tickets, and other school material fees are all covered by this excellent scholarship at Seoul National University.

The scholarship will last for one year of Korean language study and four years for a Bachelor’s degree. The university requires students to take a Korean language course. To be eligible for the KGSP, applicants must have a GPA of at least 80% in their prior school.

2. Scholarship for Global Hope

  • Link to a Scholarship
  • Scholarship Amount: Full or Partial Tuition Fee Scholarship Amount: Full or Partial Tuition Fee Scholarship Amount: Full or Par

Only students from developing countries on the DAC list of ODA Recipients are eligible to apply for the Seoul National University award for overseas students. The scholarship offers KRW 600,000 (USD 530) each month in living expenses for a maximum of eight semesters.

Check out the Office of International Affairs’ scholarship page for international undergraduate students for more information on other potential Seoul National University scholarships. Check out the numerous undergraduate scholarships offered by universities all over the world if you’re interested.

Scholarships for Graduate Students

1. President’s Fellowship at SNU (SPF)

  • Link to a Scholarship
  • Full tuition is covered by the scholarship.

Applicants must be accepted as a PhD student at SNU, be from a poor country, be a faculty member at a top university, and not have a PhD. This SNU international student grant covers the first three years of the PhD program and can be renewed for up to six semesters if the student maintains a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Once accepted, the student will receive a full tuition waiver, a monthly stipend of KRW 1,500,000 (USD 1,320), Korean language training, Group Medical Insurance (only for awardees), and roundtrip travel.

2. Global Scholarships I and II at SNU

  • Link to a Scholarship
  • Full tuition is covered by the scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to about 60 graduate students per semester at Seoul National University. Applicants must be enrolled in a graduate program at SNU to be considered for the award. SNU Global Scholarship I provides one year of tuition or up to four semesters of study, as well as a monthly allowance of KRW 1,200,000 ($1,000) and an economy airline ticket for freshmen only. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA to keep their scholarship. SNU Global Scholarship II only covers tuition for one year or four semesters, as well as a ten-week Korean Language Evening Class.

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